Friday, February 17, 2017

Unplug - SM Review-Preview 78

It is fun watching the left, high and low, lose it. Maybe not the low as much because they have other things to do, tv to watch, etc. but the mass hysteria on the Left is a joy to witness. The high engages in it for future fundraising purposes and grandstanding to their base. The political signaling fools on Facebook are rabid, and this is a continuation of their election year insanity. It would be wise to take a step back on the right and consider that if it lost, similar talk would be happening on the right.

Maybe not the cuck right. As the Flight 93 Election essay laid out, we know a loss would have ended whatever we think we can salvage in the current regime. Supreme Court would have flipped and then subsequently become a Warren 2.0 heavy liberal court. Clinton's amnesty would have been immediate and it would have been over. There is a non-Muslim refugee program that she would have easily instituted: Venezuela. You would be preparing for new political arrangements.

As an aside: remember when many of you said Trump would never do anything about legal immigration, and immediately he is doing so? Just wanted to throw that out there.

The far right or the dissident right would have been scapegoating the cuck right crowd. All of those Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin #nevertrump voters and pundits would have faced serious heat. Had Trump scooped just 25% of Johnson and McMullin voters in Minnesota, he would have won the state. Imagine had that been the same case in PA, MI and WI. Looking at Gary Johnson's totals from 2012 to 2016 in those states approximates the GOP defectors in number.

Each Clinton action would have been met with anger, frustration and elevated emotions. Now it would be rightfully so since it would cement the end of any voice for the right. It is different than the left flipping out over simple nominations of individuals, but the elevated emotions would be the same. The secession movement discussed in California would be discussed with Texas and other red states as the object.

It would be advantageous to step away from the computer. This seems hypocritical as this is a blog and therefore online, but disengaging from the nonstop outrage cycles is good for you and for perspective. Decline is still around you. Henry Dampier made a good point that the left, or far left, says punch a Nazi and not kill a Nazi because they need that far right boogeyman. It is similar to how Muslims killing priests is really just what the white progressives would do if only they had the courage. They need faux Nazis to hold up as an opponent, as a fundraising blurb line (seriously, "Help me stop Nazis" will rake in coin), and to have as a foil for their righteous causes and crusades.

We must remain nimble and aware of current events and trends. We also need to read old books, network and start planning for the all possibilities. Laughing at the left is good, but if we get sucked into the online mindspace of "Event - pick side - shout!", we will fall into the problem that 'politics is the mindkiller'. The left uses politics to make up for their shitty lives. We do need to be engaged but remember that life is out there and for us to live. Organize, watch, and live your life.


Last week I wrote about the birth of the petrodollar and how we still live with its consequences. Weimerica Weekly was on the way that we have turned every single human relationship into a business relationship. Unfortunately, it is not lifetime employment old timey business but today's transactional nature of employment. A disposable relationship for a disposable society.

This week I write about the cultural catch-22 the left is in. I have to take a week off from Weimerica Weekly due to a business trip that I am currently on far from home.


High Arka said...

I hope you can some day become a person who does not experience joy, but instead sorrow, or even disinterestedness, by seeing someone become frustrated. Until then, you'll not only shame yourself before any potential higher power, but also be remarkably easy to manipulate.

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