Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Trump Reveals Reality

Candidate Trump is a flashlight I wrote for Social Matter. President Trump continues to reveal the reality of power in America. In just one week, he has shown the nature of power in USG and how different actors really feel about America. The big one he showed in just the first week was the fight of who truly governs America. The big grey government is trying to gunk up the works.

Trump's immigration executive order with regards to some terror nations had some flubs, and some flubs that received immediate media attention as well as the media not reporting what the executive order really was. A lower federal court issued a stay that did not quite stop his EO, but it altered it. Supposedly, DHS and immigration officials went on as if the judge did not decree anything. The 'acting attorney general' made a political decision to tell the DoJ to not defend his EO in court. The bureaucracy governs. The great leviathan governs, not you silly President Trump.

Michael Dougherty wrote about the potential for a bureaucrat sabotaging of the Trump administration. Anyone with a bit of Moldbug reading would know this would happen if Trump truly was an outsider. No one knew what he would bring to the presidency. No one was certain that he would follow through with his claims after a lifetime of boasting. Trump was not bluffing.

In the bureaucrat sabotaging or mere threat of sabotage, it reveals true power. The permanent government rules. If they can decide to gunk up the works, only what they want will be enacted and enforced. Simply causing this showdown, forces people to realize reality, and that the elected men and women are actors on the stage. Normal people think Obama wanted to give them change, but shucks, DC is so big and tough to change plus he was too soft. It can lead to the masses actually supporting the Trump purging, firing and house cleaning.

Draining the swamp was a campaign slogan that can be made real simply by forcing the beast to show its face and reveal its power. As Moldbug wrote, a major vertex of in the USG polygon system must have both power and protection from accountability. That is why the civil service is a major vertex of power. As Jim wrote, thanks to the Supreme Court, we know Trump can fire them.

Trump took on the media for over a year. The media is a major vertex as it is both powerful and unaccountable. The media was weaker than it has been in decades, and new methods of meme transmission have popped up making battle with them easier. President Nixon would have loved the power Twitter could give him to go over the heads of the media as it was exactly how his administration used press releases to weaken the media's grip on information flow. As Trump himself even tweeted years ago, he loved Twitter because it was like owning a newspaper but without the losses.

Trump may have slayed the media beast or at least mortally wounded it, but the permanent government is another matter. It is an important piece of the system. Americans say they hate DC and the Feds, but do they really want to see a wrecking ball taken to it, the swamp drained and the earth salted. A lot of people gripe about bad relationships that they never leave.


Anonymous said...

Good read+

sykes.1 said...

Peter Turchin thinks political violence is coming in the 2020s, and that it will be extreme and widespread.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Sykes, yes I have read Turchin's essays and support his thesis. I see the 2020s as the fracture decade. I often say 'there will be blood' for that decade due to him and Strauss and Howe.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Hey Ryan, this has been my own feeling for the last 5 years, I also see armed conflict in the US and Western Europe in the next decade.