Friday, February 10, 2017

Social Matter Recruiter - Sm Review-Preview 77

"What the hell is a recruiter?"

A few folks must have cruised the Social Matter about page and saw a label next to my name 'recruiter'. I'm not an editor. I do not have the time for it. I am also terrible at it, as anyone can see that their editing of my essays has improved my writing in general. I am a social creature though, and one of the last of the guys on twitter. When you get on that page though, people can make contact and best response is no response because you never know how they will spin your answers.

I'm always looking for new finds, new voices and different bits of talent to use where we can. I've been spitballing the idea of a woman's platform that is pro-motherhood while taking an AK to the feminist narrative with every study and statistic we can find. In the last year, I have cajoled a few people into writing essays for us. There are a few others that I have reached out to that should appear at Social Matter in 2017, and I am always willing to talk.

If you are a subject matter expert, now is the time to share it. The media complex is dying. We do not know what comes next. What we do know is that every single news article is written by someone who does not actually know the subject they are covering. If we can find experts, then we can provide analysis and explanations that are reality, are the truth.

The loss of credibility in the news means the loss of truth for many. The educated are even reaching the cynicism of the masses in its hatred and distrust of the media. The New York Times is not even as trustworthy as it once was for the SWPL set. People still cling to the media because there is no alternative.

We want to be the premier right wing media outlet. We also want to give people something they cannot find anywhere else. We also want high quality output. If you are interested, let me know.


Last week, my essay was not published as it was too long to edit and chop up in time. Weimerica Weekly was about the politicized super bowl.

This week will see my petrodollar essay. Weimerica Weekly might be on breastfeeding, might be on divided government or it might be on anarcho-tyranny in the schools.


tteclod said...

I read Social Matter. If you're recruiting, these are the authors I want to read.

Protestant Christians
Professionals practicing outside law, medicine, and finance

I avoid articles written by women, Papists, and lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Snag Quintus Curtius for something.

Doesn't have to be for the ovious stuff, maybe movie reviews?

Bumbling American said...

The farmer's first essay will be about getting sued by his Catholic cow

Pangur said...

lol at purity spiraling faggot commentator #1

Good luck with the recruiting; there's always room for good writers, fresh takes. There's room for normie-friendly right outlets, now particularly.