Friday, February 24, 2017

RIP Twitter - SM Review-Preview 79

Frogtwitter suffered mass suspensions this week. The grandest of names like BronzeAgePerv, Menaquinone4, KeldoryThePious and "Ya Boy Frogey" all went down. It might be quite easy to laugh at these guys, but consider their ability to move the needle on things. I no longer believe in coincidences, and I also believe in one event sparking others. Once I saw Outsideness suspended, I knew the list of accounts to be terminated that was shared on /pol was real.

We are pushing the needle. The media is so desperate to come up with an excuse for why they lost rather than admit their worldview sucks that they claimed a handful of bloggers are quietly whispering in Bannon's ear. If Nick Land were truly doing that, he would have found a way to upload as an AI into a computer to be on-call for Bannon and Trump at moment's notice. We still do have an effect though. It is a different space for elites to play in or explore.

It is not just philosophy or governance but meme combat. Mena was recently retweeted by Ann Coulter. Now Queen Ann has a follower named Donald Trump. This means Trump saw the Mena tweet, which mocked the idea of what the American deep state is. It is not cool guys with sniper rifles in suits. It is doughy, egghead goofs like Evan McMullin. This sounds dumb and inconsequential, but it is not. Mockery is one of the greatest weapons at anyone's disposal, but especially a crew of people that have difficulty coordinating against a totalitarian regime.

The coordination problem is a big one. This applies to not just coups but simply creating dissident blocs. The progs are smart by controlling language and placing words off limits because if you cannot formulate the arguments against them, how can you signal and create dissident space. This is why memes work. This is also why comedy works. Mena's juxtaposition of expected versus reality for deep state is a good morale booster, and a reminder that USG has grown soft. Assad still lives. A decade ago, he would be toast. Qadaffy was toast.

McMullin, a former CIA agent, was legitimately a puppet for the Never Trump crowd and their forpol interventionist crowd to sabotage Trump's electoral chances. yes, a group of DC brainiacs used my Jeb Utah strategy, but for reals. While we mock McMuffin, it is important to note that CIA felt the need to join forces with GOP consultants and GOPe media to sabotage a domestic presidential candidate. That is unprecedented. That is also a bit scary.

I've found lightning enlightenment or instant realizations interacting with Nick Land and the men of Frogtwitter. I have become well acquainted with some of Frogtwitter. They are good men and smart. They are good resources for lifting, diet, maintaining proper T levels and not touching receipts. If there is a blend of autism and genius that is funny and inspiring, they are the right mix. RIP Frogtwitter. I know they will carry on in another form. For this weekend, pour one out for the fallen comrades of Frogtwitter.

RIP Twitter. No matter what happens going forward, it is never going to be the same.


Last week I wrote how the system can use Saudi Arabia as a follow up about the petrodollar so that people did not think it was a one way street. USG can use them and does so when it is unsavory for direct action. There was no Weimerica Weekly due to a business trip I had.

This week I will write on the Left's cultural Catch-22 or advertising poz. There is a method to the poz madness. Weimerica Weekly is up in the air, as some of you have been feeding me incredibly interesting stuff to look into.


Anonymous said...

It's probably low hanging fruit, but I ran across something that could be good material for Weimerica Weekly. There's now a school that teaches people "how to adult". They meet in bars and restaurants teaching people how to fold laundry, meditate, among other things. It's ran by a "psychologist" and a "wellness coach". It's called

Anonymous said...

sobl, do you have a theory about 9/11? I tried searching your archives but couldn't find much on it.

My theory: A coalition of Mossad + a faction of the CIA + Saudi/Gulf States did it. It looks like the op was a Mafia style with many layers to protect the powerful. Netanyahu was like Don Corleone, Bandar Bush and the Saudis the caporegimes passing down orders through layers, the tin can terrorists are nameless extras who do the dirty work.

George W Bush? Fredo. Not involved. Cheney? Maybe not filthy, but definitely dirty.

Pretty much every conspiracy theory that draws attention away from the whodunnit is controlled disinformation.

Steve Johnson said...

The best thing about twitter was that since everyone knew the prog media saw the mockery and that everyone reading it read the mockery they lost the ability to no-platform it ... and that drove them insane.

Any alternative is going to be missing that since only explicitly right wing alternatives won't censor frogtwitter and an explicitly right wing twitter alternative won't get the critical mass of celebs and normies to take off. Shame really.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

We'll survive. Twitter is too much fun not to be involved.

Ansible said...

Do these millenials not have google? I bet somebody has figured out the perfect way to fold a t-shirt and posted it to youtube by now.

Speaking of Deep State and moving the needle, I heard a conservative talkradio host speaking with his guest about "shadow governments" and how deeply emtrenched this was in American beauracracy. Never would have heard this on the radio two years ago unless you listened to Alex Jones.

Portlander said...

George W Bush? The Dude. Not involved. FIFY. :)

Concerning Weimerica, I think worthy of discussion is how to help young men & young women marry young, be happy, and fecund. Not a new consideration in the Rightosphere by any means, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately.

Obviously there's a huge amount of PUA literature, and a serviceable amount of it has been regeared to be applicable to men in LTR's. What I see missing, however, is how an average guy can take that which he has been given and get a loving and lovely wife coming out of college without spending years finely tuning his craft of Game.

I'm thinking what would one suggest to a <22 yo. so that he can leverage whatever assets he does have to 50+ yrs of happy marriage.

As fathers and uncles, what could we be doing to facilitate this for both the young men and women we are related to?

Some things I've come up with:
1) Let them road-trip/travel together in such a way the girl is dependent on the man. Big cities and always-on internet must be avoided absolutely. Being alone in wilderness is huge aphrodisiac and driver of pair-bonding. Hiking & sailing. Lots of classic movies use this theme.

2) Encourage both sexes to aim for the man to be 3-5 yrs older than the woman.

3) Men, show that you are submitting to a higher power/morality. Women, you do likewise by supporting your man in that endeavour. A shared calling, or mission & vision of the marriage.

4) Never under any circumstances have the woman's career be a consideration. No reason she can be employed, but it's always as a "day job." Her career is the marriage and their future kids.

5) Have kids soon, but not too soon. Enjoy being a pair, do fun stuff together, but don't rush into parenthood unless that really is your calling. At the same time, don't put it off indefinitely, and make it part of your shared sacrifice... drive older cars, live in smaller apt's with crappy furniture because you are saving together for the future children's benefit.

Anonymous said...

I assume you know, 28S, that Twitter kicked Milo off a year or so ago, because they felt they had to do something to appease enraged SJWs. Then they discovered that they had a taste for blood, and that they could kick rightists off without giving an actual solid TOU justification. Since then, they have been slowly kicking off any Frogtwitter/AltRight/Paleo account that shows leadership or that other accounts rally around, sometimes one at a time, sometime in purges. I miss Ricky Vaughn, John Rivers, Pax Dickenson, and SpookyMicroLeaks the most.

Vox posted that Twitter has an internal list of accounts they want to delete, and are looking for justification to do so:

Son of Brock Landers said...

Of course I know because they kicked me off last Sept when they got rid of voxday/Vaughn and others.

High Arka said...

My internet activism has empowered me. It has changed society. Through holding certain views, and through sharing these views with others, I have been able to be part of a mass movement that changed the world, without even having to leave the house. I am flush with delight at this moment in history and at my own role in it. Some day I will tell my grandchildren about how glorious it was.

Son of Brock Landers said...

High Arka, Show's over.