Monday, February 06, 2017

#NeverTrump Lies

Remember when the #NeverTrump frauds warned that Trump would nominate liberal judges to the Supreme Court and forever ruin the great chance of repealing Roe v. Wade, which the GOPe will get around to sometimes, just donate more money? It was a pathetic meme they pushed to persuade the base to reject the Trump. It even was pushed once he had the nom to justify with the principled Never Trumpers could vote for McMullin instead of Trump and rationalize their vote since Trump would not protect the Scalia opening from a flip. Lies.

These were horrible lies. First and foremost, they played on the idea that a president finds and selects the Supreme Court nominees on his own. When W tried to reward a loyal hack in Harriet Miers, he got roasted by his base and withdrew the name. There was definite opposition from the left, but W was attacked even on his right. Reviewing that one, I consider this a dumb move by the left as they should have let Miers proceed, show her to be a buffoon and then wait for the other SCOTUS justices to move her leftward. It would also have set up a really odd precedent for lowered qualifications. Supreme Court Justices could have been oddball hacks the clerks from Harvard Law would push around.

Presidents nominate from the buffet of pre-selected candidates put before them. Their advisors give them a list and make recommendations. Someone else makes the pick. How can they sell the pick to America to allow for a majority of Senators to vote yea. This is not a wild search like a woman or man searching for a potential spouse in 2017 America. This is a bride pageant like Byzantines of old sometimes resorted to in order to find a proper bride for the next male in line. The Federalist Society has done a good job on the right of creating these judges for selection and advancement. The Federalist Society even helps create the list for nominees.

There are liberal versions of the Federalist Society, but they are failures. It is not because they are lame, but because the progressives already have their own version of the Federalist Society since they run American education and legal institutions. See the letter Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe (of the tribe) sent to President Obama about what woman to nominate. He explicitly cited both Sotomayor (questioned her intelligence) and then recommended Elena Kagan. Who did Obama nominate? Both of those women. The prog institutions created, molded and coddled those two.

The #NeverTrump conservatives were pulling a con. The con was that the president has that much independence. The other con was that they actually had principles and cared. The idea of Scalia's spot flipping to a prog, and therefore Clinton creating a Warren 2.0 Supreme Court did not dissuade them. They were willing to toss everything away immediately just because Trump was not their guy... and billionaires handed them bags of cash.


peterike said...

I get that feeling that Trump looks at the list he's given, does a quick meet and greet with the most likely candidates, and then goes with the most Alpha male. It's probably all based on his vibe, which has been pretty damn good so far. And I wouldn't doubt if he checks out the wife, too.

One thing, though, is that if someone goes through the Harvard/Yale Law mill and still manages to maintain their Conservative/Originalist beliefs, then they have to be made of stern stuff, because it's a 100% hostile environment. Not merely intellectually, but socially, which is even more difficult to resist. Granted, Ted Cruz did that, but he's a creepy weirdo and not trustworthy.

Similarly, as you note, when a Prog goes through Harvard/Yale, they are coddled and spoon fed and not once is a single thought in their head challenged. Hence, Obama, and the rest of the dummies like Sotomayor and Kagan. True mediocrities in every sense. And worse, mediocrities who have never, for one moment, questioned a single thing they believe in. Or have been told to believe.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Peterike, read transcripts of Kagan or Sotomayor's questioning during cases. it's fucking embarrassing.