Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Near Term Immigration Flashpoint

France looks ready to boil over and kick off the EU happenings. It may not just be EU sitused. Immigrants are used as weapons by the elite so who is to say other flanks or fronts will not flare up? There was recent immigration media focus in Arizona over ICE actually doing the job it is meant to do and enforce immigration law. An immediate protest broke out. That protest also had a New York Times reporter right on hand to record it all. The illegal's fourteen year old daughter even 'wrote' an essay in Teen Vogue about the ordeal. Quelle surprise! Arizona is a frontier area, but not in the wild west sense. Arizona is the frontier, the border or the front lines for the immigration conflict and looming civil conflict.

This is not surprising considering the moves of Gov. Jan Brewer in the recent past. In all the talks of what Trump will do with regards to immigration, no one stated the very obvious but concerning issue that someone would arm the illegals so that they could fight back against the federal agents enforcing the law. A Mexican official even took it one step further and said Mexico could unleash the cartels if Trump pushed hard enough. This is the consequence of an open border. Cartels operate throughout America, with the Sinaloas using Chicago as their US base, but they operate day and night in Arizona moving product.

Who has sovereignty? If they can enforce their will without consequences, the cartels do? If the government can, they do? This could be as simple as leftist activists handing guns to illegals. Because of the odd stew that is the border area, agents of chaos can play around and hide behind one another. The cartels could easily arm illegals under guide of activism. Activists can easily align with cartels to arm illegals. Leftists aligned with domestic terrorists throughout the late '60s and into the '70s. From a deontological point of view, supplying weapons to criminals is the right thing to do for a lefty foot soldier. Forget the consequences of armed conflict and a state or nation turned into a third world hellhole, what satisfies the need for holiness at this moment? A perverse possibility is lefty activists unknowingly arming cartel members or becoming a new source of weapons for the cartels.

Arizona has even seen stand offs in recent history between Feds and peaceful protestors. The Bundy Ranch Standoff in 2014 was an interesting. People on the ground later trickled back saying that there were moments not just of armed men Bundy vs. Feds that were tense, but local law enforcement vs. Feds that were tense. This not only becomes an issue of who is facing off with who, but who has the first victim to set a narrative. Recall that Kent State was not just about that afternoon, but the violence by protestors in the leading days, yet what does everyone remember? Note that Americans supported the Guard in initial polls, but that has been whitewashed by prog historians.

This is an unknown unkown. No one knows how this is going to play out, but uncertainty breeds chaos. What is known is that Attorney General Sessions did say he was going to go after cartels. President Trump did say he would aid Mexico if they needed help with cartels. If an entire reorientation of US military muscle and focus is going to be on the border and against the cartels, then crafting a narrative about the need to clean up the cartels can offer a tailwind to the illegal immigration crackdown on our border. A hypothetical America that spent 2001-2016 cleaning up the border and working with the Mexican government to destroy the cartels would be much safer than the current America that spent that era adventuring in the Middle East.

El Chapo is in US custody for the first time despite multiple arrest and escapes in Mexico. Note that the Brooklyn detention center he is in is a temporary federal facility. He is meant to go elsewhere. As head of the Sinaloas, he has led the Mexican cartel that has quietly been in agreement with the US federal government for the last fifteen years. Exposing these links would be a tremendous way to drain the swamp as well as push the need for border security. There can be no freedom without safety and no safety without enforcement of the law.

If immigration enforcement as well as lefty resistance heats up, the actions in Arizona and the rest of the Southwest will be potential flashpoints.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Yes, things seem to be concentrating in AZ. Makes sense.

Some of your most compelling writing deals with the American insurgency and civil war.

peterike said...

I see those protests in Arizona come complete with professionally designed and printed signs! You really have to admire the Progs for how well they have their network put together. They seem to never lack for signs and protestors and Johnny on the spot press coverage. Pretty impressive.

Well if they want a flash point, maybe the get one. My biggest concern about Trump is that too much of the Deep State is against him, and he hasn't consolidated control over the military and FBI yet. Forget the CIA, the only thing to do there is burn it to the ground.

Intuitively, I think local law enforcement would side with Trump against the immi-vasion, but then again in some places the local law enforcement is a bunch of Beaners with Badges, so who knows.

Though it would be interesting to see a big shoot out between the Feds (who... national guard?) and a bunch of Mexers armed by Prog radicals or cartels. Who here isn't 100% certain that the American media would be on the side of the invaders?

Random Dude on the Internet said...

The silver lining is that if leftists do arm cartels who then arm illegals, there is probably some War on Drugs era law that would consider the leftists to be terrorists by association. Imagine George Soros bankrolling the sales of guns to "activists" and then having the Feds raid his offices and all of his NGOs and charities that he supports. Imagine his $25 billion or so in assets frozen.

I'm LARPing a bit but if the left is going to go to the next level, so should the Trump administration. There is likely a growing contingent in the middle who is already starting to associate the left wing with terrorism anyway in light of all these riots.

Portlander said...

I'd love to see Trump turn is formidable powers of persuasion to self-deportation...

If you feel the need to protest this country by waving the flag of your home, I would encourage you to return to your home.

If the US has become too much for you to bear, I would encourage those foreign nationals to go home.

If you feel like a second-class citizen here in the US, it's because you are one and always will be one. Stop working under the table in the US for peanuts. Return to your home country where you can be a first-class citizen again.

Make ROW Great Again

Glengarry said...

If memory serves, there have been at least two big examples of political leftism merging with drug dealing before: FARC in Colombia and Shining Path in Peru. So maybe it will happen again.

Son of Brock Landers said...

FARC took over some cocaine work in the aftermath of Escobar's cartel being busted. It funded their operations.

Shining Path, Peru and Fujimori are worth a post or 5 on the insanity of the modern world and who it punishes.

peterike said...

"if leftists do arm cartels"

Didn't Obama do just that with Fast and Furious? Talk about your forgotten scandals.

And speaking of immigration flashpoints, the Diversity has been running rampant in France for days now. All good, as it helps Le Pen. But Le Pen is going to have to have balls ten times larger than Trump's to fix the mess in her country, assuming the Frogs aren't woke enough to elect her.

Funny though, I see nothing about the Paris riots on CNN or NYTimes pages. It's just Trump this, Trump that, sobbing invader denied entrance, Trump sucks, Trump sucks, White House in chaos, blah blah.

Portlander said...

Yeah, news cycle lately has been surreal. Massive pedo rings dropping left and right, dam on verge of breaking, and Paris literally on fire, but muh Trump.

Eventually even the die-hard news junkies are going to stop caring, then what are they going to do?