Friday, February 03, 2017

Milo's Cancelled Event + SM Review-Preview 76

Looks like Milo had a speech cancelled. Why was it cancelled? The antifa and radical left wing at UC Berkeley protest-rioted. The rioters were egged on by the mayor. The police were told to stand down, and not a single cop was seen on any periscope of the event. The masked men attacked individuals. They maimed, beat and even pepper sprayed one individual. Definitely deeper into Weimerica now.

The Chicago Trump Rally cancellation was the emergence of street fighting with politics as the cause. That did have the framing of a protest versus the candidate. This UCB riot is an organized mob going after a speaker. They had approval from the university, the city and the media. Note: they used fireworks and roman candles not just for optics and fire purposes but because the sounds are like gunshots. This wasn't against a politician. It was a simple speaker that is framed as alt-right despite repeatedly saying he is not and even shunning white nationalism. The speaker also is a homosexual, part Jewish man known for an open minded approach to who he dates on the color spectrum. He is a Trump supporter though. This is simple political violence against opponents.

This violence comes on the heels of months of leftist political violence fantasies. It started with the coup talk. The non-stop assassination of Trump hope-tweets. Hollywood figures openly saying it is okay to punch Nazis. Senator Tim Kaine calling on lefty foot soldiers to take to the streets. Of course there is a double standard as any negative comment about Obama policies was an attack on the man himself, after the Left wrote books and staged plays about the assassination of W. This is who they are. Violence in the streets is who they are. This is the logical physical expression of all that messaging.

This also comes years after in 2014 the news media, Chris Hayes being one of the worst offenders, practically begged the blacks of Ferguson to riot. The media did this while stoking flames for the midterm elections of 2014. They did it for ratings, too. People will watch a Happening. Hayes is a particular type of weasel because when rocks were thrown his way he ran and whined like a baby. Hayes also ran away at the mere sound of gunfire.

The times will continue to be interesting. This will further devolve. No one on the left is calling for people to pull back on this. The Left wants conflict, not seeing how BLM actually hurt them in '14 and '16. They also do not see how giving Milo a chance to go on cable news, speak about free speech and appear the victim. It gives him a much bigger platform, and a much better message than whatever lame talk he had set up with snark and civic nationalism.

This is just another step. These leftists are violently rioting over a speaker. How do you think they are going to react to any deportations with or without formal help from the cartels or Mexican government?


Last week I wrote about a way Trump could tax the high-low Left coalition, blunt any type of Left populism meme and have an Only Nixon Can Go To China moment. Weimerica weekly was on SWPL Family Formation and I tied it into why they can get a few hundred to protest in cities in the Clinton Archipelago.

This week I will discuss the petrodollar as well as the unfortunate way the petrodollar affects America's geopolitical decision making. There are multiple candidates for this week's Weimerica Weekly, so it will depend on time I can allocate to a subject.


GFC said...

One of the coup callers Ms Rosa (((Brooks))) who wrote the piece in FP mag that included "speculation" on a military coup to remove DJT, is crying over being set upon by the troll army and frantically claiming she wasn't calling for a coup. LOL thanks Twitter I love you

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I want the left to get increasingly nuttier and violent. I want the Democrats to completely lose the middle so it is just a bunch of SWPLs and minorities against everyone else. They will lose key seats that they've held for decades in upcoming elections. DNC's main priority right now is to scrub the party of any remnants of white privilege. They think it's a good thing that there are riots because they mistakenly believe it to be effective in scaring and cowing the normies (whites). Just the opposite. These people have never read a history book (because it's written by dead white men, of course). It will be fun to see intergenerational Democrat voters hold their nose and vote for Republicans just because their party is now just a chaotic mess of victim-groups climbing over each other to see who is the most oppressed of all.

High Arka said...

God, "the right" is so embarrassing right now, like much of the left during the matching period in the Obama cycle. You saw how good the so-called "negative media attention" was for Trump, yet you're still being fooled into thinking the left is some kind of self-generated, self-controlled force whose well-documented hysteria tells you about your agenda.

You do remember Soros had to pay people to protest Trump and the "alt-right," right? And that the random, lightly-punished and quickly-brushed-over assassination attempt, and the inundation of coverage of protesters at Trump rallies, was amply coordinated with his rise in mainstream popularity? Asking this a year ago was hopeless, but now that you've seen it all happen, can't you address the question of why the establishment and the left are so stupid that they keep making their supposed enemies look so good by comparison?

"Cui bono?" "Why are they doing our work for us?"

I know it's tough to lose the belief that you're valiantly clawing your way to freedom through grit and determination and independent manliness, but by now it has to be obvious enough that you're having your perceptions managed by the same entities who've made a bunch of random protesters--people who know nothing more about Yiannopoulos' "work" or "viewpoints" than the hearsay they receive from the same media machine that tells you about which stupid thing the protesters are doing now--look dumb for your amusement.

I believe Lindbergh offered similar warnings around a century ago. And to think there are people who believe in survival of the fittest.

Tiny Duck said...

SNL OWNS trump