Monday, February 27, 2017

Milo Might've Killed The Pedo Push

Milo was in the news last week for some CPAC talk. He was also the subject of a character assassination where quotes he made in the past about being molested as a youth by an older man, and then later saying lowering age of consent would be a positive thing were used to push him out of Breitbart and have his book deal cancelled. Milo indirectly might have just killed the pedo push.

The pedo push is real. If you have read this blog or my work at Social Matter, you know I have been tracking this. Salon has given pedos a platform to talk about their feelings. Ny Mag interviewed a celibate pedophile, and even mentioned the phrase 'virtuous pedophile'. I did a podcast on that garbage. Just Like Us! There was the mention of rights, and really they want the right to be open so you can't throw them out of the playground when you catch them leering at kids. Dance studios across America actively screen solitary male ticket purchases in case of pedophiles.

I am a firm believer that gays molesting kids is part of why some people are gay. They are made that way, poisoned if you will as their young minds get imprinted. When a survey shows 46% of gay men admit to being molested as kids by other men versus 7% of hetero men, something is off significantly. That is too high a gap, yet time and time again, there is a huge gap between homo and hetero men for this experience. Even now, academia is just dipping its toe into the water that maybe it is a cause. Wonder why academia did not ask this earlier (sarcastic eyeroll). Some gays are genetic, some are hormonal (females with male fraternal twins have higher incidence of becoming lesbians due to hormone exposure) and some are 'turned' via molestation. This explain homophobia, too.

If you look at the odd tracking of gays as a political entity, they become much more liberal as the idea of gay rights or marriage became a liberal crusade. This was also in an era of an 80% white electorate. In 2016, we watched as gays were thrown under the bus for Muslims. This was the cue to LGBT from the Left that "sorry, the great replacement via immigration matters more now, and plus LGBT, you got your marriage and bathroom rights now, so STFU". Fifty gays were massacred in the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting by a Muslim. This disappeared from the radar quicker than any other mass shooting with a heavily armed man ever.

The Left could be taking the direction that the great replacement is now far enough along that it is purely race/ethnic turnout that matters, so gays are of no use anymore to sway the middle. Please recall that in 2012, many white women thought gay marriage and free birth control were the most important issues evah! The Left could abandon pushing LGBT. In doing so, the flow of deviancy is stopped where it is now.

Consolidated might be the better word. They tried this push before in the '70s and HIV/AIDS set them back 15 years. Legally there are rights for LGBT. Has it changed minds? Not really, as people will answer surveys, even anonymous surveys, as they expect the caller wants them to answer. On top of that, the 'acceptance' surveys often use current grad school students as the pool. That is as biased as it gets. The Left can stop the open agitating and get back to stealth brainwashing in the schools. At the same time, the Left could prod the Right into a complete overreaction and active measures to root out homosexual thoughts in teens, playing into Leftist stereotypes to then waive in the face of the middle.

This is a risky thought, but consider what Salon did the moment the hit on Milo started. Salon deleted their old articles that were pro-pedo. The articles about Todd Nickerson were removed. They did not want their hypocrisy revealed. Consider what Milo even said though with regards to the age of consent laws. He mentioned dropping them to 13, which is something the Left's pro-sex advocates have been hinting at with the "kids can choose gender, mentally ready". The Left is setting people up to think if kids can choose gender at 8, can't they legally consent at 13, 12, or 10? Suddenly, what he said is bad, which might take it completely off the table.

There is another alternative. Keep in mind the last few years, the Left has flooded the zone with deviancy. NY Mag alone has spotlighted incest, polygamy, poly lifestyle, pedophilia, etc. If pedo is off the table but the Left still wants to push for new crusades, they have ammunition. They can just choose to push for something else that may be more palatable. With the odd romance between the Left and Islam developing, polygamy would be a safer bet. They can have the exotic Muslim who is pious as their figurehead. The Left can also undermine the institution of marriage. It also plays into the broader, 'everyone belongs to everyone' poly push. I am biased as I predicted poly to be the push after trans, but this pedo flap might give it the green light if the Left wants to keep the culture wars going with fresh meat rather than consolidate.

Milo is a solo act. I have had little interaction with him in the dissident right. He is a performance artist, and his show will go on. One thing we should be thankful to him for is for one week, and who knows how long this will last, is that Milo spoke about the reality of homosexual relationships that the media desperately hides. We all know this happens. We all know this is how they operate. We are all on alert for this because we know that gay after gay have revealed how their first experience was as a teen with a man old enough to be their dad. We know you are not just like us.


Anonymous said...

"Some gays are genetic"

To get more precise, some homosexuality is probably epigenetic. Purely homosexual genes would be stamped out but genetic expressions having some flexibility depending on early life or even gestational stressors make a helluva lot more sense to me.

Portlander said...

FWIW, I prefer congenital. Stipulates they're born that way, w/o having to state a reason as to why. Fact is, we don't know why.