Monday, February 13, 2017

#Calexit Idea For Narrative Pushing

#Calexit is real. It is not just a troll. It also potentially has a large network of people to support it. Do the people support it? Right now, one in three Californians support it with many unsure. This can all change depending on the Wall and deportation policies that President Trump may or may not attempt to enact. There is a wide ranging coalition though to get behind this. Trolls and undercover agents can do their part.

Media members are already hinting balkanization and break up of America might be okay. That blurb reports how Peter Thiel supports it, and if Thiel has any input with Team Trump, Trump could support it. We do know Mexicans support it due to La Raza and their Reconquista activists. There are progressives who support it as progressive California does not reconcile with "Trump's America".

The public unions could come around to this if pitched as a means for California to remove the shackles of US state laws with regards to budgets and become a sovereign borrower. They could easily be conned into thinking as a top 10 economy in the globe, California's borrowing capacity could easily be lifted. This would keep those pension payments flowing. It would also keep the progressive activist and academics happy, as the precious juice would flow to them in their sinecures.

If one believes that the few dissident right sites that coordinated to attack the cucks as well as reframe how the GOP could view not just themselves but be viewed, then a small group of coordinated and energized individuals could push and nudge this along. Setting up fake social media accounts of supposedly real people arguing for Calexit from different points of view but on the Left could easily be signal boosted and move the needle.

Create fake twitter, tumblr and linkedin accounts. Why linkedin? It adds credibility. If from the Left, someone could use a fake real name and fake real photos to sockpuppet this argument to leave the union. Parroting leftist talking points would be incredibly easy, just pair it with self-determination. Pair it with peaceful solution and even triangulate the position as a peaceful move to avoid violent deportations, resistance and conflict.

One possible route, and one that would garner more sympathy would be a Mexican sockpuppet. Craft a slogan "California De Nuevo" (California Again), as if Mexicans are taking back what is rightfully theres. After all, having a whopping 10,000 or so humans in California's land mass equates to rightful posession, correct? Feed into the reconquista meme. Use a young female writing and referencing her poor migrant parents that were amnestied in '86, then married in the early '90s after mom crossed illegally, and now want to have a chance to create a nation of their own.

Feed the holiness emotions on the left to pull in white leftists. Keep pushing the meme that it is "right for the squatters Mexicans" but also that it is the way to be a progressive beacon of hope for the world. America's founding myths are basically useless now. Diversity killed their usefulness. We are too distant from the original group that formed America plus our children are told by the media-academia complex that our history is shameful. It is why I support secession, as it would give rump states a way to craft myths far more aligned with their people. There would be new group rituals that would be more fulfilling because the pool of people would be tighter.

This would be a long play, but with two years to put into action, it could happen. Maybe you do not support Calexit, and that is fine. If you are paying attention to the Left's continued meltdown, conflict is coming as they keep escalating and the Right keeps arming. This would secure things for a while for the Right on a federal election level as it removes the Democrat's electoral vote anchor that they spend absolutely zero time or energy to secure. How amazing would it also be for a California President Thiel of California to negotiate peace and friendly relations with a President Trump?

Calexit can lead to a republic that then splinters, possibly crumbles, or acts as flypaper for progs (retirees?) moving for the sweet air of progressive California. It is a Latin American republic already, so let us all formalize it. Countless water right negotiations would be fun to witness with California attempting to negotiate with President Trump. The right wing folks behind enemy lines would make for massive problems for the prog regime in California. California itself, no matter how long the prog regime would last, would have a new founding myth. The Manifest Destiny of progressive enlightenment. Get your Mexican or SJW activist sock puppet accounts ready. You can help build the myth. A glorious republic of hope will be born on the west coast.

Until they get their Hugo Chavez.


Dirtnapninja said...

The only problem is, you will a far bigger border to wall off once Aztlan is run into the ground and the Meheecans start 'migrating' in.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

California secession is not going to happen, but that won't stop the Alt-Right cucks from salivating at the thought.

What is motivating these guys: Misplaced malice? Butthurt? Class envy? CA was a solidly GOP state 25 years ago, well within living memory, so something must have happened to make these guys hate the state so much. Are they the children of Whites forced out of the state (for various reasons)? Can they not afford to live in CA today? This angle needs more analysis.

Much more likely is some sort of breakdown and civil war, for which CA will serve as the front lines. The continuing breakdown of the country and the move towards civil war--which will not be limited to CA, in case you were wondering--is happening with or without autistic puppets and sock accounts.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

The idea that Americans in, say, Missouri, Alabama, and Minnesota will be able avoid balkanization if only they sacrifice California to the gods of the MultiKult, is laughable.

It's coming for all of them.

Anonymous said...

(1) Let it secede. (2) Declare war. (3) Invade and declare California a territory of the United States, without the full rights of statehood. (4) Reconstitute the California Territory into multiple states.

Proceeding directly to step (4) would be much less bloody.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Trump could support it.

Unlikely. In fact the idea is laughable.

Do you think Trump wants to go down in history as the President who handed California to the enemy in a unilateral surrender without a single shot being fired? Of course not.

The anti-California cucks on the Alt-Right aren't thinking this one through.

Son of Brock Landers said...

LBF, we've discussed this online. I'd rather see the fight be there and truly settle the border once and for all.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

SOBL, it concerns me because those on the Alt-Right pushing Calexit are beginning to look like our enemy. They're just not thinking it through, and that's a problem.

Son of Brock Landers said...

There are the pan-secessionists that support it just as they'd support Texit had HRC won. The anti-SCALE guys support it as a chance to cut down the leviathan. It is also natural for people who want to avoid bloodshed to seek alternatives.

This fight is going to come. I don't think they get that or want to admit it. Trump's election was suppose to be a breather, well no it was not, if anything it made the Left show their violent hand as opposed to an HRC win where she would have squeezed people via rules, laws, EOs and regulations some more. A fight will come whether now, 10 years from now or 50 years from now. People have to face that fact.

Angry Midwesterner said...

We're getting some form of Latin America eventually with helicopter rides. No president wants to be the one who lost California. The real issue will be how to keep the progs fenced into California with eventual helicopter rides.

Orthodox said...

I don't see how Portland or Seattle stay in the union if this moves forward. Once you take them out, you're talking the whole West Coast. Take most of the coastline down to San Diego, maintaining military bases, while carving off rump California, Washington and Oregon to keep the 50 States. That way you minimize the number of red counties that get taken out of the union.

c matt said...

Calexit/Caleviction is probably the best chance for a secession movement. Still likely a long shot - especially now that California is crying for federal help with their flooding issues. They would like to think they could stand on their own two feet without pain, but it would take lots of pain.

The more likely breakup of the US is not going to happen from secession movements, but the collapse of the federal government. I would not anticipate a quick, clean collapse (may happen with a black swan event) but more likely a slow spiral to oblivion.

Anonymous said...

I think of Trump as more of a Julius Caesar than a Constantine. Letting California go would create new problems and exacerbate the existing problems for decades down the road. Much better to cleanse the state of illegals. Find a way to eliminate and/or mitigate other existing vote banks, and destroy the Democrat Party machine in California that exists to extract maximum wealth and power from the rightful constituents who have been overlooked and abused for decades now.

Even better if, after the cleansing, Thiel becomes governor. He would be able to finish the chemotherapy that Trump started. Make California great again.

Here's an idea that would help towards that goal: annex Mexico.

Portlander said...

CA was a solidly GOP state 25 years ago, well within living memory
Your living memory. I suspect the average age of the Calexiters, regardless of political affiliation is 26 w/ a std dev of 4 yrs.

something must have happened to make these guys hate the state so much.

What is the % population of USA-native born whites under the age of 39? If the state is filled with Latins, Asians, Indians, and Mid-Easters, and a bunch of geriatric lib's expecting the gold-bricked pension that they promised themselves to magically appear, what's left to feel any affinity toward? Magic Dirt?

ARoss said...

we'll have to send Kurt Russell on Recon missions if it goes through.

Portlander said...

I haven't read the petro-dollar piece yet, but I suspect for Calexit to make sense, that is a prerequisite. Which is to say, you have to think with the end in mind. If you want to break the back of the FIRE economy, you have to break the reserve currency status that allows Wall Street & DC to skim their percentage.

Think of it like this, what would California's bond rating be without the US to lean on? Illinois? New York? Puerto Rico? But then, it doesn't take long to realize these are all components of the US. There's maybe 3 states without a time-bomb in their pension obligation. Since when is the sum of a bunch of negatives a positive? It's not. Thus, you realize it's the reserve status of the petro-dollar that makes it all possible. However, if the USA breaks into 4 or 5 pieces, doubtful the petro-dollar, or more specifically the _reserve status_ can be maintained.

Without reserve status, you have to actually pay for the welfare your underclass voter bank consumes as they consume it. (Or to be bi-partisan about it, your mil-ind complex campaign contributors.) It's one thing when welfare spending is an abstraction by way of national debt. It's another when welfare spending impacts, severely so, the standard of living of today's voter.

High Arka said...

So much dancing around the subject of race war. I suspect Genghis Khan worried slightly less about the best way to pacify a recalcitrant territory.

Part of what makes modern Euros so ineffective is that, even when they think they're really hardcore, they spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about how to convert other Euros to their side. The lasting legacy of Christendom, perhaps.

sykes.1 said...

Most of America's problems come from the Constitution and the extreme centralization is permits/requires. A repeal of the entire Constitution and a return to the Articles of Confederation would solve these problems. The States would be nearly independent, except for foreign policy; there would be no federal court system, other than an appeals court to settle interstate disputes; the executive power would be minimal, with a small standing army and navy and the power to collect customs duties; and each State would have a single vote in a house of representatives, no senate.

Portlander said...

FTR, I prefer dealing with (((Wall Street))) directly and ending the FIRE abuse therein, than Calexit and what is essentially the EU solution.

We have a great country. It was a great country for generations. Just need to clean-out the stables and send the economic squatters back to whence they came. They can take their free educations and Make ROW Great Again.