Friday, January 27, 2017

Wesearchr + SM Review-Preview 75

Wesearchr had their Twitter account suspended. What for? Merely existing. The supposed rationale was the bounty on the antifa that struck Richard Spencer. Now assisting law enforcement is against twitter rules. This does make sense since twitter has acted as a weapon and accessory to criminal activities since inception: looting, flash mob robberies, fights, insurrections and government overthrows. It is who-whom. it is unfair. it is the nature of the current prog dominated public discourse game.

Twitter is pretty pozzed out. They have incompetent employees. They are so dumb that they do not have ads before any video is played. They did not even sell adspace for their 'warning sensitive image' placeholder. That could be brought to you by any company and with how often it would be employed, it would be worthwhile for an image + text ad. A problem is Twitter most likely has a lock on the "Internet CB Radio". With its losses and near public utility status, nationalizing it does make sense as Lawrence Murray suggests.

Wesearchr is showing its strength and potential development for the future. It is an Uber for journalism. It will not always be that. Nydwracu on Twitter noted how Amazon first was building a competitor to Walmart and now it competes with UPS as its drone fleet and time for delivery is now becoming same day of order. If Wesearchr can provide a marketplace for long form journalism or stories the newspapers do not want, what other information will it be able to provide in the future.

A marketplace for information. Research and journalism is not just for politics and social issues. How many firms might want research? Would Theranos have come crashing down sooner with Wesearchr? What other ossified, manned by prog blinded humans intelligence entity might be a competitor?

Wesearchr should have a great future.


Last week at Social Matter I wrote on elite cues about how they handle different protest and plebian movements. This will be an indicator of what they will try for the Trump term. Weimerica Weekly was an overview of the Obama Era. The man does not define the era as much as acts as a reflection of it. This is due to his passive nature.

This week I will write on a way for Trump to attack the high-low coalition on the Left while blunting a potential Left hijacking of populism later in his term like how Clinton blocked the GOP in 1996 with smart moves. Many in the middle still see the Left as the party of the little guy and not the big 'fat cats', but reality is different. Weimerica Weekly will discuss the urban family dynamic for middle and upper middle class residents. A couple odd stories have hit the mainstream that deserve some discussion for the symptom that they are of our unhealthy city life.

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