Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trump Offers Free Mega-Viral Marketing

The market is a battlefield. Advertising, product development and sales are all the business equivalent of military units. Winning a market and dominating is like winning a battle and taking territory. Companies spend time and resources on R&D or product development to get there. They also think up advertising campaigns or pay for ad agencies to work up pitches. Right now, there is a free means for meg-marketing in a viral manner than still passes through traditional mediums: Trump.

Because the media has ginned up the political environment to paint support or resistance to Trump as so emotional and so much part of one's identity, it opens a door for companies. One executive, a founder, an owner a board member, it does not matter who, but one can show up on CNBC, a larger newspaper, etc. and simply voice goodwill, well wishes, or even support for Donald Trump and immediately capture a huge slice of American consumer attention. The Trump marketing troll bump.

Trump is the president but the Left and media are trying to do everything possible to make it bad for higher status whites to like Trump or his policies. Recall he won 1% less of whites than Romney but picked up huge chunks in areas the GOP formerly lost. His support slipped in college educated whites by a handful of percentage points. If Trump were to pick up them, it's over for the Democrats for a while not just with Trump but his successor as well. The Left wants to name and shame any supporters.

This means that any high status white that mouths support will garner attention and be vilified by the press. They want to pressure them to recant or back off. An executive voicing support will immediately get airtime and press coverage because the press cannot help themselves. It is all they know how to do. This guarantees press coverage for the company worth millions in free advertising. The latest to go through this is L.L. Bean. We have seen this before, and seen consequences.

Of course you remember when the Left attacked Chik-Fil-A. They received huge attention for one executive not liking gay marriage and donating to a traditional marriage advocacy firm. Boycotts of sorts were tried, but more importantly Chik-Fil-A received massive media exposure just as it was expanding outside of the southeast. I is privately held, but the sales numbers have risen so much Wall Street drools hoping it has an IPO. The boycott fails because the Left has no willpower to sustain anything. A buy-cott or sales boost comes because suddenly the other side (right wingers), now see buying some of that product as a little help to a friend. I call it "Hate Chicken" and treat myself to it occasionally.

Do you remember the Beach Bod ad controversy? This advertisement simply used a hot chick with a rocking body like countless companies have before, but now with the radical SJW left, it triggered a response. Eurocentric beauty standards, heteronormative, fat-shaming, body-shaming, OMG WOW JUST Wowing all were spouted by the SJW left. How any people knew of that firm before the media created controversy? They garnered millions in attention they could not afford to pay for as well as set themselves as the true victims of an oversensitive SJW left. Trigger marketing worked there.

Back to L.L. Bean, which is the current company going through it. How many people knew of L.L. Bean? How many considered it an outdoorsman store? How many saw it as too pricey? Did you know about their money back guarantee? The coverage probably encouraged people to look at them who would not have considered buying from them, picked up new consumers, and played on that identity as a Trump supporter to support the businesses that support Trump.

This is not for all firms. The firms to play on this are firms with middle class to upper-middle class customer demographics or the aspirational brands that are heavy White and Asian. Play to Trump's Middle consumers because they are the last with disposable income that can make discretionary purchases or pay a little bit more between parity product firms. Spend a little more on an L.L. Bean sweater than any of the GAP family brands (GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy) because now there is a political and social connection.

Is there a downside? Sure if the Left boycotts it. Did not slow Chik-fil-a down. The secret is in the Left's coalition. They are not going to boycott. They barely notice how and what they buy. Look how impulsive and ADD they are. High end whites have no willpower to stick to anything and are frauds. They will still buy from an L.L. Bean, but then voice some disapproval of that one executive. They are phonies. The Left's main voting muscle is their low, and their low has no money to even play in the sphere of L.L. Bean products. Plus, for a firm like Chik-Fil_a, do you really see Blacks, Hispanics and Gays passing up on their tasty chicken sandwiches for a political point. Maybe lesbians, and that is all. The Left voting for them is for gibsmedats and hating whitey, not abstract points.

If I were a mid-sized or large company in a market looking for some odd edge at the moment, and even one that just started a new product roll-out or new market to penetrate, I would consider this move. An even better way to play it out would be to use an executive that is near retirement or already has retirement planned. The firm can explicitly state it is apolitical and even committed to diversity and LGBT, but allows freedom of thought for employees.

Just as Trump used the media against itself, corporations will be smart to use the media's obsession with Trump to their advantage. One interview can become a 24 hour media blast with subsequent follow up on social media as every little leftist foot soldier signals "I HATE THEM NOW!" and never follows through. Silently or maybe not so silently now, moderates and those who lean right will click the most important button online, "complete purchase".

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