Monday, January 02, 2017


This Guardian confessional essay turned out to be the work of the legendary troll Godfrey Elfwick. Poe's Law has arrived for the Left. The Left's elite and donors have let the far left foot soldiers, repeating the same old communist shibboleths and some new ones, run too wild and too long without any pushback or even just slowing down. This is what makes trolling effective. It also opens doors for wider troll jobs.

Creating an astroturf black separatist political party is a troll. Jill Stein is right now scamming naïve lefties out of millions for her never going to happen recount. She has raised over $6 million, which is more than her entire campaign raised! There are tons of Music Man style, legal but unethical scams one could run on progs to milk them like cows. There are smaller investment troll jobs out there, and one ripe for the picking area is the world of documentaries. Documentaries are incredibly easy to produce with limited equipment and funding. One can boost funding by the proper marketing to leftist donors and foot soldiers.

Imagine marketing on GoFundMe or kickstarter a documentary on any progressive pet subject. Marketing could be simply "examining the causes of the achievement gap" with standard issue SWPL progressive video pitch for cash. One would have to create an online persona with a progressive trail. This would not be hard to pitch to the funders of all of those documentaries on Netflix with standard issue prog messaging. People fund what they want to see.

Now take the money, create a documentary, but not the prog documentary. Lampoon the Left's extreme wing now for excuses and causes for things as cover. Fill it with redpill facts non-stop. It would be easy to make sunshine, cheery graphics and animations of dissident points, graphs, charts, etc. If the delivery was straight faced, progressive lunacy, how could someone deny releasing it, watching it or commenting on it. Imagine someone simply reading the statistics off of to a camera in a tearful manner.

Ali G on steroids. Make trollumentaries on several specific issues before everyone wises up to the game... but if one were so good at mimicking the Left's loons, then they may never wise up.


Anonymous said...

Narrated by Werner Herzog.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

I would like to see a trollumentary that exposed (((ruling elite))), both in the Liberal and Neocon side of things.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

If you're not ambitious enough to do a Trollumentary, just pretend to be a transsexual and open a Patreon or GoFundMe account. Spend a couple hours photoshopping some pictures, write a story that hits all the right progressive talking points, and you will find enough overpaid software engineers from Silicon Valley or Cascadia who will fork over money to you just for being a tranny in flyover country (or deep south, whatever generates more sympathybux).

For a shitlord college student, for 30 minutes of twittering and tumblring about LGBTBBQWTF issues per night, you can have enough for beer money and maybe your rent. If you're an especially skilled troll, you can set your sights higher. Sometimes these people get caught scamming others and they get away with it scot free as long as you appeal to the progressive stack. It's never been easier to rip off virtue signalling progressives.

peterike said...

"She has raised over $6 million"

There's that number again!

What, pray tell, has the shameless Ms. Stein actually done with all that scratch?

In any case, your plan is a good one. Not only could you troll the heck out of progs, but you could keep a hefty hunk of change for yourself, or simply roll it into the "costs" of the documentary for things like "equipment rental" to a company your brother sets up. It's win win!

I think a good topic would be "Black Bodies." You could probably even get Genius T. Coates on camera spouting his usual tedious whines. And then, as you say, just provide real stats with fake SJW commentary: "In 2015, statistics showed that 5,322 white females were raped by black men. In that same year, the number of black women raped by white men was statistically zero. Clearly, this shows an extreme bias by white men against black women..." [just makin' up them numbers, but they are probably close] Gussy it up with pie charts and sheet.

I wish I were retired with some money so I could do stuff like this.