Sunday, January 22, 2017

Social Matter - Can The Left Keep It Together

New essay up at Social Matter. The Left has not put the brakes on any of the racial animosity out there. They did once put the brakes on Occupy Wall Street. Will they be able to carefully craft a movement to create a unified populist coalition? The next four years will be interesting.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Steve Sailer's Coalition of the Fringes idea only works if the groups are fringes. At some point the Hispanics are going to assert their strength over the blacks, who are America's Official Minority group so they won't take this lying down. Even with all of these different minority groups, it usually requires a charismatic leader and right now there's nobody in the hopper for the Democrats. Cory Booker, despite being pushed by the media for almost half a decade now, isn't quite generating the traction Barack Obama did a decade ago. There's nobody who is Hispanic that seems to be powerful enough and charismatic enough to lead the way. Heck, there's nobody who is white who seems capable to keep the coalition together. It's not going to hold.

I expect the left to turn on each other instead. The progressive stack is now the law of the land when it comes to minorities and you can never have enough of that sweet sweet victim cred. Wait until Keith Ellison is not considered "woke" enough and his replacement is a black transgendered "woman" who is in a wheelchair from a birth defect and is deaf in one ear; someone who has the right amount of Oppression Points to represent all of the downtrodden peoples out there. I'd say let the left spin out of control until the progressive stack burns the Democrat party to the ground and salts the earth with it.

Anonymous said...

Would you say that the Women's March is in like kind to OWS? Directionless with no Step #2. I saw many of the participants on twitter saying how fun the march was and questioning when the next one would be held. That's the point of it so far, marching for the sake of marching because fun.

One good thing that came of the march is that the prolife feminists (SJW entryists in the prolife movement) got a good lesson in the hierarchy after being told they were not welcome to march. Transgender men > prolife women.