Monday, January 30, 2017

Pardoning Manning

President Obama commuted the sentence of Bradley/Chelsea Manning. Manning will be released in spring of 2017 to go on television and write a book. He will make coin off of his betrayal of America. Like many other pardons and Guantanamo Bay releases during the Obama administration, this is a slap in the face to the armed services and the American people. Manning committed a crime. Manning was sentenced to jail for decades instead of facing the death sentence. He was already spared. Manning should rot in jail for what he did.

What did he do? Manning leaked national secrets, military secrets and State department secrets to Wikileaks. This is different than Wikileaks 2016 leaks as those were just DNC emails; not national security secrets. Manning broke the basic rules of military opsec. Manning released these diplomatic cables that exposed not just what went on behind the scenes but even how we felt about our allies an clients. It damaged our relationships. It damaged how we manage the network we maintain around the globe. This was a treasure trove of information to rivals as they could see how America managed conflicts.

This was also an anti-war statement. Oh the armed forces get support from the Left in the form of lip service that they support the troops, but they get stabbed in the back by the Left. This is why the Left wept for Manning in '10 and cursed Wikileaks in '16. Who-whom even applied to national secrets. Manning should stay in jail just as others have done so for sharing our secrets. He betrayed the oaths he took. He betrayed his country.

There was one other thing. This even applies to the state of mind he was in when he did this leak. manning is trans. If one reads the section of Wikipedia on his transition and gender crisis is happens exactly as he decides to engage with Wikileaks and steal secrets. He was going through a moment of crisis, and Wikileaks carefully manipulated him to make a huge statement. Smart move on their part. It shows just how insane that gender fluid crowd is and how unstable they are.

This was the last bit to the Left falling all over itself for Manning. Manning became a celebrity LGBT figure for whistleblower/gay. Was he really blowing a whistle though or just, in his words, showing the costs of war? This is a leftist fantasy that war can be fought cleanly. He catered to the false righteousness that they engage in that truly puts our armed forces in a bind. Manning's LGBT status made it a crusade for the Left. Free this tortured soul who blew the whistles on the big bad military.

This is just another example of the Left's fight against historical America. They will celebrate the criminals, the rebels and the wreckers of what actually built America because they hate all that it stood for. Manning is just a symbol for them. A member of their team, fighting their good fight. Obama had to reward him. He was their good soldier.


peterike said...

Classic flip of the bird to America by the petulant Kenyan. What a petty little boy he is. So glad to be rid of him and his smug self-satisfaction. It's really instructive to see what can happen with a real President in the White House. So much done in so little time! Trump is moving so fast the Left can hardly focus its hate long enough to make a difference.

Also, another thing I've noticed that I posted at Sailer. The "grim milestone" is back! There have already been stories about the first solider "killed under Trump." It's been lost in the hysteria over the Mooslimb ban, but not for lack of putting it out there by the media. No doubt we will see the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on soldiers killed "under Trump" as they happen. Sure was nice having an eight year break from any "grim milestones" despite the thousands killed and wounded on the watch of the Noble Peace Prize winner.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

A Dem from California said that if the Dems get the House there would be a impeachment process against Trump.

High Arka said...

How dare Manning reveal that our loyal black and mestizo enlisted soldiers had no respect for our various Semitic clients on whose behalf they were slaughtering other Semites! The thought of someone trying to get American dollars and lives to stay in America, rather than spending and dying overseas to produce massive blowback, simply infuriates me.

Don't they realize how vital it is to prevent Americans from realizing how wretchedly unprofessional our armed forces have become they were desegregated, and since standards were correspondingly reduced? Let alone how important it is that we prevent any secular Arab states from forming, which might eliminate Muslim extremism and prevent us from having reasons to continue throwing away our sons for Israel? And these idiots don't even seem to realize that hurting the public image of our fighting men, women, and transsexuals overseas might have cut down on support for destroying the regimes which were preventing millions of Muslims from enriching the orifices of boys and girls in dowdy old Europe.

All true patriots need to demand Manning be re-imprisoned on new charges. Our Afromestizo fighting forces must never be withdrawn from smashing the secular Arab nationalists who have repressed mujahideen past and present, no matter how many billions of dollars it costs per year, or how many ISISes or rampaging rape-hordes are produced as a result of our heroism on behalf of the Chosen people of Yahweh.

Mark Citadel said...

@ Alexandros - good job that has about a zero percent chance of happening, given the map, governorships, etc.

I was a little disappointed Trump refered to him as Chelsea. Best not to foster the delusions of perverts. By the way, my blog has moved to Wordpress. You can now find me at: