Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Site Recommendation: Thermidor

On my twitter feed, I noticed a few links with interesting topics. The authors were familiar to me, and if you read in our sphere, they will be familiar to you. They seem to be churning out essays and even a podcast. I recommend it. It is named Thermidor.

I shot one of the writers there a note because he has written for Social Matter. P.T. Carlo and I exchanged some messages about what they are trying to do. The site is firmly in the anti-globalist camp, and oddly enough, started out at Carlo wanted to write some movie reviews in the greater context of our era and saw that there was space for this in our sphere.

They have a wider focus on the world of the arts, and this is something we definitely need for pushback. In his words, he wanted
to write content that was a bit more "weaponized". I feel as though there is a bit of an openly in the Samizdat scene for a publication which is a little more, shall we say "Dionysiusian" as opposed to "Apollonian" I would classify Social Matter (which I still plan on writing for btw) as being inherently "Apollonian".
You might recognize his name from writing at Social Matter or even, which is the Duginist think tank. You may also recognize Mark Citadel.

This essay is as fantastic a piece as you will find about the inverted idea of freedom in the 21st century. This is the type of content creation that not only makes one think but is highly accessible to a broader crowd. It plays with the weird twin features of supposed liberation and degeneration. That essay can be passed along to people outside of our sphere. Those people are thirsty for content, for truth and for new takes on the world.

It is not just different subject matter as a bit of a stylistic difference. There should be a looser side for our crowd as well, and they seem intent on providing that. As Carlo put it,
The vision is a publication which is much more "bohemian" vibe and is a bit more aggressive and experimental than Social Matter or the like. So it's very different (at least I envision it as being different) I see it as being complementary to a site like Social Matter (which is a primarily a serious and analytic enterprise imo).

We were using Social Matter as a reference point since we have both contributed there.

The newest essay they published centered on the idea of art, the state of art and its potential. Art is an expression of the human condition. Art is the reflection of culture that produces it. We do have degenerate art to match our degenerate artists and depraved elite. Can we form a new art? Is it possible to create new art in such a shallow culture? It is a good read.

The podcast debuts with a discussion of 2016. I enjoyed the section on women in politics, including discussion of the difference in female participation between nations. Soviet feminism differed from Western feminism, not just in career styles but basic feminine presentation. This goes back to Stalin deciding the social innovation was poisonous. They discuss the tough but super cute prosecutor in the Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya, with an interesting anecdote of why she became a prosecutor. One competent woman that the Russians have in power is their current central bank governor, Elvira Nabiullina. She effectively handled the ruble crisis that the US used to try to destabilize Russia. Lot more Brexit rough draft of history than I expected.

Build, create, expand. it is not just going to happen by itself, so get out there. I wish Thermidor the best of luck. Check it out.

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