Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration + SM Review-Preview 74

Did you think it would happen? Trump won in November, but the Left and entire media complex made you doubt it would happen. We now know that Clinton's team was covertly working with the efforts to turn electors. The Jill Stein recounts had odd support from Soros and other pro-Clinton teams. They wanted to work their magic to flip a blue state here or there from the Midwest to then make the elector flip much more close. We laughed at the delusions of the Left foot soldiers. The slow walk to the inauguration would not be stopped.

But deep down, you didn't count them out. The Left stops at nothing. It is simply a gang to collect and maintain power. They have no scruples and will bend and break every single rule. The electors thing was disgusting as it has no history in recent elections and not in decades if not over a century. This would have been the ultimate "legal but unethical" thing for the Left. It is a dangerous thing that it even happened with a few stray electors on both sides. CIA (and sympathetic deep state elements) is openly involved in delegitimizing a president. it is openly doing what it covertly did to Nixon in the '70s.

This Resistance crap also should be a warning to people that think a restoration or whatnot would not have thousands if not millions of liberals drooling at the chance to play rebels. You will have to deal with them. Isolate, exile or maybe in drastic moments, to the helicopters. They will not go quietly. Things are going to get messy. There are the high-middle-low that we know, but with the elites fighting as well, there may be an opportunity for a new high-middle-low. As Peter Turchin has written, we have an overproduction of elites. That means conflict. How much of the English War of the Roses was due to too many elites and a sudden loss of wealth (losing French possessions).

This day is still about Trump. He placed it all on the line. He assumed the mantle of anger. He took the abuse. Daily, he took the abuse. His campaign was written off many times, maybe over a hundred times. His family took abuse. His family is going to take abuse. Is he the old Boomer figure to guide America through the 4th turning's crisis period? Is he the scapegoat, sacrificial figure that Peter Thiel cites in interviews? No one knows.

Today, though, you know something weird happened to get to this point. Trump's inauguration solidifies the change. Even had he lost, something had changed. Not just between groups but within the right and left. The lines are drawn. It has become too obvious to ignore, and no amount of TV dramas are going to smooth over divisions. Enjoy Trump's big day. The future is wide open, and I doubt anyone can predict what the next four years will reveal.


Last week I wrote about how Trump can end sanctuary cities. It is possible. It does not even have to be done through the courts. Weimerica Weekly was an interview with a Democrat that has both DC experience and small town experience. Things are broken and the small towns have no clue how to handle the problems of SCALE.

This week I write about elite leftist cues. They have unleashed racial strife with no pulling back. This does not always happen with their foot soldiers' antics. They have crushed their foot soldiers before. We need to look out for this considering what they already are discussing for the Trump era. Weimerica Weekly will be an hour long monologue on the Obama Era. He is not the demon or angel that the two sides make him out to be. He's just a man.


peterike said...

God bless Donald Trump. Less than an hour away now. The gay mulatto finally gets to mope off into the sunset and a new day dawns.

It will be wondrous to see just how many Obama Executive Orders Trump ends within the first few hours. I bet the border patrol guys are itching to do their jobs again. Even more encouraging is the recent talk about Team Trump making big, fat cuts into the useless agencies: Education, Energy, and so on. Shifting NASA funding from climate change and Muslim outreach back to white guys getting us into space.

They really seem on the ball about almost everything. The only place things seem to stay status quo is with the banksters. No talk of big upheaval there, but that's ok. Those are the guys that could and would pull the trigger on Trump, like they did with JFK and McKinley. Let them keep their vile cash machine going... for now. Trump has to consolidate. Clean house at CIA, State, de-gay the military, etc. This will take some years. Maybe in his second term he takes on and breaks the back of the Finance Power.

In any case, a glorious day fellows!

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Trump message made the most sense for me and a majority of normal people but the media attacked him so relentless that I doubted he would be elected and if elected probably impeached, maybe the media is just a paper tiger.

Anonymous said...

On wikipedia today the 'In the news' box shows nothing about the inauguration. The wayback machine's copy of wikipedia for 2009-01-21 show Obama's inauguration as the first item.

I guess the conclusion of the most astonishing presidential election in US history just isn't newsworthy if the winner is the wrong color.

The Cathedral isn't going to be reconciled, isn't going to give in. I think the present cold civil war will turn hot.

sykes.1 said...

As they say over at American Digest, Japan: Nuked too much, or not enough?

High Arka said...

Lionizing the Great War while salivating at the prospect of intra-gentile battles in America--hypocritical, ironic, or merely very, very sad? At least we know the spirit of Woodrow Wilson lives on.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

You touch on something that I believe needs further exploration.

The death of the importance of the DWL/SWPL.

The DNC model has basically assumed that it would always have an Obama type figure at its head, someone who could appeal to and stitch together each of the target constituencies who otherwise have nothing else in common regarding pet causes that drive each group's turnout.

The liberal plan has been to (through immigration) seed the land with votes that could be reliably harvested from the major cities. Large cities are in effect voting farms. These 50 major cities are effectively welfare distribution centers where non-whites congregate since that is where social services are and young single whites go to chase their dreams. The idea is that these bodies could be coalesced and then bribed through government spoils, to be partnered with childless, unmarried white women to defeat normal traditional working whites in national elections.

The idea was to get enough of these groups together that they would numerically overwhelm the remainder of the family oriented traditionally value axis type (still largely white) nation. What ended up happening is that they were only halfway able to accomplish their goal on one side of the equation - they succeeded in getting a lot of non-whites involved in the democratic process, virtually exclusively in the democratic party. The actual NET result was not to defeat traditional whites in the direction of national elections, but rather to defeat SWPL whites in the direction of Democrat's primary elections.

From this point on, SWPL politics will play second fiddle to racial politics in the Democrat party. Hispanics and blacks can threaten non-participation, and without them, there just aren't enough hardcore liberal whites to effect anything but local races, and even then, only in a handful of places. This makes the SWPL the odd man out in politics from here on. They have no allies, and honestly serve no real value to be courted by either party. No one is going to cater to them. Maybe the green party...

All of the gay stuff, tranny stuff, climate change, college debt forgiveness, runaway corporations, women's rights, non-GMO project, "intersectionality," and safety pin "ally" bullshit, etc... will fall upon deaf ears. People of color will not rally behind any of that stuff, because non-whites are not a liberal constituency - they are a partisan constituency, loyal only to whoever provides them with race based spoils - no sharing with white college kids and aging white retirees allowed. Whites are not allowed to compete for or divvy up the largesse.

White moral preening Leftism as we know it will have no home in the DNC (evidenced by Bernie Sanders being shut out) and it will have no home in the de facto white people party (Republicans.) This may take a decade to play out, but it most certainly will, especially as the demographic trends play out. The "browning of America" is going to politically hit liberal whites FIRST. There will be no one to give SWPLs pats on the back, save one another. Signalling will be a case of diminishing returns and will circulate in a limited feedback loop that shrinks every year.

I hope they are satisfied.

Son of Brock Landers said...

If you read until 2018 I will reveal why I REMEMBER AND HONOR THE SACRIFICE OF WW1. If you read my essays, you'll know I want a peaceful dissolution to the current US.

High Arka said...

(Did you have a typo in "2008," or do you mean you will explain by 2018 why the mass sacrifice of dozens of millions of Europeans, and the subjection of Europe and America to central banks, was actually a good thing?)

Son of Brock Landers said...

No. I'll explain why each week during the centennial I took a picture to share and get people to remember and honor the sacrifices.

I know you were banned from MPC.

High Arka said...

Related question: the specifics of WW1 aside, do you feel that sacrifices misguidedly made for bad causes, on behalf of bad people, are still honorable? I could understand if you were saying, "The poor dudes thought they were saving the world even as they destroyed it," but you actually seem to be saying, "What heroes." There were actually men alive back then who resisted the Bank; honoring not them, but the ones who carried out the destruction of Europe, seems rather loathsome. It'll be interesting to see why you view honorably the slaves and fools who erected part of the foundation of everything you say today that you hate. I mean, you decry "Weimerica," yet you think we should honor World War I sacrifices? That's quite literally a contradiction. My relatives have been duped into fighting and sometimes dying for the Bank, too, and I can love them and remember them well and feel pity for them, even honor them, but honoring what they did, or the historical event itself, is honoring Weimar, Obama, fat lesbians protesting an imaginary wage gap, and everything else you harp on.

(If you're getting paid directly or indirectly, I understand, but I'm the annoying optimist who hopes there's still a shred of good left in you.)

Anonymous said...

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