Monday, January 23, 2017

Dissident Decentralization

New sites are popping up, and old ones are navigating challenges. The great thing is that there are new spots in the dissident network. The strength of the dissident right is the lock on truth. If the media-academic memeplex is pushing lies and an illusion divorced from reality, simply revealing reality gives the dissident right a monopoly that will separate it from everyone else. THAT is the moat, the product differentiator, and the key to success. The media-academic complex sets narratives to their ideology, therefore they will not reveal truth since their ideology is a house of cards built on lies. This is the strength to build upon for the future.

Features that make it effective are decentralization, speed, swarming, and the ability to create and destroy teams at will for any given moment or task. It is the "Army of Davids" that Instapundit wrote about years ago applied to the social and political world. We can use different people, groups, memes at any moment. We're cruel to one another because we're always trying to one up each other, but it is like men ribbing their friends. You are tough on your bros but you fight with them and take punches for them.

Those two bits are why the memes are so strong and so successful. The dissident right has moved the needle in 18 months more than the GOP in a generation. You all are giving normies ammunition to pushback on degeneracy, immigration and the never-ending race horseshit. Roughly 25 years ago, a few blacks took a brick to Reginald Denny's head on national TV and cops had to fall back as they were outgunned. The horror was that the perps basically walked off free and THERE WAS NO PUSHBACK OR OUTRAGE. If that happened today, those perps would have been in jail for a long time. Compare that to the Chicago Torture a few weeks ago. I saw this on Faceborg with whites pissed off. The old rules don't apply. George Zimmerman is a free man because of the counter-narrative you all can push and create. It's a narrative that relies on truth.

AnomalyUK and I pinged each other on the effectiveness of the dissident right in the election, and I pointed to an important fact. The cuck meme and masculinity push, bandwagonning on Trump's machismo did affect the election. Think of the stereotypical image of the GOP as doughy, fat evangelicals waving an American flag and crying over Israel. Consider how the Left is framing the GOP now.

Amazing the change in one election. Add in the rise of feminine TrumpBabes vs. blue hair left-wing womyn on social media, and the morphing of the right was complete. The media is also incredibly out of touch with America, and the Left has no contact with normal gender roles. That negative cartoon is the dad who can beat up other dads, can help you with your car or fixing your damaged roof and probably works a blue collar job.

This is thanks to the anti-cuck stuff of 2015 and then 2016. The importance of this and its effect on the election, is it rebranded GOP enough for the Midwest Big 10 states to flip hard for Trump. Whereas past elections, the Big10 areas might be turned off by the W era GOP pitch, suddenly, putting the evangelical themes to the backburner brought out these old Reagan Democrats. Evangelicals were going to come out anyway. Maybe some voted Johnson but they did so in deep red states to signal to the giant mass of red voters there that they did not approve of Trump.

Can we all also admit that what is going on in the American elite is not just nationalism vs globalism but an intra-elite fight? Interesting possibilities open up. That is way above our paygrade, but we can signal our openness to ideas outside the overton window for different solutions. Do that. Let elites know they have support if they dip a toe in a different pond. Even they want to be liked, and know that others with sober, interesting takes support their risk taking.

The Left controls the media, academia and bureaucracy. You fighting that leviathan? You must come up with interesting ways to fight it. What dissidents have now is truth and the ability to spawn, die and re-spawn when needed. People asking if TRS will die or the AltRight will die or the dissident wave is breaking are not looking at where things are going right, and where this is all headed. The fight has just begun. The Left had no clue there was a real opposition with talented people that would challenge them simply using facts and avoiding their frame. I am a results and goals oriented individual. Let's win for our crowd because it leads to high civilization, a secure future for our progeny and keeps the horrors of Mogadishu at bay.

I hope TRS keeps churning out content as they did great work in 2015/2016. A twitter follower stated how a couple years ago, there were no dissident right podcasts and now, thanks to TRS, there are multiple. I feel bad for the guys doxed. I have privately extended support and a few words of advice to them. What happens is in their hands. No one knows where they are going except them, just like no one knew Spencer's strategy after NPI except him. Spencer has done pretty well since, too.

Forget focusing on one node of the dissident constellation because every node is a weapon against the Left. Cuckservative was coined by 'eloh' at MPC, so who knows where the next brilliant meme or idea will come from the smack the Left and fake Right with daily. Keep attacking the Left. Keep thinking up creative ways to disrupt them. Network, build, and start nudging normies. They have no agency, but you know the time tested truths. Share them and inspire others. Keep lifting, Keep posting.

Men come & go, the memes remain.



deconstructingleftism said...

Peinovich is Jewish. How can TRS have any credibility?

Dirtnapninja said...

A decentralized cellular movement is the way forward. One institution can be infiltrated, subverted or destroyed. Hundreds of them create resiliency, redundancy and forces our opponents to play an endless game of whack a mole. March separately, fight as one.

Some day we will have to begin marching into the institutions, but like any insurgency we must stay decentralized, focus on agitprop and creating alternatives to the standard narrative until the conditions are ripe.

Angry Midwesterner said...

Strongly agree on almost a forced decentralization as well.

The hard part is that with any new node of "power," let alone institution, the infiltration is rapid. Hell, even Cernovich's self promotion has some signs of the leftist rot, but as long as he abides by the "No enemies to the right mantra," he could have a great future as the executioner the Left begs for.

That being said, look at what has happened to the natural right wing nodes:

Fraternities - either impotent like at UVA, where even when innocent, the university comes down with new bullshit behavior rules, absolutely distracted and/or cucked out like TFM (Old Row is better). These are the ONLY natural Republican strongholds in a university setting (College Republicans is for literal fags and their hijinks). This kind of loss is biting considering how fraternities are natural places for guys to "be guys," especially given the higher family incomes of most of these men. Would have been a GREAT place to churn out a new elite. I have not even mentioned the number of closet homos involved these days yet...

Continuation of fraternities, Country Clubs - look what happened to Augusta...Enough said

Sports - Fully converged in the US Big 4, Champions League has already exerting a similar effect in European soccer. Still, some of those fan clubs could literally be converted to paramilitary at any given moment. Regardless, best described as mindless wastes of testosterone once you hit a certain amount of fandom. It is actually extremely sad, that this topic can consume so many male conversations. Great opiate.

Conquest's laws are very real. Obviously, I do not know of very many creative and/or intelligent women who can put up with long periods of being an actual dissident (vs the status of "being a dissident"), so I really do not give a shit what happens in knitting and yoga classes across the country.

The meme magic is going to have to be crowdsourced at ALL times to make a real dent. We will have to resist the temptations to consolidate. That will be the true test.

High Arka said...

Deconstructingleftism makes a valid point, and Ryan, your rallying to the defense of TRS is revealing of your true priorities. If you're actually a Euro, don't worry--I'm sure that, once the Jews see how well you've supported their current narrative, they'll do right by your descendants. They take great care of Euros who trust in them.

Son of Brock Landers said...

High Arka, Have you lost your mind?

High Arka said...

Here's hoping that I'm wrong, but I took your post as indicative of support for the TRS/Trump project(s), ergo you support Yael Kushner's dad, ergo you're mortgaging your future in exchange for short-term pleasure. You should read Henry Ford's old The International Jew in full, then re-evaluate your support for TRS/Trump in light of Ford's claim that said international Jews choose certain rich gentile frontmen in order to fool the gullible masses into thinking the project is gentile-based.

Does it not concern you at all that this new rightist awakening is scripted by Jews? My 1/23 post discusses this in greater detail, so I won't cover it all again, but seriously, you have kids, don't you? Do you really think this special treatment is going to last? Their commitment to limited gentile nationalism could at any time become Katyn Forest or a new Bolshevism. It's what they do and have always done.

Anyway, mighty tsar, I don't much expect to convince you at this time. Your new friends are surely impressed by the rich grandeur of your position and the benefits to be gained from working with you. The people who try to warn you are merely bigoted and envious--small-minded fools who do not see what a grand world power we can become with your new friends' assistance.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

As the TRS brand weakens from the fatal wound inflicted upon it by Enoch (and maybe some others), it will allow itself to merge or be swallowed by another Alt-Right project, e.g. Greg Johnson's Counter-Currents.

Johnson sees wounded TRS as an opportunity to double or triple his operation and market share in one fell swoop and compete with Richard Spencer's rising project. (Spencer and Johnson are longtime rivals). Already Johnson has poached a TRS writer, Wolfie James. I'm sure others will pop up at Counter-Currents in coming days.

To go further, I can see Johnson and Enoch working more closely together with Mike Cernovich. There's already been some collaboration so far. Not only is Johnson friendly to the Alt-Lite cucks, but he and Enoch are friends IRL (Johnson wrote a spirited defense of Enoch after the doxing), and, apparently, Enoch had a meeting with Thernovich last weekend.

Right now on Twitter a couple of associates of Thernovich are harassing Spencer about his punch-up over the weekend and demanding that he agree to a debate and charity boxing match. It's not far-fetched to assume Thernovich and Johnson are behind this harassment campaign.

It'll be interesting to watch how these realignments and rivalries work out.

Son of Brock Landers said...

LBF, Enoch brought this on himself. He made those choices. They also have been odd in handling this. They have a decent crew so I hope it continues. I wish them well. We will see.

High Arka, I've been critical of internationalist jews for a while. I'd hate to see a site in the dissident constellation go down but if it does, another will form. That's the entire point of this post. Christ man, chill the fuck out.

High Arka said...

Great description, Mr. Fogey; it will indeed be interesting. I hear they're considering installing Spencer as a Congressman, or at least an occasional candidate. It's weird how many (purportedly male, purportedly straight, purportedly Euro) commentators on many different platforms I've seen pushing the message that Spencer is "attractive" or "good looking" and would therefore be a great agent of mass appeal for "our ideas." With his preppy education and Nu Mainstream views, he has the pedigree of someone being set up for future success. He could certainly lead many of our people into believing that the gradual legislative process of, say, strengthening prison sentences against black-on-white offenders, or making black-on-white crime a hate crime equal in media coverage to white-on-black crime, is "doing something" and proof of our success, therefore the system works. That could eat up a solid 50 years (with Spencer, Nehlen, and a few duplicates playing vanguard) before Mainstream needs to adjust the dummy hare for the other goys.

Mr. Landers, I'm sorry if you take my tone as less-chill than either yours or what it should aspire to be. It's just confusing to me that someone can claim to be cognizant of Jewish predispositions, then not recognize TRS for what it was/is. It seems similar to someone who claims to be aware of African predispositions bringing their child to a shopping mall when a flash mob of black yoofs has just shown up. The chance that the Africans will start a thousand-strong fistfight, loot the place, or begin attacking random strangers, is equivalent to the chance of the Jews who created a pro-gentile organization having done so with a deliberate anti-gentile purpose for said organization, e.g., "The Federal Reserve Bank" or "The Allied Powers."