Thursday, March 31, 2016

WW1: The Mad Max Aesthetic

There is an element of Mad Max to some of the WW1 combat gear. A motorcycle despatch rider and a colleague consult a map while wearing their gas masks in 1917. This could be straight out of the Road Warrior or the Thunderdome. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

No Posts This Week

I caught the flu and have been sidelined for days now. No Social Matter stuff, no posts, and all I promise is a WW1 pic on Thursday.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

WW1: War Art

Not all was Dada in the 1910s. The Kensingtons at Laventie, Winter 1914 - Eric Kennington, 1915.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Social Matter Weimerica Weekly Technology Addicts

This week's episode of Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. It clocks in at just under 30 minutes.

It touches on technology, our addiction to social media and being connected and that Zuckerberg photo. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cruel Intentions, Ridiculous Cheese

In 2014, I did a series of reviews of films from 1999. I picked out films that were higher profile and show how our culture has changed. Blair Witch, American Pie and American Beauty were big hitters. Blair Witch rewrote how one could do horror, introduced us to viral marketing and started the found footage genre. American Pie brought back the R rated comedy and might be the goodbye to white teen America. American beauty aged horribly but was the Best Picture Winner. A lower profile but still entertaining film was Cruel Intentions.

Cruel Intentions was a film adaptation of a French novel that had previously been adapted for film as Dangerous Liaisons. The original French novel depicts completely decadent and sexually manipulative and perverse elites of the ancien regime just prior to the French Revolution. Hmmm, perversion and enjoying it seem to be end stage symptoms for cultures. As a '90s film set in a rich kid social world, the intrigue is teens using an abusing one another in the "court" of their tony private school. There is love, manipulation and death.

How did I miss this as a chance to discuss the onset of Weimerica? It fits so well. Just as American Pie heralded the return of the R rated for "titties" comedy and put sex back into teen movies, Cruel Intentions brought even more to the table minus the nudity. In my discussion with Millenial Woes and Antidem, I claimed that the real start for the renewed degeneration push, because it had been tried in the '70s, was after the AIDS cocktail turned HIV/AIDS into something you could live with and not a three year death sentence. America goes from layering, flannel and scaring teens about sex to do it now, do it everywhere and do it in every way.

Cruel Intentions fits this. Here is a film set in the late '90s where every teen is getting down. Not just active sex lives but things a bit friskier. Let's count the ways: there is the quasi-incest tension between the two leads who are step-siblings, there is miscegenation, girl-on-girl action, discussion of anal opportunities, homosexual acts and the entire plot is about deflowering for sport a 17 year old who is publicly committed to waiting for marriage and then doing so with an even younger woman just as revenge. These were experimental dalliances not set in stone "my lifestyle and you better legislate for it as portrayed now in Hollywood. Because things have slid so far and so fast, it is hard to explain just how many eyebrows were raised in the theater when Sarah Michelle Gellar's wonderfully evil Kathryn says to Sebastian "you can put it anywhere". This was an edge in 1999, now it's assumed part of the deal on Tinder.

There is something else about this film that prevents it from being duplicated. Thanks to MTV's myriad of terrible reality television of rich teens and celebrity homes (Cribs), the mystery of elite teens is gone. We know they suck. They suck horribly hard. The reality series My Super Sweet Sixteen was full of spoiled young women with the minds of 5 year olds. These are teenagers you want to punch in the face that you would never expect to manipulate people or even have an attention span longer than 3 seconds. There is no "Kathyrn", but there are many of Selma Blair's "Cecile" out there. The only thing realistic is the wealth they take for granted, as they do not even live in apartments or homes as well decorated or constructed as those sets and shooting locations in the film. Is our elite crasser than or more gauche than the elite of yore? Yes, I watched Queen of Versailles, too.

Along those lines, a scene stealer, and is she not a scene stealer in everything, is Christine Baranski as the WASP mother of Cecile. Baranski has a thin, light eyed and haired look that Hollywood loves to use for upper class WASP women, which is a bit odd since Baranski is Polish. It is a WASP long gone. Do the old Optimates still exist? She stole every scene she was in (with drink always in hand) for the short lived show "Cybil". It is partly her voice and delivery. She has a smooth, crisp tone when speaking, and chews through scenes in this flick. The entire "J'accuse" scene with her and Sean Patrick Token is fantastic for her hammed up anger. A bit with her and Phil Hartman playing an angry rich couple simultaneously discovering their mutual infidelity would have been a killer SNL skit.

This is on Netflix now, and the perfect fluff movie. This was a cheap film to make as they had a bunch of young actors trying to make the leap and bite into something a bit more adult. It is a shallow, popcorn flick, but highly entertaining. The casting caught a bunch of people at their peak. Reese Witherspoon before she lost weight and her full breasts, Ryan Philippe at the end of his twink "White Squall" era, a young Selma Blair and the deliciously evil Sarah Michelle Gellar. Witherspoon is in mom jeans for half her scenes. Six years ago when I had 10 readers, I wrote about this film and specifically Gellar before, and it is even truer today. She hit every single button for little vamp in this flick. She supplies the heat, and it is a shame she never grew up into an adult frame. She was not built for it.

Does the movie take you for a ride? Yes it does. The soundtrack is fantastic. It was just missing "Six Underground" by the Sneaker Pimps to complete the vibe, which is ironic since it was used in trailers but not the film itself. Tell me when watching this with whiskey in hand that you don't laugh when the guy finds Kathryn's cross is full of coke and shakes his head at her to "Bittersweet Symphony". Rides? The vintage Jaguar Sebastian cruises in is ridiculous. Car design has peaked and that beauty of a two seater is a reminder. If I could place a date, it'd be early '70s with American muscle cars and Bertone designs. Their costuming was well done and for such a little androgynous sprite of a figure, they managed to make Gellar look like a slash of black in many moments.Set design, costuming and soundtrack all work together here.

If there is one complaint, it is that this was not set in a college age era for the characters. Having the leads be 18-22 would have felt more appropriate, but also reveals the changes. Situations that we would have expected 18-22 year olds to face or consider have drifted down to our 14 year olds. This is not "Last Tango In Paris" learn from an elder storyline but fully armed and operational youths teaching youths. At the very same time, this was happening in the music industry. By the end of the '80s, the music industry had figured out it could use video to sell a performer as a visual product rather than a vocal talent. There was an unspoken idea of using +18 year olds that even caused producers to push Christina Aguilera away at first, but then Britney Spears came along. The sexual salesmanship that went with 25 year old Madonna and Janet Jackson could be applied to a 17 year old. The line of woman and girl had blurred. We still live with it today.

It is a fun flick. If one knows of the Young Adult books, Cruel Intentions feels like a Young Adult film. Difference being it is about winners behaving badly, not some stupid nerd who really wants to hook up with a smart, cute girl who doesn't know she is cute but is like special to the nerd, man (that's every John Green young adult novel). It is a teen and young adult film, so it is not for you now, but we can laugh at what was the cool edge in 1999. It is on Netflix right now, so if you want to turn your mind off, and take a stroll down '90s nostalgia lane, watch it.

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Note On Weimar Elections

A common theme to historians' recaps of Weimar elections is the idea that the Nazis never received a majority of the vote. Now there is a powerful message with that people who grow up in America as well as other European states. Specifically in America, we see a majority victorious as having the consent and expressing the will of the people as well as an approved mandate to govern. This chips away at the idea that the Nazis used legitimate means to gain power. it also allows for the Germans to wipe away some guilt and separate themselves from those nasty, icky Germans that voted the Nazis in. "It was not all of Germany." they can say. True, but it was an unusual percentage of Germans for that era.

If you look at the history of Weimar elections, the politics was incredibly low level due to the low hurdles to get a party on ballots and low hurdle for voter percentage to get seats in parliament. Think of the ridiculously low level of signatures needed to have a citizens' referendum in California. Germans took to voting like fish to water with incredibly high turnouts well over what we experience today. This made forming a large party with a large share of the vote difficult. In fact, it was so difficult that no one could do it but the Nazis and only until the very end of the republic when things became so chaotic, the voters were looking for willpower to end their problems.

The Social Democratic Party of Germany, which still exists today, declared right at the end of the first world war a German republic. This party had amazing fanfare behind it, and an infrastructure that other parties lacked. Now they had a bit of a rival problem as the communists declared a republic too. There were also people's councils popping up everywhere, so the bolshevik scare was rising. Even with all of the advantages the SDP had, they could only muster 37.9% of the vote in 1919. No party would crack 30% again until 1932. To put this in perspective, only one party has cracked 40%, and only once, in German elections since 2000.

The German ruling coalition had basically dissolved in 1930. The Weimar Republic did have provisions that would allow the president to rule by decree. This power along with the great German bureaucracy, allowed the government to churn along as the elected government got nothing done and warred in the streets. Consider the lack of a budget in America, the rule by executive fiats, the Federal bureaucracy humming along and the lack of cooperation in the elected government in DC, does this sound familiar? Weimar Germany still provided basics for their people, they just had no coalitions in the elected government to steer the ship.

Who did crack the 30% voter barrier in 1932? The Nazis, who garnered 37% of the vote. They did this despite years of obscurity, years of being banned from public speaking and the media yelling at them in near unison. Weimar Germany had experienced center-left coalition governments, center coalition governments and even right coalition governments. No one had answers, but everyone knew something was completely broken in German society. What changed for the Nazis was the elite right wing growing exasperated with the other right wing  parties and finally giving the Nazis a try. The Nazis would stay above 30% and even crack 40% two elections later, but that was the post-Reichstag fire election.

These elections were brutal affairs in some areas with street fights and constant police intervention. One thing often noted by modern historians is how those evil, wicked Nazis grew out of the Freikorps and other paramilitary groups. They were not the only political party to do so in Weimar Germany. Your schools will not discuss it because it reveals that the Nazis just were the most successful, not the most evil. The Communist Party of Germany got its start in Weimar Germany as the Spartacus League. The Spartacus League was a revolutionary Marxist group (sounds like Occupy and BLM) that initiated the Spartacist Uprising that attempted to overthrow the government. The communists would try this three separate times. They still formed a political party that would receive roughly 10% of the vote and would fight in the streets with all comers.

It is true the Nazis never cracked 50% in parliament, but no other party ever cracked 40%. Besides the very first election, no one cracked 30% until the Nazis found their message worked in the depression. This essay does not condone or approve of the Nazis. This essay merely points out that the historians who explain the past to you today chip away at what was really at work in Weimar Germany. No one could build a large base of support for a majority or even close to a majority. Those same historians will not put their electoral results into context to show the weakness built into the system. Weimar Germany's pure democracy was doomed from the start.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Social Matter - Trump Is A Flashlight

New essay up at Social Matter about Trump. No preview as this one is so hot that the guys over at Radix asked for permission to post it there.

Even if Trump loses, what he has revealed is invaluable. Enjoy.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Negative Interest Rates - SM Review-Preview 38

The evidence is piling up that we are entering a new recession or the next leg of the depression. One thing discussed by commentators is the problem of NIRP in the EU, and the possibility that it may come to America. One guy I read is a permabear but someone who often writes that so goes liquidity, so goes the market. Lee Adler looks at money flows and writes well.

This essay details how NIRP in the EU is boosting the US markets. He calls it NIRPitrage. if I read this essay, the US markets benefit from the EU folks sending their capital to America. Even if our rates are .25% or .50%, the gain is well above the negative rates of Europe. This means flows, and flows means capital gains.That is what matters to the masters of the universe now. They will not mess this up, so they will not go NIRP in America to keep this arbitrage situation alive.

This is not healthy. This is not a good sign. We live in interesting times.


Last week I wrote about how the Left turned their opposition to Gitmo into a religious crusade. It's also a peak into how the Left cannot neutrally view a odd situation. Non-uniformed combatants can b shot upon capture per the Geneva Convention. The US needed to hold them for intelligence gathering. Gitmo was an attempt at order to a strange, new situation. Weimerica Weekly was about heroin and New England.

This week I discuss Trump and what he has revealed about the state of the American political world. Weimerica Weekly will tackle technology and that already iconic Zuckerberg with the Oculus crowd picture.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

WW1: Strength in War, Fight for Victory

The poster says strength in war, fight for victory. The galvanizing force of WW1 would linger on afterwards in Germany. Many far right and far left foot soldiers had enjoyed the taste of blood they had from WW1 and wanted a fight in Weimar Germany. Many other young men felt they missed out on their chance for an awesome fight to prove their mettle. This is why Weimar politics was so bloody; both sides wanted a fight.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Heroin and New England

This week's Weimerica Weekly is posted at Social Matter. Please go check it out as it deals with a topic that is getting major play now: heroin and New England.
I discuss the reason for New England to be such a hard hit area. New England was the cutting edge for a long of changes that spread to the rest of America in the last 30 years.

I do have a question. I try to keep these to 30 minutes. For me, it is to be concise and not waste anyone's time. If an interview runs long, I let it roll as Kevin MacDonald and I talked for a little over an hour. Would you guys rather I keep things tight to 30 minutes each podcast or would want longer podcasts?

I ask as I noticed people enjoyed the longer interviews and also enjoyed the long talk I had with Millenial Woes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thailand's New Friend

The Thai coup was an event covered here with interest. The Thai coup was so successful that no one really hears about Thailand anymore.  The Thais just float on with no major problems, and no elections in the near future. The Obama administration has given Thailand the cold shoulder and encouraged a return to civilian rule and free elections. The junta does not move in that direction, and the US continues to tsk-tsk Thailand in public.

Enter Russia. Russia is right there to offer a lending hand to the Thais as the Americans display anger and frosty feelings just because democracy has been suspended.
Russia has delivered combat helicopters to the military regime and now wants to provide tanks, counterterrorism training, security intelligence and other assistance, Moscow’s ambassador to Thailand said in an interview.
This is smart on the Thai's part as it brings in another big patron just to make friends with in case times get tough. Russia (China, too) does not care for the internal administration of the Thais, just that they buy the arms and equipment. It is a trade partnership, and look at the details, these are not small deals. Think of America's "Red Empire", which is the empire of bases but also of large arms deals as military industrial interests make friends in foreign lands. Russia is chiseling in on territory America considered part of the Empire since the end of World War Two.

There is of course a local fellow of proper progressive thought who will give his take on the events, and how "many' in Thailand are unhappy with this course of events. Here is his LinkedIn prior to the lengthy quotation.
“The Thai government may be leaning further towards authoritarian friends in Russia and China — who are only too happy to overlook its domestic troubles in exchange for mutually beneficial trade or influence — but in the modern context it is difficult to envision Thailand returning to a situation as it was during the Cold War, where its foreign relations were dominated by a single great power,” said Jacob Hogan, a fellow at the Institute of Security and International Studies in the Political Science Faculty at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University.

In 2014, “Thailand’s military government sought out more supportive partners as Bangkok’s post-coup d’etat relations with the United States, European Union and other democratic states in the region, such as Japan and Korea, cooled,” Mr. Jacob said Sunday in an email interview.

“But with the Russians and Chinese very happy to overlook Thailand’s domestic situation, in return for lucrative arms and energy sales and business opportunities, many in Thailand are nervous about the impact that these deepening relations with authoritarian states will have on Thailand’s long-term democratic consolidation,” he said.

Actually, many in Thailand were nervous before the coup that the scheming fraudster and his family had figured out how to offer free stuff to the dum-dums in exchange for votes to stay in power. Those individuals did not like the democracy game and realized that there is no reasoning with those progressives.

The interesting thing in the prog's quote, and just how comical is it that an Australian was quoted and not a native Thai, is the line "it is difficult to envision Thailand returning to a situation as it was during the Cold War, where its foreign relations were dominated by a single great power". The Cold War ended twenty five years ago, but America kept Thailand in its fold for decades after but no longer. There is the confirmation that the American Empire is in decline. The USG system can no longer keep little Thailand in line.

Monday, March 14, 2016

My Chat WIth Millenial Woes

If you have some time or want to kill your Monday at work, check out my talk with Millenial Woes and Antidem.

It runs a little under 2 hours. I get to discuss much more about Weimar Germany that I hope to write about here in the near future. The parallels are more numerous than just the sexual, social and cultural problems. Antidem brings up anime and My Little Pony once but I don't know anything about those things so we moved on quickly.

Contrarian Prediction for Friday's Rally Riot Effects

Note that I do not believe the following but wanted to put it out there as a remote possibility for one piece of it and a very real possibility for the other piece.

Event: Trump rally in Chicago went from infiltrated protest to fights on the floor and outside the venue to riot with cops having to restore order. More chaotic Left antics follow.

Outcome 1: Voters do not rally around Trump on Tuesday. GOP voters tuck tail and end up voting for the other guys on Tuesday in all the big states, crushing the Trump candidacy. Longshot, but say 20-1 odds.

GOP voters look at what happened and in their conditioned state think, "Oh jeez, I don't want a confrontation, why would we want to do something to make the other side upset, oh jeez, oh jeez, I just want to see my 401k do fine and make sure peace remains. I'll vote Kasich/Cruz/Rubio. That'll fix things with the Left. Loo-loo-loo, I got some apples..."

The GOP caves, and it is not just their leadership. There is a large chunk of voters itching for a fight, but many just don't give a shit and are still asleep.

Outcome 2: In the general, the disaffected economic Dems and "middle" do not slide over to Trump, and even if some do, it does not matter because the headless horseman Left has stuffed the nation with enough imported voters to secure victory. Much more reasonable, odds of 3-2.

The picture lacks Hispanic kids, but Soros is already throwing millions at trying to get them to vote en masse. I thought 2012 was the marker that the Left has the votes and it's just a countdown to the eventual political divorce or conflict. We do not have as many elastic voters anymore due to racial lockstep voting. White liberals and Jews have lost their minds in their drive leftward and suicidal behavior.

You know how hard it is to find a place in America that is economically feasible and good for raising a family and
1. Not full of dysfunctional NAMs for security reasons
2. Not full of whites who are progged and pozzed so hard that culturally you don't want your kids there?
Do you? Scratch off New England. Whites galore but they are now to the left of Mao and with a heavy dose of pro-gay, pro-trans prog holiness spiral nonsense. Scratch off California and the Southwest and the southern 1/3 of Colorado. Scratch off much of Dixie, but outside the cities and Black Belt should be okay. Florida? Hahahahahaha. The Acela Corridor Northeast? Jesus. You're looking at a safe zone of Central PA-NY due west to the flyover mountain states that extends to the eastern portions of Washington and Oregon. Add in Kentucky, Tennessee and western Arkansas. Stay out of the metro areas no matter what.

Good luck my readers.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Social Matter - The Left's Crusade Against Gitmo

New essay is up at Social Matter. It is on the latest developments with President Obama trying to finish out one of those old 2008 campaign promises that only insane progressives want: closing Gitmo.

Some of President Barack Obama’s unfulfilled promises await him. The promises will go unfulfilled, but there must be some publicity stunt that imitates tackling and fixing these promises. Faux gun control via executive orders may have inspired the president to cry on national television, but it did not change much, if anything, in the world of guns. No one cares that zero bankers have gone to jail or that the TBTF banks have actually grown, but progressives cannot be concerned with that, just “economic inequality.” One little promise remains: closing the enemy combatant prison at Guantanamo Bay.

I hope you enjoy. The Left is all about chaos, and they will not be reasoned with. It is a religious experience for them.

Friday, March 11, 2016

#NeverTrump + SM Review-Preview 37

The #NeverTrump fools were a spawn of the Super Tuesday results where Trump won 7 of 11 contests.These were the sad, hurt children that cluster around The Resurgent (Erick Erickson, Aaron Gardner and assorted flunkies). They would never vote for Trump. Rubio jumped on this as well, and then back off at the next debate. Sen. Ben Sasse went along with it as well since he wanted to find an alternative to vote for in November. These fools forgot the crying over Scalia and were fine with handing the presidency to Clinton to stack the Supreme Court.

These are just sore losers. They do not want to admit defeat nor support the nominee as has happened each election. It is sad. The simple folk who went along with it are the conservakin types who love Reagan and love to lose with principles intact. This is where the conservakin role fits as these are the american eagle, guns and flag types that have no concept of reality. The leaders of this are just mad their guy is not going to be nominee. It is about their control. They do not want to let it go. Their power will be broken and the base very easily could assemble a commentary crew for their new nationalist and populist bent. Look at the debate last night. Everyone aped Trump's policies.

These #NeverTrump people often are the Rubio cheerleaders. A much more constructive thing would have been to force Rubio out after 3/1 and then rally around Cruz. These people did not. They anointed Rubio to Marcomentum candidate after his 3rd place in Iowa. He flamed out in NH, but he was still higher than Jeb. They thought of 3rd in SC as a win! They even hinted that Cruz should be the one to get out. These antics all sound like a protective parent, trying to get their kid on the Little League All-Star team despite less talent.

These people need lives.


Last week at Social Matter, I wrote on the other, darker side of your average human interest story. You would be amazed to find out that even social workers hate the way the media enables and glorifies the underclass. This stunned me as well. I'm now starting to think front line responders are not the enablers but the bureaucrats a few layers up are the problem with their awful policy formulations. Weimerica Weekly covered the current odd state of sports. This week I cover the Left's religious crusade against Gitmo. It fits into their holiness competition and their love of chaos. Weimerica Weekly will tackle heroin in New England.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

WW1: Henry Ford's Peace Ship

Who says all capitalists are warmongers? Henry Ford supported peace initiatives and even set up a cruise to Europe to try to end the war in 1915. The entire peace ship idea was mocked. Infighting broke out amongst the peace delegates, especially regarding their response to Wilson’s State of the Union. Wilson who would later campaign on keeping the US out of the war advocated increased military spending. Some peace ship members decided to denounce it, but a minority thought doing so would be unpatriotic. Ah the great strain of being a peacenik but wanting to be patriotic. Influenza spread throughout the ship, relegating Henry Ford to bedrest. They were briefly stopped by the British blockade in the North Sea and searched for weapons and contraband... on a peace ship. They finally arrived in the Norwegian capital Kristiania on the 18th.
Henry Ford, still recovering from the flu, addressed the press, to a cool reception. After the disastrous voyage and the mission’s continued ridiculing in the American press, Ford was having doubts about the mission.  His friends aboard the ship convinced him that he should leave while he still could and hope to salvage his reputation. Before dawn on December 23rd, he slipped out of his hotel room in Kristiania and returned to the United States by another ship. The expedition continued without him (and Ford continued to fund them), but the departure of its most public sponsor crippled its efforts. Let it be known that Henry Ford wanted to end the Great War while the American press mocked and ridiculed him the entire time.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Weimerica Weekly Episode 16

Episode 16 of Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This week's episode is a little over 40 minutes.
We cover sports, the world of sports, sports media and gambling. Where are things now and where are they going. We do cover Grantland, the failure and the problems in how they ran it.

This one has a guest who you might recognize from twitter if you follow the people at the intersection of Trump supporters and sports gamblers.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Grerp on "Sex, Lies, and a Bottle of Jack"

Last week, after New York judge Shirley Kornreich denied Kesha Sebert a court injunction that would have allowed her to record music outside of her Sony Music label, Tumblr blew up last week with cries of “Free Kesha!” There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth over the fact that the court had considered her a commodity instead of a person or a rape victim as well as calls to boycott Sony and the usual SJW stuff. A GoFundMe campaign was started to raise money for Kesha to buy her contract from Sony.

A number of young female recording artists, including Lady Gaga and Lily Allen have shown support on social media for Kesha and her cause. Taylor Swift pledged $250,000 to Kesha for her expenses. Girl power!

Kesha rose to fame after performing as a backup singer on Flo Rida’s single “Right Round” and then with the hit “Tik Tok.” Animal, her first album, went platinum, and she’s sung a bunch of Auto-Tune garbage since while parading around in a mismatched whoredrobe, being dully outrageous and looking like she’s homeless and will trade sexual favors for bus money.

In 2014, a suit was filed on behalf of Kesha seeking to void Kesha’s contracts with Lukasz Sebastian “Dr. Luke” Gottwald and his business subsidiaries and alleging that he had abused her physically, sexually, emotionally, and verbally. It says, basically, that she practically died from having to work with this guy; he’s a controlling, raping pile of manure.

(Interestingly enough, three years prior, In 2011, both Kesha and her mother swore under oath that Dr. Luke had never raped Kesha, given her drugs or date-rape drugs, or even made sexual advances to her.)

Dr. Luke seems like a skeezy creep. His efforts have gifted the unsuspecting public with the “music” of Katy Perry, Pink, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and a bunch of other people who will no doubt spend all of their money on tattoos and drugs immediately and have nothing left to dull the pain later in life.

Very little of the above is interesting to me. Dr. Luke and Kesha seem to be cut from the same self-promoting, push-the-envelope cloth. They spit out the party line on command. I could believe that Dr. Luke is a disgusting perv about as easily as I could believe Kesha used a rape accusation to try to slide of her contract because she can no longer stomach the terms of the business deal she made. In short: they’re gross, and I don’t care what happens to either of them.

It does depress me that this is what a martyr looks like these days. Young girls are Kesha’s audience. She knows that. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj - all of these women are currently fairly young and reasonably hot because they’re fairly young and nearly always dressed like hookers. They are always going on about strong and powerful young women but never seem to conceptualize fully the fleeting nature of power based on female sexual attractiveness. Also the fact that performing like a free-spirited wild child on command before the cameras isn’t true creative freedom seems to escape everyone.

I don’t expect people on Tumblr to know the ins and outs of contract law, but it would be nice if they could see that they’re being played, that all of the above singers are commodities and that the entertainment system we give our money to doesn’t care about any of them and never has. It’s not just Kesha. The only thing all of these big shots care about is making money, which is why so much music is now marketed to the absolute lowest common denominator. It’s all a shakedown. They’re not even trying anymore. All they have to do is hire people who will take their clothes off and yell “Sex!” “Bitches!” or “I’ll kill you!” into the void and then count the cash as it rolls in.

Talent is unnecessary. Creativity is unnecessary. Acting like a civilized human being is discouraged.

The answer is not to boycott Sony over Kesha. It’s to make the media aware that we are not apes by not purchasing the rotting brown bananas they’re selling. And that will never happen, of course. Infer from that what you will.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Documentary Review: Cartel Land

Is it all folding in? Are the wars of itnervention over and a new war closer to home coming? Will Mexico ever clean up its act? Watch Cartel Land and get a feel for how America could reorient its focus and not just fix its border but fix Mexico in the process. The current elite do not want this, so it will not happen. If you want a dose of reality, something tangible and authentic, watch just the first fifteen minutes of this documentary. I recommend this one for all to watch.

The documentary covers what are vigilantes on both sides of the border. Arizona border patrols of citizens concerned about the state of the Southwest are shown in action as are local militias in the Mexican state of Michoacan. Those Mexican vigilante crews I covered two years ago here. The documentary gives more in depth coverage than any of the news blurbs of 2014 did, and it is very interesting. The American lamenting the lawlessness and abandonment by the federal government is poignant, but not the part that sucks you in.

The real draw is the Mexican action. You will hear more stories just like the stories you read about on blogs that describe what is going on with the cartels. Breitbart Texas does a good job, but our big media avoids this while focusing on the Middle East with breathless excitement. The cruelty and vicious violence by the cartels is straight out of Blood Meridian. The cartels know violence and money begets power, and they provide both in copious amounts. You want to see how these vigilantes are standing up to them. It is a complete breakdown of civil society where the duties formerly held by the state as a third party enforcer of safety are so degraded that men have to remove themselves from their familial duties to then take up arms in public safety.

From a technical or cinematic standpoint, the documentary is a fun ride that feels like an intense episode of COPS at times. Interviews are spaced out well to keep the pacing so you're not always on edge watching the action. There are shoot-outs, there are interrogations and there are men cooking meth right on camera. The reveal at the end of the drug cookers from the beginning of the movie is a great summation of the entire madness in Mexico. AT no point in time do you think, "this is a great group of people we should be importing into America".

The autodefensas deliver. They have a charismatic face (Dr. Mireles) in charge who gives speeches about lawlessness, defending oneself and saying no to cartels. He has the giant mustache and hat, to go with the smooth voice and quick wit. They fight back. The cartels pop shots at them. The Mexican military sides with the cartels. The Mexican president continuously wants the vigilantes to stop and promises to improve security in that state. Then, miracle of miracles, the good doctor nearly dies in a plane crash and has to hand power temporarily over to the not as charismatic "Papa Smurf". Things do not end well for the autodefensas.

I would not spoil it, but you will walk away knowing that there was far more at work than just vigilantes and the cartels. Dr. Mireles set up his group incredibly broad like a network, which was ripe for entryism. The group would also solicit words from the people at gatherings and speeches, which was ripe for the cartels to pay or force people to push back and yell at these autodefensas leaders. On the surface, he was taking on a weaker cartel, but an entity (cartel) that is known to buy the government from the local officials right up to the federal functionaries. There did not seem to be much of a plan, and if it is impossible to pull off even in a remote state like Michoacan, then is there any hope in Mexico?

Did a cartel use his group as cover to mess with territory held by other cartels? Maybe. Did the Mexican government move in and co-opt the autodefensas to protect the cartels' drug trade? Most likely. Should America do everything in its power to keep this out of America? Yes, but it's already in our Southwest.

Is Mexico a hell hole, and we should stop letting them use America as a pressure valve for their social and economic problems? Yes.


Sunday, March 06, 2016

Social Matter - The Other Side Of Your Human Interest Story

This week's Social Matter essay is up. It is a domestic issue, a media issue and an underclass issue. What's it about?
The D bloc of every local newscast. The wretched waste of air time. It is not the lead story, which in America usually involves a crime. Nor is it the all important weather forecast which earns meteorologists the highest salaries. It is not sports, which at least keeps men watching for a few more minutes. The D bloc could cover hard hitting stories, but it rarely does. These stories are usually fluff and are labeled human interests stories. Despite being fluff or shining light on humanity, these stories come just as slanted and carefully edited as anything on MSNBC. 

Please go read it there. We are told lies non-stop by the media. Even the feel good, fluff stories of the newscast's D bloc are nothing but propaganda.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Trump Insanity + SM Review-Preview 36

To bring it back from just ten days ago, Trump is a cheater, a liar, a con man, has small hands, has a small dick, is a racist, his wife is a whore (from Ben Howe), supports the KKK and somehow underperformed Super Tuesday expectations despite winning 7 of 11 states and finishing 2nd in nearly all of the rest. He did that while being outspent 10-1 by Cruz and Rubio. Trump also created a surge in voter turnout that is astonishing, and should be worrying to Democrats.

Now those were just the smears from the conservative media. Did you actually think Trump was going to destroy as much as he has? It is breathtaking. The naming and shaming of anyone who dares to support Trump needs to have each tweet started with "J'Accuse!". jennifer Rubin is a tiny step away from taking a flame thrower to people. The pundits who praised Antonin Scalia to the skies openly manufacture a #NeverTrump hashtag, which by default would mean Hillary Clinton gets to pick Scalia's replacement. The KKK hysterics were at a bloody eyed stressed out manic mode by Monday night. As I wrote Sunday night, the fraud is laid bare.

We are not even done with the primaries....


Last week I wrote on the weird background to the Egyptian coups. Weimerica Weekly covered the random oddball news bits around the nation. This week I will write about the other side of those human interest stories that are in bloc D of your nightly newscast. Weimerica Weekly will tackle the state of sports. I have a guest who will discuss the pozzification of sports, sports media and the issue of daily fantasy sports. We live in Weimerica, when the hell is sports gambling going to be made legal? My guest has theories.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

WW1: Indians, War Bonds and Alien Surroundings

Yes, even the Indians were encouraged to buy war bonds for the Allies. The imagery of Indians fighting for the Crown is appropriate as thousands of Indians were used to help the Allies even on the Western Front. Recruiting troops from the Empire is a fact many dodge in discussions of WW1 but it truly made it a world war. Roughly 75,000 Indian troops died in WW1.

Indians in France
The Indians wrote letters home to explain the nearly magical world of France. "Our people have many lice in their clothes, and they bite terribly. They are worse than a rifle bullet. But there are no mosquitoes or other creatures which bite mankind, and no snakes or scorpions at all.“ In letters to their families, Indian soldiers fighting on the Western Front often compared France to home.  Sometimes they conveyed wonderment of their "exotic" surroundings. ‘The King came down here last week & shook hands with all the Indians,’ wrote a wounded soldier at Brighton Pavilion in London, ‘and asked each one about his wounds & sufferings & gave consolation to each. To-day I saw a museum in which all the living fishes of the world were kept in boxes of water, & a magnificent palace which cost millions of pounds."  They seemed to enjoy the French countryside as well: ‘What beautiful cities, pleasant gardens, rivers, streams, houses, shops, roads, carriages, cows, horses, fowls, ducks. Whatever one sees is different from our country. What manners, what conduct, what discipline, etiquette and energy.”
Other times they were blunt and tried to express the terror of modern warfare. “Poisonous gases, bombs, machine guns which fire 700 bullets per minute, large and small cannon throwing cannon balls 30 Bengali maunds in weight, Zeppelins, large and small flying machines which throw bombs from the air … liquid fire that causes the body to ignite."  Indian soldiers, some illiterate, used allusions to the great classics or agricultural themes to convey what was difficult to express to loved ones at home. ‘As a man climbs a plum tree and shakes down the plums [so that] they fall and lie in heaps, so are men here fallen …”. That reads like poetry.
Most of the Indians in France and Belgium were Punjabi Muslims and Sikhs. At the start of the war, the government of British India planned only to deploy its soldiers to defend its own borders. The heavy losses suffered by the BEF in August '14 forced London to draw reinforcements from its Indian Army. A corps of Indian soldiers arrived in time to fight in the 1st Battle of Ypres in the fall of 14. The Indians performed well, (Brits believed the Punjabis were a natural “martial race”) but they lacked for some modern weapons and winter clothing. Like the Europeans, they spent a rough winter that year, stuck in harsh and cold conditions with th added stress that they were completely foreign to them. 
In '15 the Indian Corps fought at Neuve-Chapelle, Festubert, and Loos. Their effectiveness dropped sharply by the end of the year. Empires add complexity and a problem was that many British officers who had come over with them from India had died, and their replacements could not speak the same language as the troops. The Army removed the Indian infantry from the Western Front and redeployed them to the Middle East front, leaving only the Indian cavalry in France, where it remained to the end of the war.  The withdrawal began in November and finished the next month. The Indians fought many battles against Turks in the Middle East and served the Empire well.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Nixon's Super Tuesday Call

"Honey, just stay upstairs. I'm ordering my Make America Great Again hat... red."

"You're not wearing that in public."

"I'm ordering a red one for vacation. Look, Pax Dickinson has one and his is the frickin hunter camo one."

"Just because Pax Dickinson did it doesnt mean you should too."

"I'm ordering it and trolling with it all summer long."

>phone rings<

"Landry residence."

"Did I not tell you? Did I not tell you that he could do it kid? You doubted me. You doubted he'd last past Thanksgiving."

"Yes, yes you did, but you also said he needed a groundgame. He still does not seem to have much and never spends any money."

"He does not have to. His name is the draw. The media is going to give him airtime purely for being a loudmouth billionaire. He is a jack in the box for them if they put him on air and they will never quite know what he might say. Suddenly, everyone is talking about your reporter getting to Trump, when really he got to your audience. Every interview with someone else always goes back to Trump, and it is always to catch that rabbit."

"I have seen the stats where Trump is outspent 10-1 or 30-1 and he still wins. It is absurd. At some point he has to spend money. I'm starting to think he is not worth even a billion. You were wrong, no one confronted him."

"Jesus Christ. I didn't think they were that sackless. The balls of miniature poodles. How the hell did my party come to rely on a first term Senator with no accomplishments, no guts and a lisp?"

"Nixon, it is a bit your fault. You were too tough to handle, so they have been picking easy to mold candidates early on. Rubio got his law degree from a crackjack box-"

"Think he is popping pills?"

"Of couse, but look, he got his crap law degree and then has worked one of those legal sinecure jobs that are just annual bribery to keep legislation and contracts going to a firm and their clients. Rubio is the Hispanic Obama,"

"Not as smart."

"Not as gay. The neocons loved him. There is the problem. They settled on him quickly. How many months ago did they drop Bush for Rubio?"

"Snow had not even fallen. That dynasty dies. Why the hell did anyone think Jeb Bush could pull a rabbit out of a hat in 2016. Man talked like it was the Clinton era every time he opened his mouth."

"The dynasty is not dead. His son awaits his big shot in the 2020s. If Jeb can raise $150 million out of thin air, then his son will do the same in a decade."

"This the cross eyed one, the ugly one or the drug addict."

"That's the same one but that's the daughter."

"Jesus Christ."

"George P. He is on Twitter. Taunt him. I do. Someone has to remind that big enchilada that we know the score with that traitor family. Do you think Rubio is done? He has the entire conservative media on his side and the big donors."

"Kid, he is the first politician I have ever seen give three victory speeches before winning his first goddamn primary. He has the entire state's machine behind him in South Carolina and he puffed up his chest about finishing .1% higher than Ted Cruz and ten points back of Trump. He isn't black, so only a goddamn queer would peacock over these phony wins."

"It's part of the frame though. He always meets or beats expectations in their eyes which becomes the message to the voters."

"They aren't listening. They don't read those jackasses. Look at Tuesday night. Look at what happened as Virginia came rolling in. The exit polls pointed to a Trump victory. Might have been 3 points, mightve been 9. All pointed to a victory. They called it and then pulled it back. The entire establishment kept hoping and hoping for Virginia to come in for Rubio. I read their tweets. It was like kids waiting for a snow day, and then the principal said, "School is in session". Virginia was called and they threw a goddamn tempertantrum unseen since the previous day."

"Oh so you saw the absurd freak out over the KKK thing."

"That was an embarassment. The GOP spends decades fighting KKK smears and then they conjure it up out of nothing to smear the guy they don't like. Absurd. If Jennifer Rubin wants to name and shame people, start with herself and name and shame every nimwit who jumped along on that ride. When Rubio mentioned it at a rally speech, you knew it was for retards. Rubio signals something is incredibly dumb by how fast he jumps on it."

"It was powerful. It did sway some last second deciders."

"But it plays into Trump's game. Trump's entire campaign is the system hates you and doesn't care but I care and I'm in this with you. Part of his appeal is being the underdog despite being the front-runner. It's genius... but in that is every single time he says do not trus the media, the GOP media forgets that this includes them. They forget that FoxNews and their ilk sold the little people on Iraq and tried to sell them on amnesty. Now the little people shouldn't trust FoxNews. If Trump can possibly turn people away from Fox, Murdoch is fucked and he won't let it happen."

"People will clear out."

"And what then? Trump wins' 3 way match ups. Trump will gain momentum with wins as the bandwagon builds. John Kerry won Iowa and never looked back, yet no one gave him a shot with 3 weeks to go befor Iowa. It's over though. It is over. Trump's got this one in the bag."

"How can you be certain? They leak something new every hour. I have heard so many tales and so many scenarios that it makes my eyes hurt reading all of them."

"Kid, if you read 10 plans that means they have no concentrated effort. They decided after Iowa to support Rubio, not the winner Cruz. They decided to pin their hopes on the sweaty rookie. He was their plan. It failed. Cruz is not leaving the race. Every win he gets, and God bless him for winning his home state, means he has credibility to stay in. Every week he stays in, he knifes Rubio some more. When Rubio sits in 3rd behind Trump and Cruz it shuts him out of delegates and even emotional victories. He can sideline Rubio this year, and if Trump fails in 2016, Cruz can position himself well in 2020 with no Rubio to worry about. Cruz wins no matter what."

"Would they rally around Cruz though versus Trump?"

"Bullshit. That Carolina faggot Lindsey Graham mentioned it one week after saying you could kill Cruz and the Senate would not convict you. They hate Cruz because they fear if he went in, they would not be able to control him. Cruz is LBJ with an odd dose of Messiah in him."

"And Trump isn't going to freeze them out?"

"Who is Trump going to staff everything with? He will need them. He will not need all of them, and God bless him if he appoints even on Arabist, but there are only so many paleocon and old hands left. A generation of neocon patronage and choking of tributaries makes for an empty pool. They will make nice with Trump."

"It might have already started. I see Murdoch said maybe play nice, and the Koch brothers are holding back. Sheldon Adelson is quiet."

"Watch old Adelson. When Trump said neutral on the Israeli/Palestinian issue, it was earth shaking. On that stage, for chrissake, on any stage since 2000, that is a major step. Trump did that for one of two reasons: one, he knows Adelson is already going to back Clinton or two, he was throwing out a threat to Adelson to get him to back him. The big problem for the Jews is the BDS movement is going after Israel now and the US State Department is warming to Iran. Do the Jews go back full throttle to the Democrats after firm up their support of Israel to keep it viable or do they play with Trump as they take time to figure out a long term fix? Might be easier to hop back to the Democrats."

"Democrats don't need the money or the handful of Trotskyist pundits. Still think they win in November?"

"Yes. Kid, the GOP is either going to knife Trump in the back in the general or Obama is going to mobilize illegals and non-citizens to vote in every goddamn swing state in America."

"But what if blacks do break for Trump at 20-25%? I've seen the numbers. If they do that, Trump crushes her in Florida, Ohio and even Michigan and Pennsylvania."

"Now that is daydreaming. The more likely scenario is they do not show up in November in big numbers. The other likely situation is they revert to the norm of 90-10 not 97-3 like they voted for Obama. This is why the GOP hates this Trump thing because they legitimately see this as a good chance for them. They are wrong. Now if Trump pushed that to 15%, she is in big trouble, but how many percentage points is his mogul lifestyle worth?"

"They got their guy in the White House. They're still fucked because it's their own fault. But, Trump's whole kick the illegals out is good for them. That has to be worth 5-10%. They got cleaned out of Compton."

"What's the magic of Compton?"

"It was a big rap thing in the '90s. They all referred to that city in songs."

"Mexicans now run it?"

"Well blacks still hold political office but it's all Mexicans there throwing bottles and harassing the few black families left. Trump might do it. Maybe the realignment I predicted was wrong and that the new realignment will be a citizens realignment. Trade a few Jews for millions of working class voters in key states and 300 electoral votes seems reachable. It'd be national populism, couldn't say national socialism, but it'd be very similar."

"Hmmm, Democrats do need Israel loving Jews. Who else is going to teach the Mexicans and blacks to pray for Tel Aviv?"

"Good point. But dammit, Nixon, doesn't it look good for Israel right now with the coming carving up of the Middle East?"

"We're disengaging, kid. This is an empire in decline. The Russians are in the skies bombing the shit out of the State Department and CIA's little warriors. We have to tell them where our special forces are on the hopes that they don't kill our boys. If a Sunnistan and Kurdistan pop up, this would help Israel as an ethnostate gain legitimacy but is it going to happen? At this rate, Assad is going to encircle rebels and let the Russians bomb the hell out of them to soften them up. That map of ISIS controlled area is a lot of wide open desert. There is no there there. It's wide fucking open with a few cities."

"Still irks me how they moved 150 miles in open desert and took Palmyra to blow the ruins up. I want to write about the loss but it makes me so goddamn angry."

"Kid, Jews and liberals don't give a shit about ancient Roman and Christian sites. Be thankful the Hagia Sophia is a moneymaker for Turkey."

"That bothered my grandfather. Constantinople he would say. Deus vult, one day."

"The world order is unraveling. Look at Europe. Your next European vacation will be behind the new Iron Curtain, except this one will be to keep Muslims out. I hear Warsaw is nice. Some beauties over there."

"Yeah I dated a Russian and some eastern euros. Good people. Makes sense they will fight the invasion."

"They've dealt with invaders before but this time they have air forces and tanks at their disposal. It isn't going to happen again. They will be far superior soldiers and pilots compared to anything the Arabs will throw at them."

"Arabs will be pretty stocked though with all the equipment we sell."

"Ever seen the Saudis win a war? Kid, they are horrible fighters. They bluff and bluster for the Syrian escapade is bullshit. The Saudis want to fight the Iranians to the last American. They use us, and that is a shame on the Bush family. We entered an agreement with them, not servitude."

"You think they fall? Looks pretty dicey for them."

"They can always find a new patron. China can help them or even the Russians. Their interests align much closer."

"I agree on that but it looks terrible for them with the Yemen war going poorly and then oil cracking below $30."

"Only way the Saudis get fucked is if we got our nuts back on how to properly handle the third world and secured the oil and kept the fucking profits for us since those are our technicians, our geologists and our boats protecting the oilfields."

"That is not happening."

"Maybe with Trump."

"They will betray him. It's going to happen."

"Never try to lie to a liar, they can tell. Never try to con a con man, he's already 5 steps ahead."

"But is it real? Could he do it?"

"He has money. He has fame. He has power to get things done. He's dealt with the mob of all stripes official and unofficial. What more could he want? He saw New York get saved under Mayor Rudy and Bill Bratton. What if he were the man to save America?"

"How the fuck am I going to tell my kids a casino magnate saved America?"

"You won't. He can delay death and he can alter the demographic mix if successful, but the fissures that are here now will not be healed. Hispanic, Asian, black, white, but what do you see in these primaries? White liberals turning on blacks who are too dumb to not vote for Bernie. White liberals who are suicidal in their demand for more Muslim immigrants. White conservatives writing liberals off and realizing the racist label doesn't matter when the nation is on the line. The Left's rhetoric of die now old whitey is going to bump into whites with families who have their shit together. Let the Left try to keep Hispanics with blacks with Asians with gays with shims. This sucker is going down kid."

"Christ man, can't I have a positive."

"I have a regular card game and it's me, Churchill, FDR, LBJ and Hitler. Yamamoto joins sometimes. Wouldn't expect a Jap to be that good buthe is a damn fine player."

"Who is the best?"

"FDR, he looks like a prick no matter what hand he is dealt."

"Who is the worst?"

"Hitler. His grabs that mustache the moment he has a hand."

"I would've thought LBJ'd be good. He's a Texan."

"He's also a goddamn loudmouth. I want to teach Bismarck or Metternich poker to replace him."

"It's falling apart, so what the hell do I do?"

"Tend to your family, your friends, your neighbors. Grow your family. If you feel politically inclined, fund candidates to get secession going. Restore order but start in your home."

"I know you're stuck down there, but hey, my wife's pregnant with our third."

"Congratulations, boy or girl?"

"Don't know yet."

"If a boy, you-"

"could name it Richard, yeah I knew it-"

"No, you would have an heir and a spare. Your children are your legacy. Take care, kid."

"Good night Nixon. Hey why didn't you bring up Obama?"

"Jesus Christ... who in America wants to talk about that faggot anymore?"

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly 15 "The Newscast"

This week's Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. It clocks in at under 30 minutes, and makes for the perfect lunch break or drive home listen.
This episode tackles several small stories that make up a "Weimerica Weekly Newscast". These are those small stories that somehow pop up into the national rotation that reveal the depth of our broken down circus society.
I hope you all enjoy. I also have some theme music now that the talented G.W. Rees provided for me. I am thankful for his work.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Costs And Paying For "The Wall"

One gets the sense listening to mockery of Trump's wall idea that the nervousness behind the jokes is just how easy it would be. The elite never want to green light it because they know it foils their multicultural plans, and it would reveal how they've been handmaidens to native displacement. That is the ultimate betrayal, and as Lawrence Auster wrote, would cause elite heads to be placed on pikes. Let us take them at their word though and consider the costs.

While discussing 50 foot walls made as thick as those of Constantinople or the Vatican is fun, let us get realistic. Let us use the Israeli border fence as the example. It is the same border fence that the Hungarians erected, and other nations are soliciting quotes. The quote to erect such a border fence from Israel was $1.9 million per kilometer. The border is 3,145 kilometers in length. That means the cost would be $5.975 billion. Let us round that to $6 billion dollars.

Let us take a moment to pause and note how small of a figure that is in today's budget. Recall that the Obama administration spent $500 million to train a handful of Syrian rebel fighters. That is 263 kilometers of the border wall. Much smaller but funnier is the $3.5 million spent on studying obese lesbians. That's two kilometers of the border wall. This $6 billion for a border wall is quaint sum compared to the wasted money we spend elsewhere. Priorities are revealed by Trump's idea. The system does not want a border fence.

Oh no how will we pay for it? This is such a tiny sum added to our multi-trillion dollar federal budget that this should not be an issue. Think of money saved not processing, feeding, sheltering and providing medical care to tens of thousands of unaccompanied child migrants. The positive consequences and secondary effects are not just economic but tangible. Let us grant the economic wizards their moment, despite their lack of care of government spending on social programs (the left) or military adventurism (the right). Paying for it would be fairly easy.

Israel gets $3 billion a year in direct aid from America. If the wall costs $6 billion, we suspend aid for two years and the wall is taken care of. Aid can resume after wall completion, but any overrun both in time and in money will be docked from aid. This might be a tough sell. After all, the Israeli firm is private while the Israeli government is a separate entity. Why punish them for one of their corporations performing a mitzvah for their great patron? Plus, this would be impossible to implement with our current media.

Here is a better idea. Mexico receives over $20 billion a year in remittances. Virtually all of this comes from America. A simple 15% tax on those remittances would pay off the wall in two years. Taxes can be refined tools or blunt instruments. taxing the transmission of money by individuals to Mexico would definitely hurt Mexico. It would not just hurt the Mexican economy, but it would hurt the recipients who would become irate with the sudden loss of 15% of what they received before. The Mexican government would probably kick in money to suppress any social unrest from the plebians since the nation flirts with the title "failed state" or "narco-state" depending on the analyst.

Why hurt the poor, little people though? Why make them pay for it when we can go for an even quicker solution that does not involve people and involves the Mexican government? Mexico can discount every barrel of oil that it sends to America. As shown above, Mexican exports of crude to the US have been dropping recently. It is still roughly 750,000 barrels per day. Say the Mexican government agrees to a $5 discount per barrel. This would mean a reduction in our crude import costs (which would help with our trade deficit) of $3.75 million per day, roughly 2 kilometers of border wall per day. At that rate in a little over 4 years, the Mexican government (PEMEX is nationalized) pays for the wall through discounted crude oil.

If you have not paid attention to the oil market, it has fallen in dramatic fashion. The world is at maximum storage capacity with supertankers doing circles in the seas to hold massive amounts of oil. It is difficult finding markets to sell to, and the producers are all going after one another to be the first to cut. Mexico would negotiate just to keep the US as a customer and secure us long term. America is never going to be oil self-sufficient, but the shale industry and technology advances both onshore and offshore have scared foreign producers that could always count on America to import more and more.

This is not an expensive proposition. I will add one more. To start up the initial fund for the wall, they could ask Americans if they'd check a box to contribute $50, $100, $250, et cetera to the "Wall Fund". How many people would give to the wall? If Indiana pizza places can raise $1 mil in one day due to the media and gays trying to destroy them, a wall to protect America can raise much more. There are ways to pay for it that would not dent our economy, and in fact, would help it. Discounted crude oil helps. Tax revenue from money leaving our nation helps. Drops in the bucket, which only prove how cheap this would be to complete. Its low cost only shows how wicked our government's priorities are.