Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Baby It's Cold Outside

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. I spend a little time discussing the "Muh Russian Hacking" meme. I then get into the annual feminist essays about the classic winter romance song "Baby It's Cold Outside". The Left has to politicize everything.


Anonymous said...

All Xmas songs are rape. But seriously, isn't this an appropriate use of Xmas? A Christmas song that is not a Christmas song.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I enjoyed this episode. In this age of tinder and anonymous hookup culture, People forget that there was a time where women and men went through "courtship."

A major part of this was the concept of "playing hard to get." Think of virtually every romantic story put into film pre-1970. The film GREASE comes to mind, but there are many more like it. Women were expected to remain chaste for a period of time once dating began, preferably until marriage, to weed out scumbags looking for a quick score. The guy that persistently stuck around and kept on despite all of the rebuffs was then deemed worthy. Both parties (and society at large) benefited from the arrangement, the women had essentially filtered out those that would not care and be there long term. The men valued something they had to work for and invest in, and were therefore unlikely to discard it. He could also rest assured that she had not been quick into bed with other suitors before him.

However, in such an arrangement, it implies the man hearing "no" quite a bit. In our current year, that means rape culture and toxic masculinity. Something as simple and playful as "Baby it's cold outside" then becomes a controversy where a man has pressured a women into non-consensual sex, rather than surviving her seduction gauntlet. Everyone from previous generations understood that is what the song is about.

"Hard to get" creates stable long term family formations. Current year creates depressed, aging, childless, promiscuous forever singles with blurred lines regarding "rape."

Ain't it progress?