Sunday, December 25, 2016

Social Matter - Be The Lighthouse

New essay up at Social Matter. Merry Christmas! This one is about Christmas and what we face going forward. We can't just be the iconoclasts and hide. Be the lighthouse.


High Arka said...

Today's conservatives are only interested in "conserving" what the liberals were foisting on our societies a few years ago, right? I've heard that in several places, including Social Matter and this blog--that today's conservatives would've been considered unbelievably, unrealistically liberal in 1960. Or even just a hundred years earlier. In the 1860s, tranny bathrooms and same-sex marriages would've been not only disgusting travesties, but impossible to imagine existing in actuality--discussed on television, endorsed by mainstream community figures and media commentators, et cetera.

How far back does that line of reasoning run? If a person from Europe's distant past were suddenly transported to today, I wonder what he would think of that theory.

Anonymous said...

I like "reason for the season" as a quick quip.

There really does seem to be an unstated and popular view that the reason for the season is some mix of a month long new year's celebration, a pretty time of year to decorate things with lights, and a time of year when all religions can coexist in an amalgam of holiday festivity.

Anonymous said...

Why should whites celebrate the birth of a Magic Jew who promises that you can live forever in a distant middle-eastern capital city? Progressives believe in magic negroes, conservative in magic jews. What a bunch of cucks!

Christianity can't get past the first chapter of the first book of the New Testament without glorifying cuckoldry.

His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant. Matthew 1:18