Friday, December 30, 2016

Problem of Prog Control + SM Review-Preview 71

AnomalyUk tweets occasionally the phrase "All News Is Fake News". It's brilliant. The problem with our media is it is all prog PR. It is a regime press. This hides a lot of problems, but it creates a big one purely in its form. Because there is no opposing side, an insane story can runaway and place us in great danger.

Look at the Russian Hacking insanity. Walk through the steps of this story, but start at the appropriate time, not November.

1. Trump and Putin have a bromance. The media plays this up as bad. It's a talking point straight from DNC emails that leaked. Hey wait, how the hell did these emails get out?
2. Podesta had his emails leak and they were published by Wikileaks, which has an association >denied by Wikileaks< with Russia.
3. Russians hacked Podesta's emails!
4. Clinton lost.
5. Russia hacked the election, even the CIA says so! >no proof<
6. Russia hacked the votes! >no proof<
7. Sanctions, diplomat expulsion and "retaliation".

Because the media is a hive mind, there is no one pushing back on this. The ones pushing back are small timers and outsiders. Who on a major news outlet is saying, "This is bullshit". What oped writer will push back? This is wretched. Even the nominal right falls into the framework here and will not call out the hysteria. The best refutation of this hysteria was Andrea O'Sullivan's essay in Reason.

This also lays the groundwork for the Establishment to attempt to prevent any kind of friendship or detente with Russia in a Trump administration. With this Muh Russian Hacking story, it makes any move to align with Russia look like Trump paying off the favor Russia performed. It becomes treasonous and a quid pro quo... which would be the meme pushed nonstop by the same media hive mind in place today.

The media must be destroyed.

I'd neglect my duties if I did not tip the hat to Spandrell for his Gnon Theology post from Tuesday. Great work, probably his best in a long time, and great tone.


Last week I wrote a little Christmas themed essay. Stop playing the martyr Christians and stiffen those spines. We have many friends adrift in the secular sea; guide them home. Weimerica Weekly was a year in review. The Current Year deserved one.

Next week I am writing about how Somalians came to America. How the hell did these African Muslims from the Horn of Africa get to Minnesota and Maine?


Random Dude on the Internet said...

The MUH PUTIN narrative will also be used as a wedge to separate the media image conscious GOPe from carrying out Trump's agenda. Just have the media work around the clock to push the narrative that every initiative is due to the Russkies and you can get people like Lindsey Graham to run on every media outlet to denounce the latest Trump initiative. With a slim majority in the senate, all you need are three GOPe turncoats to form a 49-51 #NeverTrump bloc who will spike trade deals, wall building, and infrastructure spending.

The battle is just beginning. Trump winning the election was actually the easy part because he could at least convince enough of the public to vote for him. Now he has to get a bunch of globalist neocons (on both sides) to get a majority to pass legislation. It's going to get much tougher here on out.

High Arka said...

Seems like you're saying that, despite the utter success and world-changing nature of the absolutely vital Trump election, nothing will change, and yet it won't be Trump's fault, so your enthusiasm was itself pure and good. Oh well--better luck next vote. Please keep playing!

Son of Brock Landers said...

High Arka - Ive been a Trump skeptic from th get go. I think this system is too big to change and must collapse on its own.

Your schtick is increasingly annoying.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

How we are goimg to destroy the media?

High Arka said...

SOBL, I was addressing the first commenter's reply, not you.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

HA, not that it matters but in my past comments here I also said that at best Trump may buy us a little more time and that secession is inevitable if white people in America want to live in a majority white state. At this point I will take the chance of a temporary stay of execution rather than Hillary's thirdworldist accelerationist policy. I remain skeptical that under an accelerationist like Hillary that people will be willing to step up but in a generation, I think more people will be prepared to, especially now that whites are being made more and more aware that the (((powers that be))) no longer want them around. Right now the burgers in suburbia still care more about their 401k, their handegg, and their NCAA college basketball brackets than saving their people from destruction. In 2030, that could very well be different.

High Arka said...

Ah, thank you for showing up again.

If the (((powers that be))) selected Trump to dispel anger directed at them, wouldn't that mean that Trump is actually designed to produce an end result favorable to them, rather than to us? I don't see them willingly giving us breathing room. By stopping a decline in place, Trump appears to be a positive force to those accustomed to decline, when in actuality, he's merely alleviating a counterreaction and making the descent more sustainable. Hillary, by contrast--had she actually been meant to win--might produce a descent so haphazard it would trigger system-altering blowback.

I see all of you out there explaining your pragmatic choice to support a Zionist with a Jewish family to appoint Jews to manage our finances and international affairs, and I know that to you, it all seems to be a way to make us gradually more free, but I lack the fine reasoning abilities to understand how ongoing Jewish control is, in fact, a step toward less Jewish control. So far, all I've been able to learn is that I'm an idiot for not trusting that Trump's Jews will save us from Obama's Jews. Can you explain to me, in simple terms, what I'm failing to understand about this technique?

(If replying on this topic triggers our host, you're welcome to counter me elsewhere. If you don't want to use a Google-based venue that has my name on it, tell me where is better.)