Monday, December 12, 2016

Of Course, Obama, The News Should Be Balanced News

President Obama looks like an old man now. it comes across in his speaking engagements and even TV appearances. It has been a long eight years. Recently, he has been bemoaning the fact that the news landscape is a wild wild west. This is all due to the curious way alternative media helped Trump win. President Obama has even stated that there should be a curator of sorts for the news. This is the presentable, official solution to the "fake news" hysteria meme. Let's apply some game to this.

The media knows it lost, knows it has zero credibility, and knows the people have woken up a bit. Rather than change and possibly give up some power, they want to smear the competition. Now this is bubbling up to a higher authority that will deem proper, approved news. What Obama wants is the progs to maintain control. A curator would be under prog control via an institution that of course would go through prog training and be prog certified. Even if they set up an algo to handle the news feed, who sets up the algo? We have seen with Facebook trends that progs place their hands on the scale whenever they can to win.

Anything outside the approval would be mocked and laughed at by normies and the left. Ever notice how when you bring up facts, if the source is not the prog approved source it gets a hearty laugh. They delegitimize things by not funding any research through their normal channels, not giving air time to anything that conflicts the narrative, and when you do cite facts that aren't in their channels, the source gets mocked. Take a look at research into gay issues in academia. "Oh a Christian/Family Council website has that study, BAH, it is biased," shout the progs when you point to men molested by men turning out gay at far higher rates than normal kids.

Apply game to this situation. Agree and amplify the Obama suggestion. Use this opportunity to pull an Orban. Remember that Orban changed laws around the media to make a more favorable media climate for himself. Imagine a Hurricane Katrina covered with a modicum of balance. No cannibalism stories, more focus on NOLA's corrupt and incompetent mayor or Louisiana's bumbling governor in comparison to Mississippi's alert governor. Trump and America have seen first hand that our media is 99% left leaning, and conservative outlets are completely Potemkin opposition. Trump should say, "You're right" to Obama and then install a superstructure that requires 50-50 political balance. It would be a much more balanced skew compared to the 99-1 that we witness now.

Make it so that both sides must be presented. Make sure that editorial boards have representatives of all sides and are protected from dismissal for framing or presenting material that conflicts with the narrative. Immigration debates should not simply be how much and where from, but if we should have it at all. College education cost debates could be about loan affordability but also discuss why tuition cannot be dropped and certain humanities departments curtailed. Forget debating how we handle Syria and include why would we even bother.

This could be staffed with cuckservatives or moles, but it would potentially break the grip the Left has on the media. This could have farther reaching effects than other policies. Who watches the watchmen? Trump could take this opportunity to rebalance media in a way to destroy a central node in the Left's power structure.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

I really believe Trump will try some kind of media reform in his first term. The squeals of anguish will be piercing but the public has grown numb to it so they will find that it falls on deaf and unsympathetic ears. If he is able to nominate three or four Supreme Court justices, he can ensure that a balanced media curation board doesn't get shot down by liberal justices.

I also think that journalists need to be credentialed and licensed. Similar to a Professional Engineer or a Certified Public Accountant. They are free to write whatever they feel like for op-eds or outside of a column but their actual articles have to have a certain level of honesty and integrity or else they risk having their license yanked. We live in a society where plenty of occupations require professionals to have a certain standard, journalism may need to be one of those professions.

Portlander said...

I also think that journalists need to be credentialed and licensed.

That would quickly become a cure worse than the disease. Take a look at how Low-Carb folks have been gone after. No less than MD's have had threat of their license revoked for pushing against the heart-healthy wholegrain propaganda. Take a look at how Education Realist was almost drummed out of her MSEd program for pushing against the HBD-denial propaganda.

Whatever solution is proposed, it must have built-in feedback mechanisms to account for O'Sullivan's Law.

eah said...

Not only has Obama totally sucked at the job of being President, but he's just a plain jackass to boot.

High Arka said...

If demography is destiny, why are we here proposing sociocultural solutions to genetic problems? Even with a Supreme Court majority, the Enemy could whip up constitutional amendments to override, or impeach justices, or stack the court. Or Aztecs could simply tear it down.

I don't know if it's denialism, irony, or something else that makes alt-Right people think that they can come up with creative systematic changes to the HBD they say they love so much. Or what makes them believe ZioTrump will be a vessel for good outcomes.

Anonymous said...

"Potemkin opposition"


High Arka said...

"Not only has Obama totally sucked at the job of being President, but he's just a plain jackass to boot."

By God, Europeans must actually be the dumbest sub-species. Obama used transsexual and race issues successfully to deflect building criticism of Jews and Israel; he put an eight-year stop on anti-Fed actions; he transferred hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth from idiot white taxpayers to cackling Satanist parasites; he maintained and expanded the shabbos goy war machine across at least three continents, butchering blacks and whites and Semites galore; he got the black left to focus primarily on domestic police issues instead of international apartheid and central banking...he propped up the House of Saud, he increased the intensity of the homosexualization of another generation of goys, he laid the groundwork for several immensely profitable future wars, he enslaved countless generations to Stasi health, he turned leftist anger at the Patriot Act into a near-global embrace of unchecked drone murder...what didn't he accomplish?

Obama was an amazing executive figurehead. America is far, far sicker than it was eight years ago. Even a soulless automaton like John McCain couldn't have accomplished half that much.

How close to the end will it be before you people stop calling your overlords "dumb" or "ineffective" or "bad at their jobs," and realize that the problem is how very good they are at their jobs?

nik said...

"Take a look at how Low-Carb folks have been gone after. No less than MD's have had threat of their license revoked for pushing against the heart-healthy wholegrain propaganda."

Is that true? Because, when I went paleo, inspired by some stuff pposted on the old GL Piggy blog, i recall reading about how paleo was really just a take on the age-old diet going back milleniums and how Atkins propelled it and became one of the very first 'diet superstars' back in the mid-to-late 70s.... that's also why i thought it so weird when low carb in recent years was touted as revolutionary when it clearly had it's hey-day 40 years ago.

Portlander said...

Of course it's true. You think just make sh*t up like some faggot SWJ-journo.

They've not been successful in the US for obvious reasons, but some board certified dietician in North Carolina went after a blogger for giving paleo diet advice. That one was a few years ago. At the time it was quite a saga in certain circles. Here's a link to get started.

Also, here is a current and on-going story from Oz. An MD, and the one I had in the front of my mind when I wrote my original comment.

I also have a slightly vague recollection of seeing similar stories out of S. Africa and Ireland. I'll leave those as an exercise for the readers that care. Shit's real my friends.