Friday, December 02, 2016

NY Times Goes NRx + SM Review-Preview 67

We have been reading "democracy iz bad" pieces from lefties for three weeks now. No one likes voting unless they win. Pro-secession pieces are out in the open, too. I was excited this week to see the NY Times tiptoe towards a regional break up of America in their oped pages. It does not explicitly call for a break up but consider the ideas the writer puts forth in the essay. It is easy to see the regional, rump Americas forming.

The article is race blind, blind to the cities vs. everyone else situation of America and straightjacketed by the platform. The writer is not American, and it shows. His ignorance of how regions work, and even cultural differences within his supposed regions is laughable. One does not have to drive for long outside of Columbus, Cincinnati or other Midwestern states to hit acres and acres of farmland. Not every metropolitan area has the NYC layout. Regional infrastructure investments? Okay, so even in red states this will pit black run or heavy black cities vs. white suburbs. Let me know how the Feds side in those disputes. Voting results clearly showed that America is really the cities vs everyone else. The writer cannot clearly admit that. He is an immigrant, so I will pat him on the head for trying.

I have written extensively on break up. One needs founding myths and identities for new rituals for the people to engage in and to build social cohesion. It will help as the lowest common denominator for reaching all becomes sharper in smaller political units. More homogenous social units means no forced inclusion and a celebration of the people, not abstract ideas like 'muh freedom'.

We will see what Trump's immigration policies do to the social situation, but it is easy to see Texas, California, a Pacific NW (Cascadia could rope in Canada's BC I bet), Acela Corridor Land, Dixie, The Flyover Red Nation, and then a Rio Grande and desert based La Raza Land and a black ethnostate like my "Georgia Plan". It is easy to see all of those regions having founding myths they will celebrate with identities far stronger than the American identity of 2016 being peddled in our culture. We could de-SCALE our society.

Note that if blacks do go to the ethnostate for security and freedom from evil or meddling whites, all of those purple states flip red. Pennsylvania, Michigan and even Michigan come to mind. Red states go deep red. Do some states cede off parts to other regions? Hard to tell, but county authority and lines may be the next generation's cut points. Remember that every junking of the prior version of America gave way to a new order based on new splits.

A peaceful separation with formalized sorting and safe population exchanges is what is needed. You go be as commie as you want, just do it in your nation.


Last week I wrote on the progressive need for the nurture meme. They desperately need it to keep the wildly different coalition pieces together as it gives them cover for their transfer schemes as well as papering over differences. Weimerica Weekly discussed the changes to the political discourse and acceptable talk with this election. As the Left discusses electors going rogue, they suddenly trip the entire structure to mean that an unapproved candidate would not need 270 to win but possibly 275 or 290. Completely shatters the gentlemen's agreement. This system is ending.

This week I don't know what they will pick for the essay as I submitted a couple for them to choose from. Weimerica Weekly might be on travel or I might start the Obama recap and discussion podcasts.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Interesting. I don't think it will be easy *or* peaceful.

Founding myths and identities are key. The surf culture in my own region, Southern California, is something that has absorbed generations of Whites, continues to draw in new participants, and continues to capture the imagination of Americans and the world.

Break-up gets complicated. I have a difficult time envisioning Orange County, which is still mostly White and conservative, going along peacefully with a breakaway California Bolshevik Republic or La Raza Land. In fact I have been proposing for 10+ years now that OC become a kind of European (or European-American) city-state. I can easily imagine it happening. There are other regions of California and the Pacific Northwest that would probably replicate this model of resistance.

I do think we're in for some serious conflict at home. It's going to get messy.

Son of Brock Landers said...

LBF - You are right about the OC. I could see that city state idea too there. Of course conflict at home is coming which is why American elites try to drug and emasculate all men in America.

Portlander said...

RE: the Georgia Plan

"Dude, do you even South Africa?"

These break up the US pieces are doubly infuriating because at the end of the day they are work-arounds to the real bug which is 30 million foreign squatters. Excepting a single unfortunate event, for 210 years the USA, as nations go was completely cohesive. Then some (((idiots))) decided what we really needed was 1 million/yr, largely low-human capital immigrants. Now after about a generation of that the place has predictably turned into a dumpster fire, and the solution is retreat to more defensible borders. WTF. We /had/ defensible borders. Lets throw out the squatters and smack down the (((responsible parties))) while we're at it.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Portlander - I'd gladly make our conflict hot if it meant removal of tens of millions. I doubt we'd get enough to join and get elite coverage.

Portlander said...

Here's the thing, this system they've created has not had to weather any real stress or strains.

The recession was papered over with $1T/yr in free money from the Fed. It paid for EBT for dindus, LTD for prole-whites, asset inflation for metro-whites, and housing for the flow of rapefugees. If the opiate gets cut-off and folks are forced to come out of their stupor, well, that's when we'll know how strong (or not!) the system is.

That said, a modicum of enforcement on employment eligibility and social bennies, coupled with a high-viz campaign against criminal aliens, and I believe we would get a quiet and peaceful, but steady, stream of self-deportion.

The US isn't a cheap place to live, and it's not fun if you don't have any money. They're not here for the scenery and warm weather, so why would they stay?

Portlander said...

Oh yeah, also need to mention that the Fed's largess is actually made possible by cheap domestic oil (ie. fracking).