Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Best of 2016

It is that time of year again! Time where I take a month off and end up sharing my best of from the year. It's not like I charge for this blog, so please enjoy. I do want to take a moment to thank people for the growth of this blog's audience and reach. I've even had actual media outlets approach me, and by gum, if they paid well and gave me the freedom Social Matter does, I'd sign up. I looked back and five years ago, I was getting maybe 50 page views for posts in the initial week. Occasionally, I'd have something linked elsewhere and boom 500-1500 views in the initial week.

I average hundreds now per post with roughly one, maybe two posts a week cracking 1500 views. A few stellar weeks have witnessed 3 posts crack 1500 views. That just happened in November. This all takes into account the podcast and WW1 posts limiting what full throttled content I am planting on the content farm here at 28 Sherman. It's not me, it's you guys sharing them and obviously telling open minded or more likely disillusioned conservatives and moderates about this site.

I don't know where this goes. Every time I talk about cutting back, I fail to follow through. I need to finish the Rubin book. This modern clown world offers too many juicy targets to discuss. Is it stressful? No. I love writing for all y'all. You do contribute and make it a ton of fun.



The Slattery Report & Our Lying Media - Jews in the media harp on America doing nothing for Jews in the '30s. Blatant lies. They lie by omission to push the open borders, Syrian war refugee crap.

Note on NRx and AltRight - I attempted, in the same week as Nick Land, to stress the differences between the two groups.

Humpty Dumpty Progressivism - That curious phenomenon of progs using an argument when they want to and only at that moment despite all inconsistencies.

#ArrestSoros - I lay out how we could use RICO on Soros, plus how we could bankrupt him with the Alien Tort Statues.


Hidden History: Treasonous Fathers + Sons - Could treason or the predilection for treason be hereditary? The Philby father and son duo both betrayed England in different fashions.

The Future of Pornography - The "uber but for porn' moment has arrived, and should make for a different industry. Let's cut out the disgusting middleman.

The Last Of The Lions Died - My goodbye to Antonin Scalia. I miss him. I also now think Podesta and company had him snuffed out. Search the "$1.5 mil movie script emails".

GOPe Fraud Laid Bare - This ends February with a recap of the lying sacks of shit that the GOPe and Twitter pundit class proved to be over the course of February. They lost on the culture war issues because that was just cover for the GOPe to do the 1% big biz's economic bidding.


Costs and Paying For The Wall - I discuss the costs and how Trump could pay for it via getting Mexico to do so. After this post, he has mentioned remittances as a means to do so. It is common sense.

Nixon's Super Tuesday Call - Nixon called me after super Tuesday to say it was over. He was right. I was wrong.

A Note On Weimar Elections - I wrote on the different problems of Weimar elections and how that "Nazis never won over 50%" meme is a bit of a false smear.

Cruel Intentions, Ridiculous Cheese - I had fun with a review of the '90s gem Cruel Intentions and how it actually mark the coming degenerate era of teen movies.


Where's Your Constitution Now? - The SCOTUS makes devotion to the Constitution a pathetic version of the old ghost shirt idea.

Immigration and the Innsmouth Deal - How Lovecraft's story of the islanders, the townspeople of Innsmouth and the beings are a good metaphor for the current immigration deal that the elite is trying to cram down.

Putin's Ratings Firm - If you want to carve an exit from the USG global deal, you must set up the infrastructure.

Buy An Island, Build Rapture - A thought experiment on how one could build a hideaway city like in Bioshock using an island and underground construction.


Protestants, Progs and Islam - More similarities than all would admit.

South Sudan: Africa Gotta Africa - Sudan gets a partition and immediately the South Sudanese start going after each other.

Never Announce Your Intentions - Be a conspiracy, not intention declaring fools because you live in an occupied nation.

Politerotica - Literotica of a political bent starring Julia Ioffe. My reworked "Love Me Like You Do' is here. Jesus Christ, I have problems.


Have You Seen Angry Birds? - My review of Angry Birds.

Can A Show Resist Progging? - I ponder if shows can resist the poz and the progging that Hollywood puts them through. I use an example of how one show became progged and then had a countermovement only due to the indispensable star.

The Left Really Has Nothing - This has been further proved by the post-Trump tripling down on calling any white a racist.

The Literal Cucks Are Mad - Cuckold fetishists became angry at cuck becoming an insult. They lived in a bubble world where they thought they were high status. No, no you're not.


Cameronism's Death Affects The GOP - Brexit destroy Cameronism, and with it, destroyed one potential path for the GOP forward.

A Note On Trump's Nomination - Just how magical the ride was for a bunch of Twitter trolls.

DNC Leaks & Corruption - America has corruption just as other nations do, but we call them donations and sponsorships. It is formalized. Normies did not care.

Progressive Approved Colonialism - I spotlight an example of when colonialism is cheered on by progs.


Black Lives Matter + 401Ks - I point out how the sleepy 401K crowd will get looted in the future by the BLM/La Raza types but the 401K crowd is fearful of a 10-25% drop now if we have change.

Quick Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Program - I outline a way we could write them off but get something in return.

Elites Can Use + Convert To Islam - How the elites could use Islam to secure their rule.

Israel is The Top Cuck Point - This is the big boss for the cuckservatives.


Nixon Calls Two Months Out - "You haven't seen dark until you've watched Hitler slow dance with J. Edgar Hoover in a dress."

A Note On Clinton - This was directly after her 9/11 collapse. I discussed how the puppetry was completely blatant and exposed by this confirmation of her ill health.

Why The Memes Are Strong - it is an evolutionary process of natural selection under the harshest of conditions. Plus, the best memes have an element of truth to them.

A Note On Synthetic Heroin - I discuss what the addition of synthetic opioids into heroin batches really means about the heroin market.


The Nationalization of Police - All of these BLM protests about cops are designed for one purpose: federal control of local police forces.

Who is Isolated? Who is An Outlaw? - I mocked the NY Times branding of Russia as an outlaw by pointing out the fallacy to this with actual foreign policy actions.

Clowns Expose American Anxiety - The clown scare of 2016 shows the anxious mind of the modern American.

The Average American - I list a bunch of stats to create a composite of the average American.


Crush The Universities - Let's destroy academia without saying that is our intention.

Stealth Reboot of Golden Girls Idea - It would be easy to make the Golden Girls a Millenial show.

Fracture the CIA - Let's find a way to split CIA into pieces.

Hotep Is A Masculine Reaction - A salute and attempt to understand the hoteps who are reacting to a terrible situation black men are in the black community.
It's December, go enjoy the Christmas season.


PA said...

You're on my daily reading rotation. I like your balance of being grounded in reality while pushing new ideas.

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA, Thanks. I've been so happy to see you posting as you've been a great new addition. You went from heartiste's best commenter to a good writer.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Excellent stuff this year. It's part of my morning reading schedule as I sit through another boring meeting at the office.

This year was pretty amazing. While I don't believe Trump is a savior, his victory against all odds is a sign that the middle still has some life left in it, despite concerted efforts by the high and low to snuff them out. The post-election has been a cavalcade of embarrassment for the progressives as their fake protests didn't amount to anything, the recounts actually resulted in more votes for Trump, and there were more faithless electors on the Democrat side than the Republican side. People are also getting increasingly numb by the endless screams of fake news and the idea that there is a Russkie under every prog bed. The left can't catch a break these days. Not that they deserve or have learned their lesson, their takeaway is that they need to be even more anti-white and even more anti-male.

2017 will be an even crazier year as the cathedral tries to deal with a situation where one of their own is not in power. Trump sadly seems to be pivoting towards infrastructure rather than immigration for his top priority because the screaming, wailing, and gnashing of teeth will be incredible to witness if real immigration reform (as seen on Kobach's document that got revealed during the press conference) is underway. I think the prog machine will keep showing their true colors towards a hostile public who cares more about being able to pay their bills (in the era of skyrocketing Obamacare premiums) rather than whether a boy can go into a girl's restroom or another push towards normalizing pedophilia.

I think secession is inevitable in the long term but it will be interesting to see how this all plays out where the progressive machine not only isn't steering the ship, it's locked out of the room entirely.

Portlander said...

Thanks for all you do keeping the place running, Ryan. I really enjoy it.

The question I go back and forth on is whether to nag you to add a newest comments side-bar. One thing I like about here vs. so many other blogs is that I can pretty much keep up with all the comments. On the other hand, it takes effort remembering what the comment count on each post is and noticing when it increments. I know I've missed more than a few comments go by.

Having a side-bar showing the newest comments, which I'm pretty sure is supported by blogger, would let me see when something new came in, without having to watch and remember the reply counters under each post.

On the other hand, I'm sure I'm not alone in this regard. Would a sidebar encourage too many comments, thus spoiling one of my favorite things about the blog? Not sure. If the moderation is the true limiter, then the side bar would be all good. So, just throwing that out there. It is remarkable how few comments you get given the quality of the material. We regulars are incredibly lucky. :)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!