Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Best at Social Matter

I did a complete listing for my SM posts of 2015 last year. This year, I am going to switch it up. Since I started up the podcast, Weimerica Weekly, I'll split this year's best of Social Matter into a top 10: Top 10 essays and Top 10 podcasts. This is mostly feedback from you all, and a little bit of editorial selection.

Social Matter Essays

10. The Ticking Nigerian Time Bomb - Review of how the migrants pouring into the EU are 25% from sub-Sahara Africa. Nigeria is on the verge of war or unraveling and will send millions if it goes down.

9. Unmentionable Nations - I wrote on Venezuela and other horror nations that must be censored or else the media will show the failures of prog ideology and USG blue empire foreign policy.

8. Hidden History: The Black Mutinies of World War II - Self-explanatory but I cover the wide ground of black mutinies in WW2. The cover ups by the system that we see today of crimes that are against the Narrative were also already in place in the 1940s.

7. This Is What Decline Will Look Like On Virtual Reality - How could the near future be managed with VR as well as the quicker applications of VR.

6. Trump Is A Flashlight - Trump isn't a savior but he does illuminate the disgusting, hidden elements of our system.

5. Meaning, Globalism and Death - The forces all pushing back on globalism reveal people seeking meaning in the bland McWorld.

4. Social Media Is A Tool Of The State - How social media turned everyone into a stasi officer if they were on the Faceborg, but that we should have expected it to keep us in good progressive line. I also point to the peak of social media and when it all started to decline.

3. A Trump Rally Revival - I attended a Trump rally and convey the emotion and what was going on in that movement. It is like a big tent revival for the Church of America.

2. Amerikanskiy Zones - This was my first essay of the year and I kicked it off with a sledgehammer. This is a possible exit, and would be a gigantic PR coup if the Russians did pull this off.

1. Driving Through Dying Blue Towns - A dozen readers guessed the town. All wrong. This is how widespread the devastation of the small towns has been from the forces we are fighting not just in the Rust Belt but into deep blue states. It comes from driving around New England in the summer and seeing the emptiness, hearing stories and even reading local papers. I also went home. My hometown escaped physical decay but the lack of children and spiritual decay was apparent. My wife's hometown was not so lucky. It is heartbreaking.

Weimerica Weekly Podcasts

10. Muslims In Paris - One listener said the analysis of the multiple waves of Jewish immigration into America was Straussian. Others liked the tie of immigration with security with the different generations of immigration even within one group being wildly different.

9. Interview With Kevin MacDonald - My interview with KMac. I let him ramble on instead of jumping all over him. We even discussed the physiognomy of Bernie vs Trump rally attendees.

8. The Ferguson Effect - Hipster Cop and I discuss the Ferguson Effect. Not Harvard's fake "distrust the cops and crime spikes" effect but the gun-shy cops and emboldened crooks effect.

7. The Musician Is The Message - How musicians are now the medium through which the message spreads. Why is the character arc of teen pop stars the same?

6. Wedding Pageants - What made weddings into the pageants that they are today.

5. Hamilton The Musical - Monologue on why Hamilton is a phenomenon because it is a minstrel show for white liberals.

4. Heroin In New England - Covering heroin's spread and why it was so easy for heroin dealers to infiltrate New England.

3. Gender Dysphoria - A few listeners said "This is like NPR for the AltRight", and that is when the audience grew. This is the tale of one murder in my hometown. I discuss the sick progressive ideology that nudged the killer along, and I tell you about the victim, who was the mom of dear childhood friends of mine.

2. Goodbye Election '16 - A recap of all the weird, wild and wonderful characters in this odd election.

1. Three Comrades  - Review of a Weimar era book that explains Weimar at the ground level in fiction as well as shows the similarities to our Weimerica.

Thank you all for reading my essays, posts and even the tweets. I was purged from twitter as SOBL1 and had to be reborn 28shermanSOBL1. Weird year. I will keep trying to improve on my writing and podcasts. I will try to help everyone look at our crazy world and crack a smile.


Angry Midwesterner said...

You got family, a day job to put food on the table, but by God you do this. True public service.
To 2017!

Dying blue towns hit something in me during Christmas though I am more Midwestern rather than New England. Watching some local pews only really fill up during Christmss for a few years in a row, I notice the power of the big city lure onto the "normies." Hell, I see this shit on a daily basis as just about every hot, single, under 30 nurse at my hospital is applying for traveling nurse gigs with the hope of being retained in the bigger cities.

Regardless, I am always an optimist both in your writing and the world. There are more priveleged "elites" like me who read you and the rest of the alt-right/nrx/whatever self-annointed label or flavor of the month. Every couple of us who read it, one of us might get nudged in a direction where we go to church more, another might save some sanity and learn to appreciate politics as Kabuki, and most importantly one of us just might embrace that Onion article "Unambitious Loser With Happy, Fulfilling Life Still Lives In Hometown"

peterike said...

Strong, strong work.