Monday, December 19, 2016

Movie Recommendation: Black Mirror's White Christmas

Christmas is approaching. You probably have some downtime from work. How many times can you watch Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story? Honestly, I could watch them 50 times a season. If you are looking for something new, check out Black Mirror's White Christmas episode. It stars Jon Hamm, it has near future believable tech, and it plays right into our sphere's sexual dynamic realism. I highly recommend it.

The movie or long television episode has three acts, and while not explicitly Christmas, all three acts focus on a Christmas event. The three acts are stories Joe and Matt tell one another while stationed in the arctic. Act 1 is Matt (Hamm) explaining why he is stationed off in the frozen tundra with the red headed Joe. Jon Hamm explains how he was a dating coach that helped men score via the use of a tech that could see and hear another user's feed. Imagine Roosh or Heartiste monetizing their game stuff for real time application. He coaches a guy to success but it goes awry. I won't spoil it, but it is believable and great.

The second act is Hamm explaining what he really did for a living, and that was very interesting. People can have a computer program of their consciousness made and then that program can "run their house" as an AI of sorts. Hamm's job was to break that program down to submit to that job willingly and be a digital slave. Hamm can play with the AI's perception of time. I shouldn't say AI as it is a copy of one's consciousness. This is a fun little middle act.

The third act is Hamm getting Joe to reveal why he is hidden away at their station. After all, they've been there five years together and he hasn't spoken a word to Jon Hamm's rather open, welcoming character. Joe reveals his tale. It's a great wrap up, and I won't spoil it.

There are some fun concepts here. Joe and his wife conceive a child, but she wants to abort it. Sorry, Joe, you get no say! She eventually blocks him, and this is where the tech feels believable. People see and hear with an augmentation type system in their sense that also allows one to "block" someone. A block makes them not be visible or audible to the target. One can get a block legally to last until death. It is interesting, and in our current environment, believable.

Lost in your focus on the tech and the big reveal at the end is the nugget that in this future, it's illegal to help men get laid using the tech. The PUA assistance is illegal, despite everyone's life being out there for analysis and gaming. This future fits into the feminist prog system we live in, which the show writers carefully heighten via the juxtaposition. Joe has absolutely zero say if his wife wants the abortion, while Jon Hamm's Matt can't help a nerdy guy get some action.

Check it out as this episode of Black Mirror had my wife and I talking about it for a few weeks. Few if any movies can do that now.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I just saw that Black Mirror episode. I have to admit, the first part reminded me of Roosh and Krauser. Some of the story was easily anticipated, but the twist involving the little girl at the end cracked me up. Ouch!

Have you seen the 'Nosedive' episode with Bryce Dallas Howard? Very believable. I can definitely see something like that taking place. We're probably half way there already.

Speaking of Howard, when did she become so attractive?! I know she put on some weight for the role, but damn! Wow.

Jokah Macpherson said...

Very good recommendation. PUA tactics, Robin Hanson's ems, and MRA issues in three acts. Are all the episodes this good?

I wonder if the "guy on a horse" opener was a nod to the real life "horse girl" opener.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

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The seldom reported Democrat civil war rages on.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"The seldom reported Democrat civil war rages on."

Yes, my impression about the Dem Civil War is if the more radical Bernie wing can be displace the ruling Clinton clique that is made of bankers, media groups and Neocons.

Tiny Duck said...

If you think the dems are at a civil war you have another stink coming

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Laguna Beach Fogey said...

TD actually has a point. The anti-White constituency continues to grow. If Whites aren't prepared to deport, transfer, or eradicate these alien population groups from our countries, then eventually we will drown. We need to make some hard decisions in coming years and ponder the unthinkable.