Friday, December 09, 2016

Closer + SM Review-Preview 68

It's been a while since I had a light hearted post. The Weimerica podcasts and Instagram are my channels for discussing the lighter and odder things in our society. We need the laughs. I will keep this in mind for the winter. I have not posted any cheesecake in a while. I'll think something up. I did want to post on how lame and gay rap and hip-hop have become, but that is not fun or funny. A post on why the chorus from the Macklemore song "Downtown" deserved a better song to be paired with, like a '70s Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen series of verses. Maybe later.

I found one item though. The song "Closer" is a great bit of musical pop cheese. I hope this band is a one hit wonder because I want to hear the song on the radio 15 years from now and automatically hear, "How come they never had any other hits" leave someone's mouth. It's terrible and cheesy. It's also about a guy's relationship with a hooker. It's also one of those songs where whites do a black styled song and knock it out of the park.

Listen to the lyrics. He describes a girl that came to the city with little money and doesn't get any calls for four years. She is now in a hotel bar looking pretty. She has a Rover that she cannot afford, just like her tattoo. He describes one of those in-house hookers you can find at good hotels. In any decent sized city, the hotel bars usually have one. She'll wear last year's fashion, look attractive, be tapping her foot looking annoyed unless on her phone and will instigate the conversation with you. Think of the hookers that approach you at blackjack and craps tables in Vegas wearing prom dresses. This song captures that. If only they had written in lyrics about her "Seeking Arrangement" and student loans, it'd be perfect.

This song would be a prime candidate for parody on the "dream comedy show" that Pax Dickinson and I discuss from time to time. I'm not kidding when I say that Pax and I will randomly message each other like "Hey man, sketch idea....". I completely reworked the song "Shut Up And Dance With Me" to "Shut Up You Gotta STD" and created lyrics that reflected the current Millenial dating, jobs and debt situation.

"I know it breaks your heart
Go to a uni + take student loans
And four years, no jobs
Now you're looking pretty in a hotel bar
And I can't stop
No, I can't stop"


Last week, I wrote how globally we are seeing that the reaction is a masculine one against the feminine globalist order. This week's Weimerica Weekly covered two topics: a current high-low action in the news and the body positive movement.

This week I discuss the Twilight Zone political future that the DSM V points to as a possibility. Weimerica Weekly will possibly cover travel, adult day camps, a Christmas song or possibly an interview.


Portlander said...

Cheesecake was nice, don't get me wrong, but one can get that anywhere. It's become cliched even. I like the WWI photos better.

Speaking of funny, I discovered Murdoch, Murdoch for the first time yesterday. This had me chortling quietly to myself and smiling ear to ear.

You Millennials probably find this hard to believe, but it used to be Comedy Central was the gatekeeper and about the sole outlet for cheesy humor for right-hand of the bell curve. LBF, can I get a witness?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Yes. The shows on Comedy Central that stand out for me in the early days were Kids In The Hall and Mystery Science Theater 3000 (especially the former). I was working for a big bank in Manhattan at the time and all the guys would memorize Kids In The Hall sketches. In fact a few of us were inspired to write up some banking humor sketches of our own, which we would pass around to one another, and play absurd pranks on the other analysts and managers. Seinfeld was another favorite.

Caputmundi said...

Hip hop used to be so cool. Whenever I listen to Big L I am reminded just how politically incorrect that stuff used to be. Every other word on Lifestyles Ov Da Poor and Dangerous is faggot.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Hey Ryan, the WaPo is double down on "Russia stole the elections", will this have consequences? I know that WaPo is the official CIA rag and that the CIA is aligned to the Blue Empire, will Trump finally break the CIA? That Mormon CIA guy tried to sabotage Trump in Utah, he must be aware that they're his enemies.

Tiny Duck said...

Based on current news I can safely Gaye's tee that Trumo will NOT be the next president.

He stole the election. The majority doesn't want him. the recount is showing and. Clinton won.

No one wants your white supremacy. It's over. You lost.

Anonymous said...

In the news is that Trump nominated a fast food chain CEO to be labor secretary. That I don't care about. What was interesting to me is that I saw all this salacious ads for burgers that I never would have seen otherwise because that particular fast food chain doesn't exist near me.

In particular there was an ad that concerns a threesome and uses what I can only assume is a popular hip hop song. The left is outraged by that ad and others (not the hip hop song I bet). Curious to hear your take.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon, More demonization of regular male desire.

Tiny duck, jesus raise your fucking troll game. I'll stop approving your comments if you dont improve.

Anonymous said...

It strikes me that it demonizes a caricature of male desire. The expected male response to such an ad is "That's awesome dude!" or something like that. Should I be upset with the demonization of a the response I was supposed to have but did not? The ad doesn't upset me and I'm not necessarily outraged by it, but I do not think it is awesome. If anything I find the ad to be weird.

Portlander said...

jesus raise your fucking troll game.

By now it's safe to say that's all he's got.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

that particular fast food chain doesn't exist near me.

Assuming you're referring to Carl's Jr. Classic SoCal burger joint.

Founded, and still owned by (I think), the Karcher family, a well-known right-wing family in Orange County. They had ties to Congressman John Schmitz and the John Birch Society back in the day.

One of their sons is a popular right-wing Roman Catholic priest in OC.

I have personal and professional ties to this family, so won't go into more details.

Anonymous said...

Say it with me Tiny Dick: PRESIDENT TRUMP!

PA said...

Has Pres. Reagan shared his thoughts with you on the latest political developments?

Portlander said...

Reagan? I want to know what Ike has to think.

Sailer is always talking about Trump being a child of the 50's. Well, his cabinet picks certainly have a ring of "8 millionaires and a plumber."

Trump's recent pointing fingers at Lockheed & Boeing has rings of the mil-ind complex as well. Saturday I watched Ike's farewell address again. At the 7 minute mark he calls out the mil-ind complex, which we all know. Less well renowned, he also calls out gov-driven university research (ie politically motivated <cough> Climate Hoax), and immediately after that deficit spending (<cough> Fed Reserve <cough>).

It is interesting to consider Trump as a closet history nut and Ike guy. Could be true. During the campaign, totally unprompted, Trump brought up Ike's Operation Wetback. Now there's an epithet I haven't heard being used since I was a kid. And why the h*ll not. It's not any less apt today is it?

Make America 1950 Again. Make Epithets Great Again!

Does the central conceit of a ouija board to hell work for Eisenhower? He might be the most all around nice guy we've had as a president. OTOH, you can't run a war with the Brits, and try to make nice with the Soviets with out some blood on your hands. Reading between the lines, Eisenhower wasn't a great general, as much as he just brut-forced everything he did and had incredible good luck of the largesse of US air power and state-side manufacturing to make it work.