Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Two Billionaires

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. I discuss the two billionaires: Trump and Soros. If you ever questioned Soros's sanity or his motives, I read actual quotations from the man himself to show his God complex. I discuss the Trump victory, the liberal meltdown and then Soros. Soros must be dealt with, and I hope that it happens.


Dr. Weird said...

Hey Ryan, what do you make about this article?

Is George Soros The Weak Link In The Globalist/Neocon Alliance?

Random Dude on the Internet said...

It is being called the purple revolution. That's right, Soros is actively trying to subvert this country by trying to do the US what he was able to pull off in countries like Ukraine. This is where it is good to have things like the second amendment where the public, who is largely against this, can in their own ways put this revolution down themselves. I'm not advocating this position, I'm just saying that this option is out there.

Realistically the public, already disapproving of the protests, turns even more hostile and for 2017 and 2018, Republican lawmakers get swept into their offices by promising to crack down on Soros funded protests. What if it becomes common knowledge that these protesters are paid for, as in your normie friends and family who are vaguely familiar with politics knows the name "Soros"? Soros does have a God complex but he seems to enjoy working in the shadows and if it becomes too well known that he is funding rioting, AG Giuliani can investigate his holdings where he will no doubt find illegal activity and bust him. A shame that Soros is old enough where he will probably die of natural causes instead of in a jail cell but his children are just as bad. Like you mention, imagine if people start fining the Soros family for each crime committed as a result of their actions. They would instantly pull up stakes and flee rather than get bled by the Trump Administration.

Just one of many tests the Trump Administration will have to face and hopefully pass with flying colors. I still remain optimistic.

peterike said...

"Just one of many tests the Trump Administration will have to face and hopefully pass with flying colors. I still remain optimistic."

Indeed, as do I. But when you start to really gaze over the landscape, the amount of rot and poison that Trump needs to root out would require a truly Herculean effort. I don't think he could ever get to all of it, even in four years. Or eight. But if he can head off the most existentially deadly one -- immigration -- that in itself will go a very long way.

Cutting off the heads of the Globalist hydra would be very nice, but I'm looking at that as gravy. Even Putin didn't purge all the (((oligarchs))).