Monday, November 07, 2016

Progging Steampunk

It's over. if you enjoyed Steampunk, it is over. Netflix has two bits of Steampunk flavored content. One is a reality show that is a contest for designers and enthusiasts called "Steampunk'd", which was on the Game Show Network and still has not been picked up for a second season. There is also "Vintage Tomorrows", which is a documentary on Steampunk. It's over. You have to watch these to see the classic, quirky niche market in action.

I'll admit that I love the Steampunk concept, and it is an underdeveloped source for story ideas. I hate how SWPLs dipped their little toes in it, and now they just love it. The people that invaded it could not keep their politics out of it. The first problem is that steampunk seems to have gone through what almost every single, niche thing experiences. New thing -> gets some buzz for being different -> attracts quirky people -> marketed to broader audience -> mass marketed push to cash in -> move onto next niche. The problem also lies in who it sucked in.

All of these niche fantasy or fictional things pull in the same crowd. Quirky white people that often "don't fit into blasé society man", homosexuals and then a random minority that is usually gay. These are quirky whites, but then SWPLs for the most part join in and you get a pool of white progs. I have walked the floor at Gencon. I have seen cosplay crowds. It's the same fucking group, just change the outfits.

Please watch the documentary for maybe 30 minutes, but not the whole thing as it gets unbearable. The white progs could not just enjoy a fictional realm and incorporate history or even own up to history being different. These people must signal that history was bad, but shucks they love the clothes. What you see now though is these losers talk about using steampunk to write stories that think of an alternate social development, man, think of progressive politics but like 100 years early, man, or maybe I don't wear a pith hat anymore since it is associated with colonialism. Anyone ever ask people to not wear their pants on the ground since it is associated with urban gangs that murder at ungodly rates?

They could not leave it alone. They had to one, chastise the past, and then two, correct the past. these fools cannot see that the features they love about the past and the features that they must publicly disavow are connected. Adventures in jungles and deserts do not happen without overwhelming firepower by European men to make the passages remotely safe. Handmade crafts come from women at home. Craftsmanship comes from protective trade policies. Racism, sexism, homophobia, oh the horror!

There are entire sections on using steampunk as a method to push social narratives. William Gibson even piles on, which is especially comical since he wrote a short story on the futures of the past that never quite happened but how it's good that they did not happen. Of course the man who wrote that tale would want you to celebrate shit because at least it aligns with the properly approved modern progressive shit. What these fools cannot answer, and it is a great unspoken, is why do modern students or for that matter adults, need Cliff's Notes, Sparknotes and other guides to read stories that were the mass novels of their day? Rest on the Flynn Effect, sip from your juice cup and put on a top hat and goggles.

These people are weak and in another matter deluding themselves. They can easily look at any of their clothes and any of their consumer goods and map out the supply chain network and who is making what. Oh the horror of racism and sexism as British conglomerate laid railroads in Africa or sought lost temples in India! They can post about it on their social media websites on their Iphones assembled by borderline slaves from raw materials mined by probable slaves in the most dysfunctional, horrific, sexist and racist spots on the planet.

Put on your silly cosplay costume and pretend you are better. You're a dilettante and like everything else you touch, white prog, you've turned steampunk gay.


Christian Talour said...

I was also excited about steampunk. I was even thinking of doing a novel, but I noticed it was hijacked by the wrong kind of people.

ashv said...

Steampunk was fairly prog from the start -- William Gibson and Bruce Sterling were present at the inception of the genre, with their novel The Difference Engine.

Toddy Cat said...

"They could not leave it alone."

In the near future, when Prog-style leftism dies, this is what they will put on its tombstone.

Anonymous said...

Steampunk was always a design aesthetic in search of a plot.

Portlander said...

Agreed. It was left-coast whiteopia quirky, which seems to me all but the definition of progged up the arse.

Those people do cool stuff, but it is inevitable that once all the heavy lifting to build the proof-of-concept and working prototypes are complete, the thought-police will arrive to impose good-think on the participants and ret-con why it was started and why everyone is here in the first place.

gaikokumaniakku said...

Dear Sir,

if you wish to sample the true delights of steampunk, just read the actual stories written in the actual 19th century, e.g.:

The Ablest Man In The World (May 1879)

available gratis at

Best regards, and keep your pith helmet handy.

armenia4ever said...

These people can't just enjoy art for it's own sake. I recall recently reading an article recently from an Iranian immigrant who was shocked at how identity politics had taken over much of the art community in what was displayed at galleries.

When he asked them if aesthetics were more important than a political message, they were dumbfounded.

We've already seen the same thing happen with Gamergate, even though it's been cucked. Recall games like the Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind with themes of slavery, empire, and tradition. The horror.

Steampunk is just the latest to be infested.

You point out the quirky white guilt types who seem to always hop on later. There's a lot of them. I don't know if its coming primarily from the indoctrination colleges, but the numbers keep growing.

I guess we are the real rebel culture now.

Anonymous said...

If you have a strong interest in the prog role in Steampunk, look at Melora Craeger. She has always been left, and she has been steampunk since 1991 or earlier. She is damned talented, damned intelligent, but she's still a leftist.

However, she has no problem shocking her fellow lefties. Her work with the cello rock group "Rasputina" has shocked a lot of people.