Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hotep Is A Masculine Reaction

If you are on twitter and in our circle, you have bumped into them. It might be a ridiculous tweet about Egyptology. It might be about the emotional fragility of modern black Americans. It often is about fulfilling a positive, constructive masculine ideal. Undoubtedly, the screen name will have a word in it: Hotep.

Hotep is a term used for black men that preach the peaceful way of an afrocentric idea of life. It feels a lot like an old Earth, Wind and Fire album cover suddenly could talk. There are conspiracy theorists, and some delusional members of the we wuz kangz mold. This Black SWPL (what are they called?) sneers at the hoteps just as a SWPL would spit on Prole Whites. There is little to no logic in that "the root" article besides point and sputter at the men who make up the hoteps. Forget the stupidity of his arguments for his masculine nature and pleas to "progress". Anti-gay? Everyone worldwide does not celebrate gays except for the West and it's enforcement at gunpoint. Those are sham arguments, but look a bit deeper and spot the ignorance of the credentialed, black male doing the progs' bidding.

Lost in this is that the hotep movement is a reaction to the matrilocal and matrilineal society that black men live under right now. LBJ's Great Society accelerated trends within the black community that were moving to a matriarchy. I wrote once on an Indianapolis small community that was a snapshot for the black community where out of 371 people in the apartment complex only 17 were adult men. The idea that men raised in a matriarchal society would react to their brothers being used and discarded at the whim of women with the FULL BACKING of the government should be considered perfectly normal. Black men become a revenue stream for black women if they knock them up, and thanks to the government, she can exclude him from his children's life. Why wouldn't men react?

This is not all that different than black men going into prison and finding not Jesus but Mohammad. Islam provides structural ways for men to enjoy power in gender and family dynamics. This makes perfect sense for men who come from areas devoid of adult male influence and who see a system rigged against them. Islam provides a rulebook for them to have their will enforced and maintained rather than subverted and undermined per Uncle Sam's family courts.

The cop shooter in Louisiana was a hotep. He even went to Africa. It was intertwined in his posts on being an alpha. It was part of his idea of being a proper man. One thing I note in the hotep tweets that cross my path is a rejection of the emotional black American male experience. They mock the black men that cry over some far flung criminal shot by cops. They mock the black men that are hyperemotional because those men are simply mimicking the antics of the grown women that raised them without any men. There is a pro-masculinity angle that is an affront to liberals.

For all the accusations of PUAs basically copying the black playa style, it really is copying the suave, charismatic traits associated with men of true structural power and wealth throughout time. In my fifteen years in corporate America, the only man I have heard viciously berate a female coworker was a Japanese businessman, who I nearly expected him to slap her (bad translator). Sleeping with a lot of land whales does not make an alpha, nor does being an indifferent, apathetic man sitting in the passenger side of a minivan as the baby momma drives the kids around. Black men are still more aware of the dangers of the female tribe, which is most likely a function of growing up in a matriarchal culture. The dis game also means a street honor system still exists (bring back dueling).

There are hoteps who cite the weirdest stuff within the we wuz kangz mold. The Egyptian focus makes sense if you consider the ideas of a black queen (with Iman/Erykah Badu-styled woman pic) is a lot like the altright "white girls in wheat fields" imagery. There is an appeal for their women to take a traditional role and build together. It appeals to a society that had a sense of order, achievement and striving for meaning. This is in complete contrast to the culture o victimhood that one sees as the mythological basis for modern black identity in 21st century America. This seeks a founding myth of triumph, achievement and fulfillment.

There is the incredible revisionist history thing going on, but it does make sense. As just mentioned, what American foundational myth would they have that is not wrapped up in victimhood or having white liberals come to the rescue. Even a black regiment in the Civil War is still a stranger in a strange land as this is not "home" despite the black American experience being a uniquely American existence. There are no sub-Saharan triumphs to point to as Africa is a hellhole. There was no deus vult. There are no cathedrals of yore before modern architecture. Using the glories of Egypt makes sense. It becomes an ideal.

This should not come as a shock. If I were black, I would be a hotep. This cannot be surprising if even during the late second term of the first black president, black men are writing pieces for Huffpo that black men need to leave America. They do need an ethnostate to settle their squabbles with their women. If there was one, I could easily see the hotep brotherhood being the band that keeps it running and builds its spirit. It for damn sure will not be a credentialed black journalist looking down his nose at the hotep culture beneath him.

What journalists should be asking and what they never will ask is why oh why is every group within the Western system seeking some form of traditionalism or structural way to repudiate the matriarchal globalist system? People want a way out. Human nature will seek old ways or new ways but will create order to express themselves and reject that which they feel is unnatural, arbitrary and artificial.


paworldandtimes said...

The chaos of liberalism affects men's relationship with their women differently by race:

Asian women flee.
Black women are ungovernable.
White women enjoy too many distractions.

paworldandtimes said...

Good point when you tie in the WN "girl in the wheat field" icon.


Bryant said...

Sounds like something we should encourage and hook up with. I've often wondered why black men allow themselves to be used by the homomania and the feminist leaders. Whatever their many faults are, they do not usually lack for pride.

Portlander said...

Black SWPL (what are they called?)

Marciano cherry truffle?

(black on the outside, red on the inside)

sykes.1 said...

Islam and Sharia Law is one solution.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Interesting. Good luck to them.

Sounds like something we should encourage and hook up with

No. They have their own path to follow, and we have ours.