Friday, November 18, 2016

Fraying in The Core + SM Review-Preview 66

A few weeks ago, I was reading up on the moves being made by nations all along the South China Sea. I was prepared to write up an essay for Social Matter about the fraying at the edges of the USG Empire. This is happening and one upside to Trump's election is that we may see the USG empire unravel without a major war and possibly dodge some smaller wars. The fraying is happening at home.

There are paid street protest-riots over an election. This is Weimar antics in a new realm. Americans did not riot in the streets after the '68 election despite a horrendous year with killed candidates, killed race leaders, fights in the streets and a winner that many portrayed as embodying the evil portion of America. People accepted it and moved onto protesting about the Vietnam war. There were no riots after '92 or '00 which were odd or contentious elections. This is simply protesting that they lost.

California and even Oregon put forth ideas of secession. California's was expected, and no matter the winner, California's secessionist advocates were going to meet on November 9th. This is a secession from the far left. They want to become the shining prog beacon that they believe they are meant to be. Years ago, I wrote how regions could secede and would need founding myths and myths that align with their beliefs. They have demonized the US founding myths and do not identify with them so thoroughly that they need new ones. Manifest Destiny to conquer the desert and make it bloom and build skyscrapers is not cool anymore. A scarier prospect is the other 49 states do not care if California leaves.

This will continue. I know my fellow neoreactionaries want to rule the system in one piece. That is leadership's position. I would love to remind them that if they ever got the car keys to USG and ended voting, the "resistance" would be immense from the Left since they have dreamed of doing just that for eternity. Look at how they are crying out their resistance now while controlling academia, the media, the fedgov, Hollywood and social media spaces. This faux resistance might be the most goddamn blue pill idea ever. Posting it publicly online with your real name and face. Oh wow, Soviet samizdat writers, French Vichy era resistance fighters and other Eastern bloc vets would be sooooo proud.

I don't care one fig to be a heretic to the Hestia crowd and align more with Nick Land who says, "Fragmentation commence!" It's also because I buy into the MPC concept of SCALE. We are too big, too diverse and too culturally different within the dominant population group (whites) to hold together. The Left's control is basically the cities, Hispanic heavy states and that scimitar of progs + blacks that starts in Southern Maine and ends in the southwest tip of the old cotton belt (black belt). Mark Yuray's essay that the US cannot Balkanize noted no state went more than 70% one way politically or the other (IIRC). Look at Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, and hell Pennsylvania. Tell me the percentages broken down by counties. Walk grocery stores in different parts of America. Historical America is gone. Save remnants.

Tell me what is freakier: protest-rioters over an election paid by Soros or your normie liberal friends losing their shit for a week on Facebook. How many mild mannered yet SSRI popping liberals did you see posting overemotional messages publicly. Politics is life for them. Conservakins treat politics as something to engage in at their choosing. Look at progs sharing of these false reports of Trumpkin Violence in the shadow of people on their political side literally destroying property and attacking people in over 20 cities. This is their religion. There is no reasoning, persuading or debating with them. The best is separation. Let the Left destroy themselves in their own hovels. Leave the rest of us alone, but they won't.

The unraveling will continue.


Last week I wrote about how Baltimore is the destination that progs seek. They want a dusky underclass living in misery that will pull the lever to publicly declare the prog rule at the top is legitimate. Weimerica Weekly was on Trump's win and Soros' response so far.

This week I will write on the curious change to the DSM codes that spell out how our Soviet American prog elites will handle dissidents in the future. Weimerica Weekly will cover travel, adult day camps or something else strange. I'm working hard to get an interview with a yoga instructor/studio owner.


Toddy Cat said...

The Neoreactionaries were interesting, useful, and necessary at the time, but they have been passed up by the march of events. They had their moment and opportunity a couple of years back, and dropped the ball. For better or for worse, the future belongs to the Alt-Right now.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

The best of NRx was absorbed by Alt-Right.

Tiny Duck said...

I have one question for you guys:

Do you think whites should NOT be a minority in the USA. If so, why not?

Whites kill whites at a rate of 80+%. What should we do about that?

Blacks are arrested for same crimes at a higher rate (and receive longer sentences). Any explanation for that? Also, historically whites have always committed more violence towards blacks.

I also don't see how you can dismiss things like poverty. Not all blacks are poor, never mind what Trump says. I'm sure if you broke down black crime by economic status it would show poorer blacks committing more crimes than middle or upper class blacks. Ditto for whites.

Don Rickles said...

R. Wilbur said...

I just need to put in writing somewhere that Steve Bannon is the most jaded, black pill-looking son of a bitch I've ever seen.

I can't picture him advising Trump. I can picture him smoking camel reds, drinking modelo, and telling someone about the shit he's seen.

J said...

DSM, this is interesting. A sociologist at my local arm of the Ivys has come out with an article suggesting we not treat Trump supporters with contempt, but pity because they're actually suffering from a "disease" and moving forward should do everything in our power to prevent and treat it. He says scrap the moral view and approach it from a postion of authority on public health. It's almost explicitly Orwellian. To think these are the same people who get so upset about conversion therapy.

Portlander said...

I can picture him smoking camel reds, drinking modelo, and telling someone about the shit he's seen.

ROTFL. As Homer Simpson said, "it's funny 'cause it's true."

Not off-topic:

Saw this commented elsewhere:

Bush's presidency turned out to be about 9/11.

Obama's presidency turned out to be about the financial crisis.

Trump's presidency will be about slashing federal spending in response to a U.S. sovereign debt crisis.

My immediate thought was: maybe, but too obvious.

It could be the orderly and bloodless wind-down of the US Empire. Now that, would be one for the history books. I'm not saying it could even be done, but I am saying if it can be done, Trump is the only one (I can think of) that would be able to do it. If not he, then who?

Also, I'm not sure Obama's presidency turned out to be /entirely/ about the financial crisis. I think he punted on it by taking the easy choice of bailing out WS, then let his lackeys unleash an internal cold war based on identity politics. So there's that.

Toddy Cat said...

"Do you think whites should NOT be a minority in the USA. If so, why not?"

Do you think that Nigerians should be a minority in Nigeria? If not why not? Black people are, after all a minority in the world.

"Whites kill whites at a rate of 80+%. What should we do about that?"

Disregarding the basic illiteracy of the question, when whites kill whites we arrest them, and no white person has a problem with that. When blacks kill other blacks and are arrested for it, they do have a problem with that. Why?

"Blacks are arrested for same crimes at a higher rate (and receive longer sentences). Any explanation for that? "

Sure, blacks are on average less intelligent than whites or Asians, and get caught more often. They smoke reefer in public more often, for example. Blacks also tend to be more violent than whites when committing the same crimes, and hence get longer sentences. Easy.

"Also, historically whites have always committed more violence towards blacks."

Utter bullshit. Historically, most violence directed towards blacks has been committed by other blacks, and still is. At any rate, the number of white people killed by black people in the last five years is greater than all the lynchings in the last hundred.

You're losing your touch, Duck. Try again.