Monday, October 03, 2016

The Nationalization of Police

The security forces have long been a target of the progressives. The fight against them has been turned up a notch in the last decade. This is a long battle going back to FDR's formation of the new American political arrangement. Old reactionary generals were a problem to address into the '50s. Police forces were cleaned out along with the big city Mafias, and then starved during the '70s financial crises. The progs are moving in for the final stroke now.

The military is getting a steady dose of more and more affirmative action promotions, female empowerment, LGBT training and pushing, and even the crowding out of religion. That is another topic for another day. Internal security is a worry for the regime. They are running red team war games to see how internal unrest would go. They need to focus on securing their power. This is where the cops come into play.

Similar to removing the big city machines via federal funding, the progs want to remove the peculiar features of local police forces and make them hampered, prog influenced or even prog controlled. I wrote about this in March of 2015 as the motivation behind the Chicago PD black site articles. From that essay:
The motivations behind this article might be as more ammunition for the police overhaul underway at the federal level. The Brown-Garner outrage from 2014 created calls for community engagement, body cameras and whatnot. In reality, it created an in for the federal government to be able to tap local police departments on the shoulder to fall into line. It is a sovereignty battle. The threats will be lawsuits and simple "you must play to get the grants and discounted equipment". The anarcho-tyranny will be turned up a notch, the unreported brown-black race war will continue, and nothing will improve.

This is how the Black Lives Matter crowd does fit into the scheme. Each incident, no matter justified or not, becomes a reminder to wider society that the evil cops are shooting the poor blacks. For a day or two, black acquaintances may say how they don't know how to handle the fear their sons go through, and then return to posting how their sons are so cray-cray and don't take shit from nobody.

Progs want federalization so that they can control local police department procedures and neuter them. Anarcho-tyranny means possibly even disarming the cops, allowing only certain police members to carry guns. Number one priority will be hiring cops that reflect "the community". NYPD police commissioner and NYC co-savior, Bill Bratton, stated the harsh reality that it is hard to find black men who meet requirements (testing, physical, no drug use, no criminal record). The IndyStar pushed Indianapolis to have cops that reflect the community citing the lack of Hispanic officers as well, which was completely ridiculous considering the Hispanic population is a phenomenon of the last decade. These security jobs will be treated as patronage for the Left's coalition. it will also be a means to weaken a potential force against the regime in a shaky situation.

No one knows how far this will go. Is it only big city departments or will even small towns get this treatment? If the NY Times' focus on small suburb Ferguson is any guide, the progs will do this in as small a town as possible. One potential fix is routing around this by smaller cities and towns eliminating their five to fifty man police forces and contracting with private firms. Some cash strapped small towns across America have already eliminated their police forces and farmed things to the county sheriffs. Besides the economic reasoning, soon political and basic security concerns may force more small towns to maintain control and avoid the long hand of the prog fedgov.


Josh Silver said...

I think white males should be barred from joining police forces (and for that matter the military)

Toddy Cat said...

I think so, too, Josh. Any white guy who would risk his life to defend this polyglot mess, and guys like you, at this point in history obviously has some sort of mental problem and should be immediately disqualified.

peterike said...

Yet another reason we desperately need Trump to win and clean the Augean stables of government. Whether or not he will do this, I don't know. But there sure as hell isn't anyone else that even thinks it's a problem.

For god's sake white people, make sure you get off your asses and vote for Trump.

Golden Rick said...

white "men" commit most of the mass murders and sexual abuse

white men must be stopped for the betterment of society

Toddy Cat said...

"white men must be stopped for the betterment of society"

I agree completely. Whites should be segregated in their own countries where they can't harm innocent people of color! POC's should be prevented from immigrating into these white-run Hell-holes for their own good. Vote Trump and save an immigrant!

Big Bill said...

I am in total agreement, Toddy Cat. I pray that one day blacks will abandon us to our own devices, to suffer with our kind. Black folks should stop caring for us and build for themselves their Master Race and Master Civilization right there in their native homeland, Africa!

We do not deserve black help. We do not deserve black sympathy. We do not deserve black peanut butter.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I agree Toddy Cat and Big Bil. They need a Georgia or Carolinas sized "Safe Space for the Black Race".