Sunday, October 23, 2016

Social Matter - Escaping Muddied Experience

New essay up at Social Matter. This on is on the idea that the search for authenticity and the urge to unplug is a natural reaction to our current tech situation and it is not new. Others have dealt with this and sought an exit to reconnect with the world and have true experiences.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Off topic but very much relevant:

A preview of things to come in a Hillary administration, combined with the blessing of the Warren 2.0 court: redistricting that hopes to dump our vibrant neighbors and friends into previously mostly white congressional districts.

"During his State of the Union address in 2016, Obama called for an end of the current boundaries, suggesting that the political map was rigged to favor extreme candidates."

Naturally he is thinking of the extreme right and not of the extreme left. The goal here is to make sure that far flung rural representatives, such as Steve King from Iowa, who has been making waves in recent months, has to compete with maybe a non-white social activist (for example) from a nearby city.

"”We have to end the practice of drawing our congressional districts so that politicians can pick their voters and not the other way around,” he said, vowing to “travel the country to push for reforms” to make it easier for people to vote."

So the plan now will require the Steve Kings of the country to fight against multicultural activists (as an example) and thanks to voter "reform", the latter group can just ballot stuff their way to victory.

This is one of the many ways the United States will dissolve: not only will normies in whiteopia no longer get to pick a President, they soon won't be able to pick their congresspeople. Stories like these need to be circulated to every cuck who is deciding to sit out for this election because they think that there is still another chance with Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, or Kris Kobach in 2020.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"The concern is that with this uncertainty, “all theories of the ideal organization of life become equal”, and that he who holds the megaphone and shouts the loudest will fill this chaos. The confusion and flood of information will end with a solution provided by the man holding the megaphone to a daily viewer placed in an isolated, near-hypnotic state."

This was one of my 'awakening' moments more than a decade ago, I was no longer agreeing with the (((man))) holding the media megaphone, I was repulsed and disgusted but felt isolated to express my opinions that go against what the megaphone is telling.

Alexandros HoMegas said...


One of your topics is the Blue Empire (CIA, State Department) vs Red Empire (Pentagon, Military Industrial Complex).

I just remembered a movie, The Siege (1998) where NYC is hit repeatedly by Muslim terrorists, Bin Laden even appears in a FBI computer screen of the most wanted, the FBI is leadered by Denzel Washington but the most interesting part was the CIA female officer interpreted Anette Benning, she looks like the average White Liberal woman who even sleeps with the Muslim man, not a experienced jihad hunter. I heard before that of the big four intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA) the CIA has the most Liberals.

But the best of the movie was the Army General Deveraux (Bruce Willis) who said this to FBI Denzel about the CIA: "The CIA didn't know the Berlin Wall was coming down until bricks started hitting them in the head. "

Toddy Cat said...

William F. Buckley (who should have known) once said that there were two things that you would never find in the CIA; 1.) an assassin, and 2), a right-winger. Seeing as he said this back in the 1950's, when the CIA was allegedly the Scourge of Guatemala and Iran, I'm sure that it's even more true today. The FBI was once the most right-wing, which is why the Commies are still trying to smear J. Edgar, but no more - Hoover has been dead a long time. The DIA is pretty right-wing, in a mainstream Republican sort of way, but I'd bet it has few Alt-Righters in it, although probably more than a year ago. Not sure about the NSA, they are an odd bunch...

peterike said...

"the CIA has the most Liberals."

Historically, the CIA has done a lot of recruiting in the Ivy Leagues, so you can guess what kind of pozzed out ruling class riff-raff they get. A good example is that once-famous DC Power Couple, Joseph Wilson and his wife, Secret Squirrel.

Well, Joe Wilson IV was an upper class slacker and only went to UC Santa Barbara, though his once wife Valeria Plame, nee Plamevotski (Ukrainian Jewish grandfather, how SURPRISING!), went to Penn State and London School of Economics, and then became a Prog Heroine for 15 minutes by being "outed" from her desk job, and all hell broke loose because Megaphone.

Anyway, these are the types that make up the CIA and State ranks. The worst of the worst, essentially. Not only traitorous, but incompetent to boot. At the FBI you'll at least get some Guido kid from Brooklyn who made good, and of course the shooting ranks of the military are farm boys and crackers, though the ruling class of the Pentagon has been scrubbed clean of patriotic Americans and replaced largely by cucked out MBA pencil pushers and status signalers.

Portlander said...

Not sure about the NSA, they are an odd bunch...

In my experience, there are two kinds of software types. Loosely you can think of them as engineers vs. scientists. The engineers deal with real, mechanical things and are pretty conservative. These are the guys in red states putting computers into your aircraft, automobiles, elevators, dental drills, manufacturing lines, etc. The scientists deal with abstractions and are liberal, arrogant, and progtarded as f8ck. Faceborg, Google, Twatter... Sergy Brin, Paul Graham, Sam Altman, the pattern is unmistakable.

Given that, and that the type of sw development NSA work most resembles is the latter, I'd be very surprised if the NSA /wasn't/ all progged up. Snowden's a prog. He's a been mugged by reality so to speak, but he's not very distinguishable from Jill Stein.

Concerning the Social Media post, I recommend every Alt-Righter with kids become a Scoutmaster. So much good to be done there. Most obvious is the potential to red pill 12-16 yo. boys, but keeping an eye out for pedofaces is no less important. The latter are absolute cowards. All it takes is one man walking around with his chin up and back straight to scare 'em off. I've never, NEVER heard of a boy with a father being abused. It's always the single moms rationalizing away red flag after red flag so that she can get free babysitting for the weekend to chase after her latest bad-boy fling.