Friday, October 28, 2016

Obamacare Working As Designed + SM Review-Preview 63

Obamacare rates soared. No crap. Seriously, if you expand the pool of eligible and get more sick than healthy using health care, you need to jack up rates. Oh you want to remove the pre-existing condition? Sorry, but that costs money. Since implementation rates have gone up, and if they did NOT go up, it is because employers slid all of their employees to "high deductible health care plans". I like HDHC plans because they come with HSAs, and you can control how dollars are spent. That was the biggest way employers kept rate increases down. Insurers were forced to an 80% loss ratio level. That kept increases suppressed a bit, but now that is gone, so they can jack rates up to where they should be with a proper loss ratio.

Sorry, this was a duel. I have written on this before, but the duel was between the mega-insurers and the progs. Mega-insurers wanted a mandated system that 3 or 4 insurers (notice all the mergers in insurance) would manage for a profit. The mandate was the entire deal sealer for them as it would force everyone in like a nationalized system, but they'd rake in money. The progs wanted something that would satisfy the insurers to keep the money flowing for campaigns while simultaneously hamstringing the system and fucking people over to then have them begging for a solution, which the media would say was nationalization.

I sent tweets to Michael Tracey, who seems a good idealist lefty, about how any moron in journalism could have spoken to any professional in insurance and learned all of this years in advance. Instead the entire media industry used the same prog approved experts who all surprisingly agreed Obamacare would work. Yup, this is why you fail. You do not work in a serious industry, and you all are regime press hacks. Go on LinkedIn for ten minutes and find pricing professionals in the industry for an expert opinion. Even ex-frat boy and ex-sorority babe brokers would have walked a journalist through the problems seven years ago, but NO ONE ASKED THEM. The media had to sell Obamacare, not debate it. I'm no longer on Facebook anymore but Michael, shhh, you and I had mutual friends. Could've messaged me.

The slide that has been happening and will continue is top notch docs and service for the higher end while the masses on government programs get imported 3rd world doctors to process them. Sorry, but you government dependents voted for it. This will not last as even the socialized plans have horrendous problems and talk of trying to limit cost overruns. Death panels work so well that Europeans live a long life, as long as they don't get cancer. Nationalized health care may never come though, because if it does, so will tort reform. I doubt the Democrats' major donors (lawyers) will allow that.


Last week, I wrote on the problem of muddied experience in modern America. Screen time is causing people's minds to melt a bit. Weimerica Weekly was a book recommendation. Seems to have struck a chord. Please listen.

Next week I will write on how far the left has drifted since 2000, and a way to prove it to your skeptical centrist friends. Weimerica Weekly might be on a goofier subject. Someone sent me some links to a total lunatic that gets published by the NY Times.


Toddy Cat said...

Michael Tracey seems to be a lot like Scott Alexander, over at the "Star Slate Codex" blog. He sees the truth, he understands the arguments, he even admits that he can't refute most of the arguments, but he just can't quite make that final step, he always runs back to that warm little buzzing hive of leftism, wet and shaking from his brush with reality. Not surprising, really. Orwell was a far more intelligent man, and also far more courageous, than either Tracey or Alexander, but he continued to call himself a socialist until the day he died. Strong, strong the pull of the Dark Side is...

Portlander said...

Basic Bitch.

Peter Blood said...

"total lunatic" = "some jew" probably

Son of Brock Landers said...

Peter - "Thernstrom"

Portlander said...

Healthcare reform iced it for me that Obama was a stuffed suit and the regime was doubling-down on stupid. (Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect that he was a going to be the Great Reformer, but it was /possible/ given the context of the '08 campaign.)

The Great Recession offered a perfect, once-in-a-generation opportunity to reset on the debt-driven, invade-invite, FIRE economy. But then (((bankers))) said, "f8ck that shit," and Obama said, "Okie-dokie."

We have a labor and goods surplus, but people are forced to work for healthcare and the mortgage-college nut. Cleaning up the healthcare tax (20% of GDP, WTF!), and running the illegals out to loosen-up housing would have been godsends toward moving us into a post-scarcity economy. Women could stay home and be mothers, men could take early and mid-career sabbaticals, the 40 hr work-week could dial back.

But, nope. And O-care is what made it undeniable. The ENTIRE discussion was around health /insurance/ never about health /care/. Not one person in media or politics took a rigorous, analytical look at where healthcare money was being spent. Everyone had their axe to grind, but never any numbers to put it into any sort of context. You'd hear shit like NICU's costing $100k/day, but how much is really spent on NICU, or all of obstetrics for that matter, in relation to healthcare's share of GDP? How much healthcare dollars are really spent on 0-18 yo's, for universal pediatric coverage to be a thing? No one f8cking knows. The whole debate was taken over by a bunch of faggy, innumerate, M. Tracey types, business lobbyists angling for a payout, and politicians acting as the mercenary middle-men. I hate them all.

The thing is, we went through all this before. The Great Depression was a necessary economic reset. SOBL, you're an Indiana boy now, might check out Tom Roznowski. He had a little 3 minute piece on public radio where he'd talk about Terre Haute prior to and during the Great Depression. It ran for a few too many years and he totally progged out by the end of it when he had nothing left to say, but one of the things he touched on on occasion was how the Great Depression changed the social contract. Lion of the Blog (I know, I know) touches on this every once in a great while, and I totally agree with him on this regard. The economic social contract needs a reset, but (((bankers))) don't want it, and so the bought-off politicians aren't doing anything on it.

Portlander said...

Should have said "faggy, innumerate, worse-than-M. Tracey, types"

Tracey ain't all bad, certainly ain't faggy & not sure if he's innumerate. But, yeah, when chips are down he flinches to his Prog-Liberalism like a Basic Bitch.

Have to add, they don't call it the crucible of war for bravado. There are no basic bitches in a fox hole. Man-up or get fragged. Either way, you're not going home a basic bitch any more.

Angry Midwesterner said...

Check the details on AthenaHealth - CEO Jonathan Bush I believe (one of them, brother of Billy Bush). So their plan is to use outpatient/ambulatory electronic medical records that they make money off of based on a percentage of billings as a launching pad for becoming an "internet of medicine," where they are working on contracts with large EMR vendors (Epic, Cerner, etc.) for data portability. Now these people want Obamacare/gubmint care to be as convoluted as possible so as to profit off of this nonsense. The DC incest is worse than you think. Their software has the luxury of really helping clinicians like myself get "maxmimum billing ICD-10 codes."

Not a bad business model if you ask me, where they can target smaller clinics that are not under the auspices of giant medical centers (they would just be on Epic, which is inferior to Athena in outpatient settings). Still, just know the "internet of medicine" plan is in the works, and your health information will be out there to be hacked due to the whole EMR mandates and shit.

Portlander said...

Yeah, heard about J. Bush's "tech start-up" a couple years ago. The ass-kissing involved in the article made me want to vomit.

Nothing pisses me off like media dip-shits trotting out some connected-as-f8ck f8ck being an example of entrepreneurial talent and intellectual genius us losers in fly-over should admire and learn from. Aw, gee... use computers and the internet -- no wait, Teh Cloud -- to fix medical billing, why didn't I think of that?

Close second is the immigrant story of the same. Those f8ckers all do it the same way: come to the US SBA borrow out the wazoo and do the risk-equivalent of putting it all on black. The biz hits, they're a millionaire, it loses, no harm, back to the old country with 5 or 10% that they siphoned to the side for a golden parachute with their kids getting US citizenship & educations for free as part of the deal too.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Progs have largely given up on economic issues and now focus entirely on the social issues. That provides enough cover for investment banks to be considered the good guys and small businesses to be considered the bad guys if they refuse to bake a cake for gays or decide to take a stand against byzantine regulations. By going this route, the prog foot soldiers can no longer feel guilt (if they ever did) about wanting to be part of the elite. They will never get there of course but they can pretend as they struggle to make ends meet with their barista and Uber gig economy jobs living in Manhattan with three other people doing the same thing. As long as you have the socially approved Facebook banner for a significant social event, it gives shady firms like Goldman Sachs the right to do almost anything.

As shocking as it seems, there is a reason why the last four weeks of the political run have turned so vicious: so much is at stake that trillions of dollars over the next eight years may be on the line.

Tiny Duck said...

Taylor Swift is dating Drake

Looks like white girls crave Black Men

Angry Midwesterner said...

Look at ICD-10 codes. They are the downright definition of insanity. As someone who uses AthenaHealth's software quite a bit, I LOVE how GOOD it is. Data and shit populate really well. The secretaries like it too. The real issue is, why the fuck does this software need to be that good? Jonny Bush is just another goddamn rent seeker.

Just remember, these Repukes will be more than happy to take software company donations. You would honestly like your doctors a lot more if they did not waste so much time on documentation and billing schemes. The Cathedral owns us.
My advice: find an old-ish doctor that does cash-only clinics or just start offering to do cash visits with your PCP when you need them, charge out of the HSA.

If you have extra time, call the insurance company to get the money back for the "annual checks" or whatever. Stop taking so much damn ibuprofen (or same family of drugs) so you won't wreck your kidney. Take more tylenol, a baby aspirin daily (81 mg). That's like 95% of the health benefits you're gonna get.