Friday, October 21, 2016

Decades in Days + SM Review-Preview 62

"There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen," - Lenin.

It is fair to say this last week is a week where decades happened both at home and abroad. At home, Trump named the beast and dared to say the thing we all know but the system silences: Democrats rig elections. This was followed by James O'Keefe releasing video of Democrats openly admitting they sent violent rioters and protestors to Trump events and bus people to vote stuff. One such leader visited the White House over 300 times and Obama over 40. Is Trump just a tool for the system to ensure Clinton's election? I would have left that as a possibility until the last month.

Trump is laying it all out there. This is delegitimizing the system on air and in homes. The regime press not covering it also indicts the media. Going forward it will all be regime supporters versus everyone else. This never would have happened with any other republican candidate. Without Trump, this never would have happened no matter how blatant. Keep in mind news stations aired interviews with people in '08 who said on air they voted multiple times.

On the other side of the world, Rodrigo Duterte announced the Philippines was now aligned with China and that the US had lost. This is not a piss ant nation in South America, Africa or even the Middle East. This is a firm ally for over 100 years that has over 100 million citizens and is in a strategic location. I will write more on this as this is an amazing coup by the Chinese. They just secured the South China Sea without firing a shot. This is not their only move.

This is also a sign to other Southeast Asian nations that if they want to defect from the USG system, do so. This is similar to Orban's move in Eastern Europe and how now some other Eastern Euro nations are acting different and growing spines. Find the video of Duterte landing in China. He received the full red carpet treatment. This was not just about him or the Philippines. This was a message.

Decades in weeks.

Last week I wrote about the foundations scamming desperate school districts that just want to close "the gap". That hope is now so ingrained that they can be conned easily by foundations. It's private side centralization too. Weimerica Weekly was a guide to dressing as a reactionary.

This week I will tackle experience and the need to reconnect with the real. VR will not be a solution. We are not the first to deal with this problem of the modern world. Weimerica Weekly might be on a variety of things. I have had some good leads sent my way.


Mike Welsh said...

How do you Trumplings feel about handling Clinton the election?

Any other Republican would have won easily but you chose a blowhard who has no chance.

If the Democrats win down ticket and the Supreme Court is loaded with liberals it will be ALL YOUR FAULT

Son of Brock Landers said...

Mike, I dont vote and know that no matter who the gop put up, it'd be an unacceptable Hitler type. Look at how they called an honorable and outstanding man like Mitt Romney a Hitler psychopath. This all ends in conflict Mike. You're going to have to make a stand and fight the commies.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

"Decades in weeks"

Yes. This is why I always take the predicted demographic collapse and dispossession of Whites with a big grain of salt. History is open and always finds a way to surprise us in ways we haven't anticipated.

Anonymous said...

Mike, there's no point voting GOP. They conserve nothing, have conserved nothing in 200 years. If Rubio or Bush or another cuck had won both the primaries & general, we'd still get open borders. What matter the SCOTUS with third worlders are pouring in to out vote us in all future elections? Taking a chance on Trump was the right gamble - gambling for opportunity to really arrest the trends.

Voting GOP is just to lose at a slightly slower pace.

Trump4Lyfe said...

Hey Ryan, do you think the USG Empire will survive? If even Philippines can go away from the USG anyone can.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"Is Trump just a tool for the system to ensure Clinton's election? I would have left that as a possibility until the last month."

This was the standard "conspiracy theory" since the beginning, Hillary would have problems debating with other GOP candidates and she needed someone to clear the GOP field for her election.

But I honestly believe Trump is the real deal. He has pride and it shows.

icr said...

"Mike, there's no point voting GOP. They conserve nothing, have conserved nothing in 200 years."

I could say you're forgetting Calvin Coolidge if he weren't such an obvious case of the exception proving the rule.

ConantheContrarian said...

The Left brands any GOP candidate "Literally Hitler" no matter what. Tell you what, I will take a Literally Pinochet then, and be well satisfied.

Is Mike Welsh a leftist troll?

Portlander said...

I always take the predicted demographic collapse and dispossession of Whites with a big grain of salt.

The good news is they are not so stupid as to want to go full Mugabe/ANC on us. The bad news is they /do/ want to make us economically compromised and demographically threatened enough that we'll keep slaving away for crumbs while they get to skim all cream from our productive output.

Left brands any GOP candidate "Literally Hitler" no matter what

The delusion of Never Trumpers in this regard is incredible. Cruz would have been painted as an Evangelical Nutcase on a mission to bring about the Book of Revelations. Rubio would have been outed as the Fluffer that he is, and been mocked as the biggest buffoon since Dan Quayle. Jeb! would have been the only candidate to actually campaign /less/ than Hillary has. I'll grant he's the one guy they wouldn't even bother w/ character assassination, since what would be the point.

Trump just a tool for the system to ensure Clinton's election? I would have left that as a possibility until the last month.

Totally agree.

RE: Philippines

This one is incredible when you stop to consider that was it even two full years ago there was going to be a hot war over some island nobody ever heard of that had not even 6 guys standing guard on a weather beaten garrison, or was it a ship-wreck (I dunno, WTF), left-over from WWII?

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Donald Trump is not a political scientist. He's greased a lot of wheels and palms as he built his businesses and knew politicians well but I suspect he doesn't think much about politics from the perspective about the system and how it works, he just knows that it is bloated, broken, and corrupted. He isn't familiar with the collusion between politicians, the media, high finance, etc. All he saw was that Hillary Clinton was running and probably thought to himself, "I could win." He has no idea about the concept of the GOP establishment, the GOP's role as the Outer Party, and being stabbed in the back by your own party leadership. He has the testicular fortitude to push through it but I suspect he is legitimately surprised that he's had to fight his own party about as hard as the Democrats.

Whoever wins on November 8 needs to win in a landslide. Enough to remove any doubt about any possible illegitimacy in the results. If it is a close victory, the other side is going to instantly reject it and thanks to the political violence that has been encouraged over the past few years, things can get real interesting, especially if there's a recession looming like many believe for 2017 or 2018. The moment where we find out that we can't just paper over it like we did last time. The moment where lucrative government contracts, gibs for umpteen million dependents, and a gargantuan bureaucracy has to go by the wayside or else face default. The US won't be able to survive with a public debt of $30-40 trillion by 2020 if we take Obama's route and introduce numerous stimulus packages and numerous quantitative easings.

It seems hokey to constantly proclaim doom and gloom. The sad reality is that the people who voted for Hillary who want more of the same might have to accept that even Hilldawg herself can't keep the system chugging if we have another major recession like last decade. Either President is going to have to face this problem head on. We kicked the can for the last time with Obama.

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha Mike Welsh you and your ilk are really panicking now :)

High Arka said...

We can only thank God that the Democrats had the restraint to not rig the 1980 or the 2000 elections. They at least had the decency to hold their power back, and let the Republicans win fairly, until Trump was in play.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Bush had to win in 2000, the wars are prepared and the elite needed a GOPer in the White House, after 8 years of Bush we get the Magic Mulatto.

High Arka said...

Yes, even in very recent (Millenial) memory, we know that the votes of the peons do not matter in the sense in which the television pretends they matter, and that not only do the Republicans have the power to rig elections, Democrats are perfectly okay with it--if Al Gore had actually wanted to win, rather than to receive a Nobel Consolation Prize, he could have done any number of things, not the least of which was having Scalia brought up for disbarment for not recusing himself from the case involving the campaign his close relatives worked for (Dumbya).

The past hundred years, at least, have shown that both "parties" choose the victors of "elections" (you could pretty much air-quote every other word in this sentence), and that it isn't an exclusively Democratic phenomenon.