Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why The Memes Are Strong

When the meme becomes real. This messaging between men in the dissident right happens from time to time with a photo or a Faceborg text screencap. A meme that started as a joke is confirmed in the wild. It is a bit absurd to consider how the memes of /pol, MPC, TRS, NRx or the AltRight, which are small sections of the American population, seem to pop up in reality unnoticed by the rest of society.

There are two keys to this. One is input related and the other is process related. The input is pretty simple. There is an element of truth in every single meme out there. The meme whether terminology, imagery or label has to ring true. One has to be able to smirk and think that "yeah that is pretty absurd, but also true". It has to stick with the person who sees it as absurd but just a caricature of reality.

The cuck meme was smart because of the kind of man who would put up with it did fit a certain look and attitude. Transferring it to politics, the enthusiastic dispossession and sell out as well as the application of it to literally feeding aliens brought into your home (nest) was perfect. Spotting the horn rimmed glasses white liberal weakling and turning it into cartoons is repeatedly confirmed in real life as countless SWPL men war the damn glasses and all spout the same liberal platitudes and clichés. Dindu Nuffin was so successful (as is "dindu" itself) that it shows up on news media comment sections and financial forums. It is a great meme because it specifically isolates a strain of blacks that always delivers with the same phrase over and over again when the television cameras get in their face.

The second key is simply the process. These memes follow a harsh evolution. This is Darwinism applied to an idea. People craft insults, images and whatnot often on boards and forums, so if something is going to last in a location, it has to work. It has to generate a feeling and be effective at transmitting an idea. Part of what makes it work is the environment of anonymous posters who don't know each other except thru pseudonyms. There is no reason not to be cruel and not to rag on someone's idea when it is all anonymous.

I have called MPC the buzzsaw because they are brutal to anyone and everyone, but that is why things that survive on MPC and make it out are effective. Had Eloh (RIP) come up with cuckservative and it been dumb, they would have trashed it. No one would have known. It clicked though, and was perfect. The MPC forum comes up with many threads and many ideas, but many are weak and die in that forum. The strongest that survive have withstood the harsh environment of the MPC crowd.

This is also in contrast to the prog memes. They have weaker memes that only succeed if repeated countless times via education and media over and over again. This is simply Brave New World's Pavlovian methods. Progs also suffer from their love of consensus and making sure all feel included. This is why their crazy glue as Steve Sailer calls it is the hatred of straight white males. Milo's experience might mean it is white males now. That is their one big meme they can all agree on, which is also a stand in for "FU dad" and in reality "FU Christian God". Even if memes are put forth, how hard are people going to be criticizing it since they don't want to offend their allies?

There is a weird evolution at work, which is also only possible because of the fringe environment which the dissident right exists in. To borrow from Land, the dissident right is on the outside, harsh, unforgiving and can be abandoned by these people to go where? This will continue to develop as hate speech laws grow in Europe and start in America. New codes and language as well as imagery will need to be developed to route around the totalitarianism that will begin to invade our language even more than PC did a generation ago.


High Arka said...

I enjoyed a few things at MPC for a while--thanks to some link you suggested a few months ago, by the way--but one day I got banned for saying something derogatory about certain Jewish persons.

Seriously. We were discussing whether or not history could be predicted, and I made the argument that, if you create history, you can "predict" it in the same way that you can predict the outcome of a boxing match if you are the boxer and you throw the match. My posts were deleted and I got banned. No one ever told me why, so I suppose you're allowed to talk about genetic and cultural issues pertaining to gays and blacks, but not Jews. I guess TRS is the only big forum left.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

It's funny and encouraging how the memes have taken off. As I've been arguing for years, we need more art, graphics, and propaganda--not more wordy essays. Memes sre changing the world.

Pangur said...

High Arka,

You were weird and bad. You are incapable of piecing together good thoughts and you confuse your verbosity for intelligence. You got run from MPC for the same reason that most bad posters do: you weren't very good.

Midwest Scat Enthusiasts said...

High Arka:
1. you aren't even banned on MPC, your profile says Chaperoned (as it always has)
2. you obviously haven't read very much on MPC if you think they don't talk about jews lmao, there's only a 100 page long stickied thread about jews (http://mpcdot.com/forums/topic/330-the-center-for-scientific-antisemitism/)
3. Your posts weren't deleted, they were just moved here: http://mpcdot.com/forums/topic/9019-high-arka-really-high/
4. If you had been banned (and you weren't) it would be for being totally tone deaf and not very smart & making new threads to post things that have been said 1000 times.

TL;DR - lurk more, read more, STAWP POASTING

High Arka said...

"And by the 21st century, we had even their most ferocious traditionalists advocating for the simpleton's approach that had, in earlier times, characterized the negro and the boor. It was as though they knew no time but their own; as though they had no frame of reference but the situation comedy and the sound byte--hmm? Oh--ha, ha! A 'situation comedy,' yes. It was a means of helping accustom them to more abbreviated artistic expression. A vital step along the way, as it were. When it first appeared, it was viewed as vulgar and unhealthy. A scant few generations later, the aged among them had come to believe that the trend was inevitable, and that communication without nuance was easy and effective, therefore, supreme. And so, you see, they were soon making our arguments for us!"

"'Conserving a boundary already indicative of defeat.' Isn't that what you called it, rabbi?"

"Very much so, Jacob! Well done!"

Dr. Stephen J. Krune III said...

On the Bills of Ducks

Before the discovery of Australia, people in the Old World used "swan" to refer to white-feathered birds of the Anatidae family, within the genus Cygnus, an unassailable definition because it applied to a specific subset of known birds. The sighting of the black-feathered swan might have been an interesting surprise for a few ornithologists, but that is not where the significance of the story lies. It illustrates a severe limitation imposed upon low-functioning brains, for they can be led by charlatans into believing that the adaptability of language and experience proves their worthlessness. One single observation can help a definition grow, as cultures which had defined Cygnus atratus or Cygnus columbianus with then-comparably-translatable terms are easily able to adjust their terms to address newly shared observations and experiences.

I push one step beyond this philosophical-logical simplicity into an empirical reality, and one that has obsessed me since childhood. What we call here a Billed Duck (and capitalize it) is an event with the following three attributes.

First, it is an inlier, as it lies within the realm of regular expectations, because everything in the logical mind, as well as the past, convincingly points to its future likelihood. Second, it carries an extreme impact: the less intelligent may be lulled into disregarding the impact of the normative, a fact capitalized upon by those who mutilate ducks (Duckcatchers), but the nigh-constant presence of the Billed Duck underpins the very definitions that make the mutated (or wounded) duck a matter for uninformed comment. Third, in spite of its inlier status, Duckcatcher nature makes parasites concoct elaborate narratives of randomness after the fact, making them appear blameless for explainable, predictable occurrences.

I stop and summarize the triplet: commonality, extreme impact, and prospective predictability. A large number of Billed Ducks explain almost everything in our world, from the destruction of cultures and religions, to the dynamics of historical events, to elements of our own personal lives. More troubling still for the Duckcatcher narrative, the occurrences of rare events, so-called "improbable," or Unbilled Ducks are themselves controlled by this mundane causality. Ever since we left the Pleistocene, some ten millennia ago, the effect of Billed Ducks, masquerading as Unbilled Ducks (more accurately, "Debilled Ducks") has been increasing. It started accelerating during the industrial revolution, when international bankers successfully employed letters of credit against nationalist administrations, deliberately creating Debilled Ducks, then later acting surprised by them, as though the world had spontaneously become more complicated--while ordinary events, the ones we study and discuss and try to predict from reading the newspapers, have become increasingly marginalized, fostering an atomized population of ignorant avian wetlanders, foolish enough to believe that Debilled Ducks are freak accidents, rather than the work of hideous Duckcatchers with hacksaws and cameras. ...

Dr. Stephen J. Krune III said...

this is great stuff, HA, cutting and insightful

Bucky said...

Twitter says this blog is unsafe

It says same thing about voxday

Hobbesean Penis said...

High Arka was a bad poster but a great typer.