Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Pedophiles, Just Like Us!

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one is on the recent sympathetic portrayal of pedophiles in big media. Yes, the pedo push has begun. It might sound early, but these things start gently. This man spotlighted is a whitewashed pedo, and even then, he comes off as a sick human.

This one is just under 30 minutes in length, and I adjusted the recording levels to a higher volume after someone complained about my speaking volume being too low.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Here's a new facet of Weimerica: the return of diseases long since eradicated in our previously homogenized society thanks to our new non-white friends.

If you look at the demographics of Riverside County, it's basically a third world bazaar of different ethnicities that is a microcosm of the America to come by 2060 if immigration is to remain unchecked. You can tell that the kids who may be lepers are non-white because of the rationalization at the end of the article regarding how leprosy isn't "that contagious" and to try to calm people down. You have to maintain the narrative at all times and one of the biggest narratives is that diversity is always good, even if we begin importing people sick with exotic and debilitating diseases that we spent exhaustive efforts eradicating a century ago.

High Arka said...

How many donations does Social Matter need before they'll assign some interns to transcribe these ponderously long "podcasts"?

High Arka said...

...Okay, I listened to the entire podcast while reading old articles--down to 2013 so far. Good overview; a few thoughts:

(1) The photographer taking provocative pictures of the scantily-clad post-pubescent teenager "didn't realize" they were erotic until he asked the parents about it? Seems about as likely as--oh, what's the popular metaphor now? Something about Hillary Clinton's e-mail server?

We've all read Lolita; we've all heard about JonBenet Ramsey; we've all seen Little Miss Sunshine; we've all heard of "jailbait." We all know what "the internet" is. How in the world is this Ned-Flanders-with-a-camera not being aware that the pictures were provocative?

(2) You discuss "hebephilia," and you also discuss how Freud was a problem. See any conflict there? I do: if nature establishes female pubescence at age XYZ, and the female then becomes fertile, with wide hips and swelling breasts and traveling eggs, why do we diagnose it as a psychological disorder when an opposite-sex member of the same species is attracted to said adult female? Is nature evil?

Doesn't it seem a bit foppish, or dare I say SWPL, for us post-cavemen technocrats to use these early-1900s feminism-inspired unnatural "ages of consent" employed in the feminized western states as the be-all end-all boundaries of nature? You say children who "cannot reproduce," which sounds quite natural and sane. But I think it's incumbent upon us, when addressing this subject, to draw a very clear line between "physically mature" and "not physically mature."

The anti-family, anti-marriage, anti-reproduction (((feminist ridiculousness))) of the U.S.'s current age of consent laws, which have been exploited by feminists for the past 50 years to jail and life-destroy 18-year-olds who have sex with 17-year-olds, shouldn't be our response to the anti-family, anti-marriage, anti-reproduction (((pedo acceptance))) movement they're now trying to use. The obvious nonsense of classing 17-year-olds as identical to four-year-olds will be one of the arguments that they use in trying to overthrow the entire regime and make all "consensual" sex legal.

sykes.1 said...

Are we going to apologize to all those homosexual Catholic priests who seduced altar boys? Do the priests deserve some sort of compensation. Should the Church get back all the property is lost to the victims?

Suburban_elk said...

Age of Consent ought to be concomitant … with Majority Status.

You don't get to have sex, until you are an adult.

For men, Adulthood would come with the Obligation to Natural Duel. For Women it would come with an obligation to be attached. James Bowery figured out that first part 20 years ago. I added the second part.

If you are not an Adult -- you can still have sex, but as a bound slave. Being an adult would a voluntary proposition.

It is difficult to talk about these things, without casting yourself as crazy -- but there is the answers.

sykes.1 said...

Back in the day, fourteen was the traditional age of adulthood, the age at which men went to work and women married.

Bumbling American said...

The scandals in the church largely involved gay men grooming and targeting young teenage boys, opposed to "kids" as such. Their actions were covered up, in some cases, by misguided managerialism, and in others by gays entrenched in the hierarchy trying to protect their own

As E. Michael Jones has written, the church capitulated to the surrounding culture by winking at sexual activity among seminarians and priests and was too naive to realize the culture would turn around and put a gun to their head

At any rate, the sexual predation and gay networks in the church are a disgrace and sin, and emblematic of how gays operate wherever they get a foothold...which is why the church compounded their disgrace and sin by not calling the problem what it was and taking appropriate action