Tuesday, September 06, 2016

One Week + The Full Press Is On The AltRight

It took the system literally one week to get to the crux of their bargain. This is the forerunner to Jim's note that the trap for the AltRight is the gravy train for becoming the right. The essays are already out that the AltRight must purge the fringe Nazi wing immediately. This is the old razzle dazzle routine that the system has given the GOPe for years of "purge the right wing and we'll accept you and be nice, we promise". In Lucy pulling the football fashion, the regime then gets back to calling the GOP racist Nazis. This is one week of exposure, and the system already has the deal laid out.

This is not all, and one funnier bit was the roll out of AltRight Jews. Unsurprisingly, it is the blood and soil Jews who lean right wing and are connected to Israel. Ethnonationalism knows a fellow cause. Whites would love a pro-white leadership and a nation dedicated to them like Israel is to Jews, but American prog Jews just cannot let us have it. This is part of the game as well since it is the deployment of a shield from attacks for being the worst thing that one can be in the eyes of the media: "anti-Semitic". Oy vey!

This is a sideshow to the deal though, and the deal of purging those icky racists in exchange for legitimacy is the old way of doing business. The Left is desperate for a villain. Right now they have neocons as formerly evil as Wolfowitz out endorsing Clinton. They have the very men they labeled icy racist warmongers from the Bush family on down to Rick Wilson on their side. They need to scrounge up a villain to allow their voters to pretend they are righteous underdogs despite having Wall St, billionaires, the war machine, CIA, GOPe, DOJ, State Department, FBI director, universities and the entire media complex on their side. It's all a lie too because we know the Left will then turn around and call them racist Nazis the first moment they feel like doing so.

This shows a lack of understanding what the AltRight is which is the decentralized dissidents remaining in America. There is no locking it down because every institution has been 100% progged so the only real dissent is on small blogs, institutions without money and twitter accounts. Why should the AltRight purge anyone when its supposed fringe is a logical answer to the institutionalized anti-white and white genocidal professors, advocates and well funded activists on the Left? If the Left were not dead set on eliminating whitey, there would be no AltRight, so why should they lay down their arms and purge first? Purging them does not make those individuals or their concerns go away.

This is one week. They are already bargaining. "C'mon kid, purge the frog men and icky racists and we'll give you a moment on our Fox show, maybe even CNN, maybe some money. Help us sell some gold coins and sit down showers to old folks." This is a problem with seeking voice. The ones holding the megaphone will seduce. Not just seduce with the gravy train as Jim notes but with the idea that power comes through the ballot. One week. It's only summer of 2016. Legitimacy concerns and bargaining. No one should let up.


craig said...

Hard to overstate just how power the Left has because they control the microphone. Not only do they get to push their agenda, they also get to shape the opposition to their agenda.

The Social Pathologist said...

Let me help you out here.


Emphasis on the second word. How da fuck does a Nazi belong to the right wing? It's simply beyond me. The Republicans may be cucks but most Alt-Right are stupid. No wonder we're going down the shit hole.

Anonymous said...

How soon before anyone's questioning Hillary's health is condemned as gaslighting?

PA said...

"most Alt-Right are stupid"

This is a shriek, not a judgment.

A.B. Prosper said...

Economic Liberalism isn't Conservative at all, Economic Nationalism is. The Austrian School you subscribe too is inherently Liberal at its core and that stuff properly belongs to the Left along with its mirror communism

Economic Nationalism and some kinds of Nationalist Social Democracy are actually far more suited to the Right.

Right Wing cultures can have somewhat Left Wing economic systems just as the NDSAP did. Hell they probably will given that technology will render industrial age thinking and job rates moot in a short period of time.

In any case given the Alt Right is pro White , pro Western and the WN/NDSAP crowd is also they have their uses. And yes sure they can be a political pain, oh well. We don't care.

Nathan Wright said...

"How da fuck does a Nazi belong to the right wing?"

Because "Nazi" is another shell game, no different than "racist". The media (continuing the Allied atrocity propaganda) defines Nazi as someone who's happy muh six gorillion were gassed. Then they gradually expand whom the label gets applied to. Before long, anyone who opposes white genocide is a "Nazi".

That said, read Evola's "Notes on the Third Reich". Evola is so far right that he thinks the leftward slide began before recorded history. But he found things to like about Hitler's regime, and what criticisms he had weren't related to the economic policy.

KlannerScum 777 said...

Slumlord, that isn't even an argument. That's just an unfounded opinion. Antidem even pointed out that Prussian Socialism (The Forerunner of the NSDAP) was Nationalist as opposed to Internationalist and that mutual responsibility and ownership of society were encouraged. Which lead to anti-usury legislation and advocacy of business competitiveness. Sounds Right Wing to me.

Your statement reaks of historical illiteracy, wishful thinking, and blind romanticism, with a good and evil distinction similar to damn gnostics.

Fuck, calling a bunch of intelligent people with a lot of autistics stupid is inconsistent with reality and if anything, your shrieks against National Socialism sound less like an educated response, but an attempt by a high status word thinker to write off other people in similar spheres just because they're willing to do the gritty and dirty work that you won't do because you wish to continue looking holy (This is where Holiness Spirals start).

If anything, your statement sounds like you projecting your own inadequacies on us. Nice try, but high IQ sillies will still be sillies.