Monday, September 05, 2016

Nixon Calls Two Months Out

Nixon Twitter DM: Can u talk?

SOBL1 DM: Yes, what's up?

Nixon Twitter DM: What's your goddamn cell phone number? I just tried your home phone and it wasn't you. Some refugee has it now. Wonder who is paying for that landline?

SOBL1 DM: Me. Here's my number...

>phone rings<

"Jesus Christ, have you seen the media, boy?"

"Yes, they've lost it. It is bizarre land, but they still have people eating it up."

"They have people desperately hoping that everything is going to be A-Okay, and that the biggest threat out there to kumbaya-ville is a bunch of memesters and Internet Nazis. We wait to see which European country gets to hear Imagine or which American city gets burned down over a crook, but they need to tackle trolls?"

"Yes, the normie crowd loves to tut tut the media, and pretend to be hip to the game, but then they end up parroting the system's lines. My dad says 'the reality is' before he uses some phrase he read in the USA Today. Last time he was in touch with reality was 1986."

"In '86 Reagan was still calling me for help with the Soviets."

"Fuck that, in '86 Reagan was signing away California with his amnesty."

"Always thought the man was a bit daft."


"Kid have you seen Trump's numbers?"

"Yes, it does not look too good."

"Are you serious? Dig into them. Blacks are openly saying they will support Trump yet polls come back with 0% black support. Polls are coming out 60% female voters. Even the NY Times itself said polling is a bit odd now. Trump is saying the election is rigged if he loses, but he has proof that the DNC rigged the primaries. Clinton's side is spreading rumors of Russians manipulating voting machines for Trump. If sh eis such a lock, why even spread that worry. If she is so certain, why give the Libertarians even 1/10th the coverage the are getting now. If she is such a lock, why did Rick Wilson purposefully run a Mormon in Utah-"

"Yes, my Jeb parody strategy but without Jeb."

"Kid that shows you there that Trump has a chance and that no GOPer wanted to risk crossing him and losing. Romney or Jeb, Jesus, even Cruz could have run in that slot and made a go of it more than the ridiculous Egg McMuffin guy."

"Did we ever get an answer for him working for CIA and for a refugee resettlement program at the same time?"

"Have you heard anything on Omar Mateen's missing wife?"


"No one is even mentioning her. That shooting is two months old and not a peep on anything, not even a play about gun control. If fifty fags are killed in an election year, does anybody notice?"

"No one notices their AIDS deaths anymore. He isn't going to win because the Silent Majority is gone, if you-"

"Shut the hell up for one goddamn moment. My silent majority carried 49 states and 60% of the vote. He only needs 270 electoral votes. He gets that in the only path possible for the GOP going forward: flipping some of the Rust Belt and securing Ohio and Florida. Florida will flip since Obama only won due to outrageous black turnout. If he flips those two and Virginia he sits at 266. You think he can't do it in Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota or Pennsylvania. You think the same black turnout will happen and that Trump won't pick up the long time-no vote crowd of blue collar and middle class?"

"I fear he loses because of the whites who are so fucking stupid that they will look at Europe and still vote for America's Merkel just so they aren't called racist. Those states you listed are full of those types of whites."

"Any white voter looking at Europe and still voting for open borders is like a teen given the exam answers months in advance and still failing the test."

"It looks pretty rough for him still even taking those factors into account in the polls."

"There is a shy Tory effect going on because you get beat if you show any support for Trump in polite society. At least a 3% effect, and that percent alone is a difference maker in the swing Rust Belt."

"It's not going to be easy."

"Nothing worth having is ever easy. You think this all ends in November? The fight goes on. Look around and pay attention to Clinton's platform. Amnesty, so 20-30 million more third worlders suddenly are your fellow Americans, she wants to ramp up involvement in Syria, she'll replace Scalia with a liberal and sayonara America."

"Adios is the proper term since we'll be closer to North Mexico by then, but how does the GOP reform itself?"

"A couple paths. They can Cuck Out as you kids put it and go even more hispandering for 2020. They can reinvent the Trump message but bigger, more polished and with one of their own in the driver seat, so Trump without Trump, but that is all depending on how fast the Supreme Court modifys gerrymandering, the other alternative is seeking different political arrangements. Even if Trump wins, unless there is a wall and massive deportations, hard to see how he can keep Texas and Florida red."

"The future is wide open. I still don't see how the USG empire holds together internationally, which means the power source to apply pressure domestically falls."

"America has to find a way to co-opt the Russians but on the Russians' terms."

"Détente 2.0?"

"Sort of, see, the Russians cannot go it alone but it's either be the USG's vassal or be China's buddy. China plays friendly with Russia and Putin because if they feed the Russians to America, then it's just China left alone vs. the International Community. Didn't work for South Africa, won't work for them. USG wants to co-opt Russia but in the '90s style with a progressive regime. We could co-opt them right now if we offered an alliance, let the Russians be Russian, and tell China to fuck off by bringing back just a touch of manufacturing."

"We'd be screwed as they would use their reserves against us."

"Bullshit. The Chinese have been engaged in a scheme like vendor financing. They gave us loans to keep us buying their shit. They have built a tremendous manufacturing center, but they are still dependent on our debt consumption. It's mutually assured destruction, but in the end we have thousands of nukes with multiple delivery systems. They don't."

"It's linked. Domestic and foreign. USG pushed too hard by poking at Ukaine and Syria, Russia's allies closer to home, and in America, the Left boiled the frog too fast calling for white annihilation and also spiked on top of it trans and now pedos-"

"They're pushing pedos now?"

"Yes, just about every outlet has said they need to be able to come out from the shadows, and NY Mag hinted at rights."

"My God."

"You're fucking telling me. I have kids now! I've seen things Nixon you wouldn't believe."

"You haven't seen dark until you've watched Hitler slow dance with J. Edgar Hoover in a dress."

"Jesus Christ."

"That's every Friday night down here in hades. Safire made a point. A good point on the whole gay marriage thing. He said marriage was like the traffic lights. Once they go out, the roads get gunked up and accidents happen because no one knows the flow of driving or when to stop and go anymore. Allowing gay marriage made people not know what was remotely close to normal anymore. They managed to kill the basic building block upon all civilization with reconfiguring it to be two men or two women which is a biological impossibility. Now you get men in wigs pissing next to little girls. Pedophiles coming out of the shadows... Jesus Christ! Is it the Jews?"

"Ehhh... Yeah... pretty much. Jews taking advantage of whites not wanting to lose status and be seen as a bad white and unholy. Whites love traveling to Africa for charity rather than 10 blocks away. Soooooo many prog whites who are falling into this do hormone treatment even though the science is shaky and is from the same people who lied about ADD and ADHD."

"What the hell is that?"

"Hyperactive kids who can't pay attention per teachers and psychiatrists."

"Shrinks are goddamn Jew quacks. Just spank them, tell them to clam it."

"That's child abuse now."

"What's raising kids as the other gender and injecting them with the opposite hormones like Dr. Frankenstein?"

"Progressive approved child abuse."

"Jesus Christ, how did transsexuals go from punch lines to saints? A man in a wig is meant for Laugh In."

"It's moved to the point where after a few sessions with a shrink, kids can get hormone treatment."

"Kids, really kids get this, not just adults?"

"Yes, children who haven't even been through puberty. It sounds like a way to neuter upper middle and upper class future leaders."

"How many of these kids will end up filing a class action lawsuit against the entire medical and education field for this?"

"I don't know. All I know is John Hopkins' stopped doing the transsexual gender reassignment surgery after pioneering it because they did not think it worked. Now your neighborhood shrink is pushing testosterone on your daughter because she is good at baseball."

"Tomboys exist right? Tell me a little tomboy is okay?"

"Better to go underground with that. Wrap her up in pink, save her from a shrink. I've seen more Pepto Bismol colored rooms than you can count."

"Why can't they just be gay?"

"It's a malleability thing. The progs want to prove that humans are just grey globs that can be molded into anything because its all social constructs."

"But doesn't needing to take hormones and change equipment disprove that?"

"True, all true, but see these people want to say they are trans-whatever and have that identity and mindset without the physical changes, therefore proving that it is all mental. This is still a tiny portion of the population, but they're getting a lot of attention because they are useful and completely bizarre. It's also gotta be partly due to gay men being guys who like men but lesbians having to make a political statement with a healthy dose of penis envy. The Lavendar Mafia destroys gender relations."

"After 8 years of Obama gleefully playing with race relations I can't imagine 18 months of Hillary and the genders."

"You mean 4 years."

"Kid she ain't making it 4 years. She can't make it up a flight of six steps. She is at the point of puppetry that strings might be tugging on those gigantic jackets she is hiding her Depends with. How did they end up with her?"

"Easy. They got cleaned up in mid-terms and the 2012 election for state wide offices. They went too anti-white which excluded the white men they have who are competent and the system is distributed and set up not for an actual executive to have power."

"I wouldn't believe that entirely. If the big chair did not matter so much, then they wouldn't be so anti-Trump. There is power to it, as simply in using the Department of Justice. Look at this no more private prisons thing. It starts with DOJ, but that's not the real goal. The goal is to trickle down through the rest of the government and then the state governments everyone else doing it. It matters for the big immigration detention centers because a private firm has to follow the law to win the contract. A federal detention center can play catch and release all they want."

"There is also the Supreme Court and a host of things Trump could do economically."

"Ahhhhh, now you got it. The big one is simple looting and plundering by the elite. You see all this Soros garbage?"

"Yes, he is a Bond villain come to life. These leaks are confirming every single conspiracy theory people had. His leaks are confirming the suspicions and dot connecting that we fringe folks were writing about for years."

"In an honest media environment, people would be able to discuss his type of manipulations."

"We've never had an honest media."

"But we used to have a dishonest media that wasn't all one way."

"Once they got their system in place, they ended all conversation about how it gets made. The book propaganda wouldn't be published today not for being scandalous but for openly discussing the power to brainwash and mold opinion."

"Soros doesn't just want to loot. He wants never-ending control."

"The elite are pretty much the same-"

"Knock it off kid. Soros made his money with Jim Rogers. I don't see Jim Rogers trying to overthrow regimes, destroy nations and change prison systems to be more pro-criminal. Soros is despicable."

"It's why Trump won't win. The can't even let him have a term flailing around."

"They are giving him the Watergate treatment before he even is on the ballot. This is their system. They will not give it up lightly."

"Can we fight our way out?"

"You're going to need to convince some elites to back you and if you start the fighting, you'll need an outside power to supply and aid you on the global scene."

"All it takes is 3%."

"And all they need to do is Gulag 1% to get the other 2% to stay quiet."

"We went dark this time. You got any jokes for me?"

"Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin celebrated their 6th anniversary this July."


"That's the joke."

"Good night Nixon."

"Keep your head up. Western Civilization survived the Saracens, survived the plague and it survived the Carter administration."

"Talk to you later this fall."


Random Dude on the Internet said...

Good post.

A fair point on the Watergate treatment. Since most immigration enforcement laws are on the books already, Trump doesn't need to pass any new laws for his immigration proposal to work, which will sidestep Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, who I guarantee will try to block Trump's wall from being built. I have little doubt that Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz (and others of course) will be working together to spike Trump's immigration plan. Then they try to make his term a lame duck so they have "no choice" but to run against him in the 2020 primaries.

Unfortunately getting elected is the easy part for Trump. It's executing his immigration and trade proposals that will be the real challenge. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if impeachment proceedings begin developing the first day he's in office. Trump's high energy base is going to need to come through in the 2018 midterms and his 2020 re-election campaign. Trump's base is going to need to apply pressure every day until he leaves in January 2025.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

That was awesome, if, as you say, a bit dark.

I'm still expecting civil war.

Alf said...

"You haven't seen dark until you've watched Hitler slow dance with J. Edgar Hoover in a dress."

That made me laugh out loud. Good stuff.

PA said...

What would Reagan tell you if he conferenced in with Nixon?


Son of Brock Landers said...

PA, depending on Nov's results, special guest appearance by Ronnie or a famous Austrian trench veteran will happen.

Portlander said...

Nice, I always like when Nixon calls.

Since you brought up Reagan, here's something that has been bothering me. As I've said before, Reagan arguably was a disaster for the country: he forestalled the reckoning that the Prog, self-hating left (epitomized perfectly in Carter) had the country quickly approaching. Reagan saved the day economically, and in so doing he made it possible for globalization to move forward full-speed ahead starting, again arguably, with NAFTA. Without the unleashed productivity brought about by Reagan, something like NAFTA would have been a complete non-starter. Without the good economic times of the late 80's & early 90's Buchanan does not have Cassandra's curse.

So, we have a pretty strong case Reagan conserved nothing. We are in an arguably worse position today as we were in in 1979. In 1979, at least we didn't have a country full of low human-capital foreigners. Growing up in one of the dumping grounds of the Great Migration, I can tell you, low human-capital is a ill that never cures. It is a pox on future generations out of the Bible. A hanging is not punishment enough for what Merkel has forever done to Germany. Germany has in her future cities that, like Detroit, will be unfit for native whites for generations to come.

OK, with that as background, here's my fear/question. Reagan was supposed to be a movement conservative, but in retrospect there was no movement there. Now with Trump, he doesn't even come across as a movement type of guy. There's the old business parable about time-tellers vs. clock-builders. I'd have to put Trump in the time-teller category. He does great for himself, but I don't see him changing what is considered acceptable elite opinion 10 years hence. Maybe I'm wrong, but even if Trump is able to significantly (not just marginally) push back on economic globalization, is he really going to spawn a whole new appreciation among the public for cultural nationalism? Is he going to touch-off a movement? I fear he will not, and in so doing, like Reagan, merely forestall something even worse.

I'm totally in the bag for Trump, but I keep worrying about when the other shoe drops. There's always an "other shoe."

paworldandtimes said...

Reagan also accelerated globalization by collapsing the USSR and the Soviet Block, which were defacto long-purged of Marxism-Leninism by that point.


Toddy Cat said...

Yes, the real problem with Trump is that he might succeed just enough to keep the system staggering along for another 20-30 years, just like Reagan did, making the crash all that much worse. I'll certainly vote for him, but there is a danger.

As for Reagan and the USSR, the problem wasn't really the Soviet Union believing all that Marxist shit. The problem was, that the USSR's leadership had to pay lip service to all that Marxist shit, which was their source of legitimacy, and that this meant giving aid and comfort to crazies who actually did believe all that shit, resulting in the usual mass murders, famines, etc. But I agree, the collapse of the USSR, while still desirable, was not the unalloyed good that it seemed at the time.

PA said...

the real problem with Trump is that he might succeed just enough to keep the system staggering along for another 20-30 years, just like Reagan did

The difference today is that we are on the brink of physical annihilation, unlike in 1980. Our expectation of Trump is that he will stop the fatal bleeding.

Portlander said...

I left mention of the Soviet Bloc out of my original because it was running v. long as it was. I suppose, and rightly so, one cannot discuss Reagan w/o including the "Soviet" threat.

First, I think it is entirely NOT a coincidence that the countries immune from the Muzzy invasion are the ones from the former Soviet Bloc. Wealth -> Hubris -> Foreign Invasion

Second, in retrospect it is pretty clear the Soviets were not invading sh*t. They were not an existential threat to us or NATO.

For that matter, neither are Muzzies and Sub-Saharan ne'er do wells an existential threat *IF* we wouldn't let them into our lands in the first place. They certainly aren't invading sh*t without active assistance from traitorous cucks the developed world. Their manufacturing sector is not capable of anything more technically advanced than an effing T-shirt. Their invasion is entirely an unforced error, which is why it is so infuriating.

Returning to the Soviet threat. I put Soviet in quotes in the opening graph because in fullness of time, it is now obvious the threat was not Soviets, not Marxism, but (((Statists))). Reagan beat the Communists, but Communism was a red-herring. It's the (((Statists))).

As SoBL writes in his next post they are now using the tried-and-true what I call, reverse-bandwagon fallacy: "look at all these Internet-Nazis; they support Trump/nationalism/noticing things/etc., ergo supporting Trump/nationalism/noticing things/etc. makes you an Internet-Nazi too. Because Nazis!" Repeat it 1000 times to make it true... straight out of the Stalin handbook. Like I said, (((Statists))).

Toddy Cat said...

I can't agree with you fully Portlander, I think that the Commies were a real threat, or at least the 80 million or so people they killed thought so. But you are certainly correct about the Muzzies and cucks, and in fact, the greatest threat that the Communists presented was the fact that the traitorous elites of the West, those same elites pushing Open Borders and Globalism today, were constantly pushing us to surrender to them. It's not just a coincidence that once Reagan started standing up to them, the Soviets crumbled - like the Muslims today, they were always more of an opportunistic infection, drawn by our weakened societal immune system.

Then as now, our worst enemies are internal, and those who sense the true nature of the disease, like McCarthy and Trump, are the most vilified and demonized.

Portlander said...

I think we agree. The (((Commies))) over here were a threat. The Commies over there, not so much.

Portlander said...

OK, one last thing that must be said...

WTF is the deal with Jimmy Carter? Is there a more proto-SWPL than he? I know NR in the dead-tree days was fond of saying Carter never met a dictator he didn't cozy up to, but it feels like there's more going on there. Closet fag? That toothy smile of his does give off a pedo-cuck vibe.

He hated American supremacy at a time when only the basket-case Cali-Left felt that way. One has to wonder how did he ever get out of the bush-leagues of GA? But still, is there a more SWPL president than he? And in the 1970's, no less.

(And by SWPL I mean he is one -- who -- as opposed to an object of their liking -- whom -- ie. Obama.)

Nixon had a good Carter quip (see this isn't totally O/T) in regard to the Iranian Eagle Claw fiasco. I don't remember it exactly, and I'm sure I must have read it in NR dead-tree, but it was along the lines of when Nixon heard Carter sent 8 helicopters of whatever it was, Nixon responded, "What the hell, why not send them all!"

Toddy Cat said...

I remember the '76 election, it was Watergate backlash. Carter was sold by the media as being a simple country boy, an outsider, who would clean up the mess that "The Establishment" had made under Nixon. Of course, it was Nixon who was the outsider brought low by an insider coup, and Carter was an establishment shill, but then as now, history was re-written by the media to suit their immediate needs. Of course, the Establishment dropped him like a hot brick when they found out how inept he was, and they tried to replace him with Ted Kennedy (!) in 1980.
Carter was actually not quite as bad as Obama, but Obama can at least appear competent, whereas Carter never learned to hide his ineptitude. Carter was also utterly self-righteous, and still is. He'll go to his grave believing himself to be a great statesman