Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Twitter Lockdown

About a month ago I noticed my image tweets started to come with a warning for sensitive material. This was anything I posted that was an image. I sloughed it off as Twitter just being odd. I had previously had links to this humble little blog come with a warning that the website was potentially harmful. That was right after all of my UVA-Emily Renda posts. Someone had complained.

Last weekend, replies I sent on Twitter were not showing up in people's notifications. Then magically I was locked down due to suspicious behavior. I changed my password and hit the confirmation code request button to unlock it. After an hour or so, all was well. The next day something odder happened. I was locked out for automated behavior. I am obviously not a bot. It was not just me. Heartiste and VoxDay were also locked out.

A couple of things here. First, this is a strategic purge of figures on the dissident right. It was not just accounts with larger followings, but even smaller accounts were nipped. Some who started new accounts saw that there replies and even quoting of tweets were not showing up in people's notifications. This would help the higher profile users avoid trolls. If you cannot see the reply and interaction, you will avoid the individual entirely and enjoy the twitter experience. They want to prevent white liberal flight from their platform.

Second, this is a nice clean up before selling Twitter to a bidder... if they can sell to someone. Hillary named the ugly meanies on the right and oh look, Twitter, which was their megaphone, shut the door on them like good progs. Good boy >pets Jack on the head<, here's your bid which will bail you out. This could make some business sense, but Twitter is already on the decline. If their demographics, which already skewed blacker than the US, start to go blacker, well then who are they going to sell advertising to? Pinterest is just licking their chops at all of this.

This lockdown or clean up is one more piece of evidence though in the value of the megaphones themselves. Similar to newspapers closing comments sections, therefore reducing page clicks and their own revenue, this is a media company reducing user interactions, content and buzz for control. Control of the megaphone >>>> money. This is why no matter the money losing proposition that newspapers are a billionaire sharp like the second richest man in America will buy them. Mold the message, control the narrative.

"Come on, how can you believe that? It wasn't on any of the network news."


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I've been banned from Twitter a couple of times. Now I'm back.

Wrong Side of History said...

Ah. I was wondering why I couldn't share your article yesterday.

Son of Brock Landers said...

WSoH, just switch the .com to .ca and you'll be fine.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

The word on the street is that Disney wants to purchase Twitter.

High Arka said...

I've read all your entries now, and it's striking how often you try to refer traffic to the "meet women" marketing syndicate. Clicking back to the present day, e.g. this post, I found yet another prompt. I wonder, are you a gullible customer or a clever peripheral member who's targeted at a more intelligent audience?

It's certainly possible that someone could read the, "family court is bad, fat girls are shameless," portion of the targeted content and be lured into believing, "These are honest citizens speaking their minds, they're just like me except with a bigger audience," but then, you've discussed nepotism so much I wonder if it's just the comparative novelty of the weblog that makes you so trusting vis-à-vis that particular marketing arrangement.

Dystopia Max said...

Heartists is making as big a killing on the thirst hits as High Arka is obviously concern trolling, let me tell you. Obviously SOBL believes that family courts perform a vital public function and girl of size should be sexually respected at all times. Whatever our social ills, there's absolutely nothing within that industry that merits any scrutiny or mention. Really, just talking about these sacred creatures makes you suspicious.