Friday, September 09, 2016

Burning Man Out + SM Review-Preview 58

The rich got a little pushback for their slumming or tourism at Burning Man this year. This is not much, and nothing like kidnappings of the rich in South America, but it is a step. The quotes and pictures are worth it there. A bunch of rich guys, some DJs and the hot women they bring along all had to deal with water issues and oh gosh, the wires were cut for their turntables. Oh the humanity.

Note the comment by a Burning Man regular who liked that it was a taking it back moment. That also is a false search for authenticity. "I'm a downtrodden rebel who paid $400 to come here!" Burning Man, like all festivals, went through the organic growth stage, then the addition of the "it's cool, right" crowd and then the commercialization of it with the rich and celebrity crowd wanting to be a part of it. Instagram is full of has been actresses in their faux hippie uniform to get ready for Burning Man. It would be interesting to see Burning Man decrease in size and the tourist crowd. Only force will make it happen.

For a garbage, candy type news bit, there is a nice reveal here. These rich or well to do types, don't feel like they are the bad rich. "The 1% are elsewhere, not us. We're good, liberal rich. We vote like you. Black Lives Matter! Refugees? Hello, anyone?" That is not going to matter to people when they see what you have and how you act besides the 2 minute love/hate political sloganeering. If in America, everyone feels a victim, another social truth is that none of the rich feel like exploiters. The pitchforks and torches may return, and possibly sooner rather than later.


Last week I wrote on the bipartisan war party, and how it predates America's empire. It's our system and the universalism. Weimerica Weekly was on the disgusting email interview the NY Mag did with a celibate pedophile.

This week I write on the time when the Soviets had a man at the top of the CIA. The evidence is circumstantial, but points to the CIA once having a leader that was an agent for the main opponent. Weimerica Weekly might take a week or two break due to outside duties.


Toddy Cat said...

As someone who has always believed that Communist Subversion in the upper reaches of our government was much worse than is often thought, I'll be very interested to see who you think the "Mole" was.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Prof. Revilo Oliver called the predecessor of the CIA, the OSS as the Office of Soviet Stooges.

The Feminist Queen Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA and was surprised how "Liberal" they're, I heard before that of the big four intelligence agencies (DIA, CIA, FBI, NSA) the CIA has the most Liberals, just look at Graham Fuller who had his daughter married to the uncle of the Boston Bombers.

Portlander said...

Starting to sound like Lavender Mafia to me.

If so, which came first the (((Commies))) or the fags? I suspect it went (((Commies))) which brought in (((fags))) which brought in more fags, the latter two groups could be compromised whenever significant, critical decisions were being faced. After that, institutional inertia and group-think takes care of the rest.

Toddy Cat said...

Funny how the CIA is such a bugbear among leftists. Hell, it was the FBI that was the hard core anti-commie organization back in the good old days, not the CIA, which of course is why the lefties worked so hard to smear Hoover as a queer, which planted rumors our genial host deploys to such comic effect above...