Monday, September 12, 2016

A Note On Clinton

#WhereWereYou #NeverForget #TakeAKnee

I'm not hastagging for 9/11. I am hashtagging for where were you when a random New Yorker Rodney Kinged this election with video of the #ClintonCollapse. You probably started off laughing about the initial report she collapsed leaving the memorial. The video made the hardest of hearts laugh but it also had to make you pause and get worried.

This is who the system is all behind. This is who the Democrat elite cleared out the field for. This is who the media has been carefully covering for every single step of the way. This is who the Saudis are funneling millions to. This is AIPAC's preferred executive. This is the neocon's choice to make hard foreign policy decisions. This is the candidate of the bankers. This is the nexus of all of their pay for play and corruption scandals. This is a sick and dying old woman.

Stop with the FDR or JFK comparisons. Neither were suffering nervous system and brain affecting problems. FDR was wheelchair bound but of sound mind. JFK had major back issues and was using drugs to keep up, but was of as sound of mind as a Kennedy could have. If anything, the Left is proving how they have done this in the past for their boys. I am hard pressed to see the government dependents shifting their vote due to this, but there is one crowd that may. Right now college educated whites are breaking for Clinton when in '12 they broke for Romney. This may, may, peel some of them away. This might provide cover for them to say, "I'm not a racist, but I just can't vote for someone who may die in office".

Those of us on the fringe have known she is sick. It doesn't take a genius to piece it all together. This is not a sick and dying queen at the end of her reign. This is a woman they are selecting to be the figurehead for their system. The puppet strings have been obvious on the last couple of presidents, but this is Weekend at Bernie's level puppetry. Yesterday, I was looking around for fictional analogues. On MPC, Bixxy Noodles cited the book "Interface" that has a stroked out presidential candidate take cues from a biochip implanted by a shadowy group called "the network". Best I could reason was "The Dark Knight Strikes Back" where a hologram president is controlled by Lex Luthor (Soros) as the Brainiac (Silicon Valley progs) run the show.

It would be far healthier for the elite to explain how they handle everything and formalize their control. Lay it out there for all to see, and see if the fireworks start or if by stating how they control it, they can stop wasting time propagandizing everyone on everything. Alternative arrangements can be made. We could all stop pretending the president has this immense power, and start to learn who really calls the shots. If Soros, Buffet, Steyer or the Koch brothers had to explain themselves, me thinks policies would be untenable.

Isn't this beautiful though? Isn't this appropriate in this "the current year" for the progressive experiment? It's all unraveling. The media is having a harder time spinning things. Yesterday's events felt like Napolean's march to Paris except over the course of one day. It was nothing -> overheated -> stumbled -> you're sexist -> stop speculating -> it's pneumonia. All of that in less than twelve hours. The policy mandarins cannot control the forces and third world heathens they have allied with, and still double and triple down on the zombie slogan and ideas. A zombie executive for a zombie belief system of a zombie empire. Strategist Michael Vlahos has noted they are still sleepwalking into the new global order as if America can call every shot the way it wants to. The game is changing but they are not adapting.

Lost in this is a nice juxtaposition. Clinton spent August barely campaigning, hiding out in her gurney most likely. The fringe right spent the month talking about her health issues, pressing on in the aftermath of the ridiculous Khan controversy. She walks out, wastes a speech to give the little blogs and twitter accounts the label of fringe jerks to smear Trump. Since then, the fringe is proven right. She is a stumbling, collapsing image of the establishment. It is fair to be frightened that people would still vote for a woman this ill and corrupt. That is the marker of our degraded voter pool. I'm more troubled by the elite's paving of her road to power for their use.

They are delegitimizing their own system far more effectively than we can.


peterike said...

It is fair to be frightened that people would still vote for a woman this ill and corrupt.

Indeed, if you check out the #HillarysBodyDouble hash tag, there are LOADS of people saying precisely this: "I'd vote for #HillarysBodyDouble before I vote for Trump!" and equally idiotic things. And they resolutely won't put two and two (and two and two and two) together to link Clinton to the gang of criminals and psychopaths that rule her.

But it's fun watching things break down. The full-on media assault against the Hillary-is-ill "conspiracy" falls apart with one little 15 second video. Without batting an eye they shift to "OF COURSE she's sick!" and she's such a little trooper for getting out there!

Now it's "people who say she has a body double are insane!" when probably in a day or two more it will get confirmed, and then the story will be "OF COURSE she has a body double, what will all those HATE HATE HATE filled Alt-Right people out there!"

Sadly, I really don't think this stuff breaks through the deflector shields most SWPL types and others have around them. But it's got to be affecting a few, or at least giving them the all-important social coverage to vote for the guy they actually know is the right choice.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

With liberals, it is always the short con and the long con.

The short con is that Hillary's inevitable defeat can be used as an excuse to purge Clintonites from power within the Democrats. Bill and Hillary are now spent forces and Chelsea does not appear to have any of the ambition of her parents. So once Hillary loses (I have little faith that she can turn this around unless Trump screws up big time), it can be used an excuse for the Obama wing to begin taking over the party. This interparty war is the short con because it can purge a wing of the party that is still stuck in the 1990s and is considered too conservative.

The long con is that the Democrats, despite the wailing of the media, will be disappointed but not shaken by a Trump victory. I can see them smugly clinging to their dog eared copies of The Emerging Democratic Majority while saying "Let Trump play President for four years, we will win every election thereafter." They will see it as losing the battle but winning the war, even with 3-4 supreme court justices. The law or constitution hasn't applied to the Democrats for the past eight years, not sure what will stop them after 2020.

The media will be going nuts but I think the party will be keeping their eyes on the prize. If they can prevent a GOP supermajority, they will try any way they can to shut down any part of Trump's immigration or trade proposals. Turncoat cucks like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz will be more than happy to help spike anything Trump proposes in hopes they can run in 2020 after making Trump a lame duck.

I think Hillary's "pneumonia" attack cost her the election but these people are thinking several steps ahead.

High Arka said...

You're absolutely correct that our history textbooks do not refer to FDR suffering from conditions of the nervous system, and that they agree he had a sound mind. I remember reading many different descriptions of the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, the sickening horror of the Holocaust, and how FDR was wheelchair bound but remained quite mentally capable throughout his presidency.