Friday, September 30, 2016

That First Debate + SM Review-Preview 59

Debates are dead. They are dead if we have entered explicit tribal politics. Debates were overrated in general. A primary debate makes more sense since it is same team and persuasion still exists. Persuasion is gone. The 2012 election proved that. It now is simply get out the vote for your tribe, and especially the racial tribes.

Charlotte's riots proved this. In Tulsa, a white female cop shot and killed an unarmed but high on PCP black man. In Charlotte, a black cop shot an armed black man. Who gets the protest-riot? First, Oklahoma is deep red and North Carolina is a swing state. The foundations bused in their road team, and voila, swing state North Carolina has a few nights of riots. This is used to first push the nationalization of police forces, which I noted months ago, but second, it gins up the black community to vote Democrat or the KKK Police will kill them all.

Were the debates ever going to top Nixon-Kennedy? Reagan's "better off four years ago" moment was brilliant television and salesmanship, but before and after is a lot of garbage. The W debates were painful to watch. The Candy Crowley 2nd Romney-Obama debate was awful, and blunted what was momentum for Mitt Romney. The problem is a nation that is 90% white with shared norms and mores has enough elastic voters that can be persuaded. Nixon-Kennedy was a match between two intelligent, young men who had connections to the high machinery of power.

Do not sleep on Nixon and Kennedy being in their 40s being a factor. They had sharp, younger minds to engage each other with for an hour. Despite that famous match up, this is no way to pick the leader of an empire, especially a nuclear power. Behind closed doors, the Russians in the late '90s settled on a compromise pick of a former intelligence officer named Vladimir Putin. In the last decade, America has been picking between elderly water carriers of the regime, Ivy trained business puppets and now a casino magnate.


Last week, I wrote on the politicization of medicine with the trans push. I did not go deeper into Dr. Money, but please look for documentaries about him as he was a wicked man. What is worse is all of his fraudulent research and crackpot theories are the foundation for current trans and gender thought spewing from academia. If you talk to professors, they will say what and how he did it was wrong, but that they do support his conclusions.

This week I explain the original "excluded from da country club" incident and Weimerica Weekly will return. I promise.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

WW1: Moving Earth

If sides had to build 1000s of miles of trenches, it would require many stones. The type of rapid fire weaponry that the manufacturers produced made WW1 perfectly suited for defensive weapons. Old generals like Haig could not grasp the change, and he was rightfully called a butcher. He somewhat redeemed himself later when tanks joined the battle. All of those defensive positions needed massive engineering and construction efforts. This shot beautifully captures one of the millions of small yet difficult efforts to make the war machine go. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Twitter Lockdown

About a month ago I noticed my image tweets started to come with a warning for sensitive material. This was anything I posted that was an image. I sloughed it off as Twitter just being odd. I had previously had links to this humble little blog come with a warning that the website was potentially harmful. That was right after all of my UVA-Emily Renda posts. Someone had complained.

Last weekend, replies I sent on Twitter were not showing up in people's notifications. Then magically I was locked down due to suspicious behavior. I changed my password and hit the confirmation code request button to unlock it. After an hour or so, all was well. The next day something odder happened. I was locked out for automated behavior. I am obviously not a bot. It was not just me. Heartiste and VoxDay were also locked out.

A couple of things here. First, this is a strategic purge of figures on the dissident right. It was not just accounts with larger followings, but even smaller accounts were nipped. Some who started new accounts saw that there replies and even quoting of tweets were not showing up in people's notifications. This would help the higher profile users avoid trolls. If you cannot see the reply and interaction, you will avoid the individual entirely and enjoy the twitter experience. They want to prevent white liberal flight from their platform.

Second, this is a nice clean up before selling Twitter to a bidder... if they can sell to someone. Hillary named the ugly meanies on the right and oh look, Twitter, which was their megaphone, shut the door on them like good progs. Good boy >pets Jack on the head<, here's your bid which will bail you out. This could make some business sense, but Twitter is already on the decline. If their demographics, which already skewed blacker than the US, start to go blacker, well then who are they going to sell advertising to? Pinterest is just licking their chops at all of this.

This lockdown or clean up is one more piece of evidence though in the value of the megaphones themselves. Similar to newspapers closing comments sections, therefore reducing page clicks and their own revenue, this is a media company reducing user interactions, content and buzz for control. Control of the megaphone >>>> money. This is why no matter the money losing proposition that newspapers are a billionaire sharp like the second richest man in America will buy them. Mold the message, control the narrative.

"Come on, how can you believe that? It wasn't on any of the network news."

Monday, September 26, 2016

Disney's Smart Purchase of Marvel and Star Wars

It started in the '90s but was undeniable a decade later. Walking through the Disney store, customers would be bombarded with girls' toys and costumes. If you went to a Disney park, you would see them. Them being the countless little girls in their favorite princess' outfit or dress. Maybe it was 95 degrees out but they were going to wear it over their normal clothes. By noon, they were back at the hotel to cool off. Disney was definitely a feminine product platform. They have since fixed that. Marvel and Star Wars were acquisitions to create a boys line without organic R&D.

There is no overstating the princess dominance that Disney has enjoyed since the release of The Little Mermaid in 1989. If you review each subsequent release and combine it with re-releases of classics on video and DVD, there is a princess for every type of girl. Not personality type but looks. Redhead, brunette, alabaster skin brunette, wavy haired, Hispanic, blonde, and when they did the creole frog animated movie they finally added the black princess (with a little booty). There was a princess for every girl to identify with and project herself into not just for fantasy but for consumption.

Disney did not have this for boys. Hercules and Aladdin don't really grab boy consumption like the princesses did with little girls. Disney is not a dumb company, but the princess development was via steady animated films that they rolled out in the '90s. There is also massive competition now for the children's movie market, where other studios have edged in on a guaranteed money maker. Animated films are relatively cheap to make, and have a baseline audience that will make merchandise tie ins and future dvd sales or Amazon/Youtube downloads a great ROI.

Disney fixed this by buying Marvel and then Star Wars. With those purchases, Disney now has their "prince" line, but for boys they can call it "heroes". The Marvel heroes run the spectrum for physical features and personality type, so Disney made an acquisition to hit a new market. Now a walk through the Disney store isn't so feminine focused or old timey cartoon nostalgic. Yes readers, the NAM inserts for the new Star Wars flopped as the figures in Lego Store clearance sections reveal, but it becomes an identification entry point for NAM boys to buy into Star Wars. NAM families now see it as inclusive, so the many non-human items to buy that are Star Wars become palatable.

It does not stop there as Disney acquired in two purchases a plethora of story development. The entire history of Marvel comic stories and Star Wars universe is there to mine. Disney does not have to waste time developing new stories either as the writers for Marvel, who are paid peanuts, are churning out monthly tales and multiple issue story arcs for Disney to select from for future 90-120 minute movies. Disney has the next decade mapped out with blockbusters based on Marvel and Star Wars intellectual properties, and even if they are duds in the theater, Disney is going to make a mint on them on the merchandise back end. Has Disney already earned back its purchase cost for the entire Star Wars property? It's probable.

This all then feeds back into the parks. Besides an expanded Star Wars zone, Disney has Star Wars merchandise to push. Same goes for Marvel. A family that previously only had to deal with their daughter wanting a princess dress throughout the eight hours at the park now hears a son say, "If you bought Kayden a dress, can't I get a Thor hammer?" The Chinese and Vietnamese made plastic toys are where they get you. Leaving a park with cool air sweeping over you in one of the parking lot trams, you will see little girls asleep in their Belle dress. Now thanks to Disney's ingenious strategists, their brothers will be fast asleep holding a lightsaber or Captain America shield.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Social Matter - The Medicalization of Frankenstein Politics

New essay at Social Matter. This one covers the trans push, not via media, but via the therapy racket. This is a medical application of progressive ideology. The authority that Americans have handed the medical establishment is abused in many ways, and the trans thing is now the front line. This is dangerous and horrifying.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

WW1: Homefront Help

This was a cartoon drawn up for the papers back home. The mirroring of positions is a nice touch. A time when a woman's contribution to war is considered to be error filled even if domestic related. It still could be appreciated for the effort and thought. Now we send women into combat with results that will be worse than misshapen mittens.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why The Memes Are Strong

When the meme becomes real. This messaging between men in the dissident right happens from time to time with a photo or a Faceborg text screencap. A meme that started as a joke is confirmed in the wild. It is a bit absurd to consider how the memes of /pol, MPC, TRS, NRx or the AltRight, which are small sections of the American population, seem to pop up in reality unnoticed by the rest of society.

There are two keys to this. One is input related and the other is process related. The input is pretty simple. There is an element of truth in every single meme out there. The meme whether terminology, imagery or label has to ring true. One has to be able to smirk and think that "yeah that is pretty absurd, but also true". It has to stick with the person who sees it as absurd but just a caricature of reality.

The cuck meme was smart because of the kind of man who would put up with it did fit a certain look and attitude. Transferring it to politics, the enthusiastic dispossession and sell out as well as the application of it to literally feeding aliens brought into your home (nest) was perfect. Spotting the horn rimmed glasses white liberal weakling and turning it into cartoons is repeatedly confirmed in real life as countless SWPL men war the damn glasses and all spout the same liberal platitudes and clichés. Dindu Nuffin was so successful (as is "dindu" itself) that it shows up on news media comment sections and financial forums. It is a great meme because it specifically isolates a strain of blacks that always delivers with the same phrase over and over again when the television cameras get in their face.

The second key is simply the process. These memes follow a harsh evolution. This is Darwinism applied to an idea. People craft insults, images and whatnot often on boards and forums, so if something is going to last in a location, it has to work. It has to generate a feeling and be effective at transmitting an idea. Part of what makes it work is the environment of anonymous posters who don't know each other except thru pseudonyms. There is no reason not to be cruel and not to rag on someone's idea when it is all anonymous.

I have called MPC the buzzsaw because they are brutal to anyone and everyone, but that is why things that survive on MPC and make it out are effective. Had Eloh (RIP) come up with cuckservative and it been dumb, they would have trashed it. No one would have known. It clicked though, and was perfect. The MPC forum comes up with many threads and many ideas, but many are weak and die in that forum. The strongest that survive have withstood the harsh environment of the MPC crowd.

This is also in contrast to the prog memes. They have weaker memes that only succeed if repeated countless times via education and media over and over again. This is simply Brave New World's Pavlovian methods. Progs also suffer from their love of consensus and making sure all feel included. This is why their crazy glue as Steve Sailer calls it is the hatred of straight white males. Milo's experience might mean it is white males now. That is their one big meme they can all agree on, which is also a stand in for "FU dad" and in reality "FU Christian God". Even if memes are put forth, how hard are people going to be criticizing it since they don't want to offend their allies?

There is a weird evolution at work, which is also only possible because of the fringe environment which the dissident right exists in. To borrow from Land, the dissident right is on the outside, harsh, unforgiving and can be abandoned by these people to go where? This will continue to develop as hate speech laws grow in Europe and start in America. New codes and language as well as imagery will need to be developed to route around the totalitarianism that will begin to invade our language even more than PC did a generation ago.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Serena Endorsements Issue

Tennis finishes out its season with the US Open. On the ladies' side, the question is "can someone beat Serena?". That is how current women's tennis is, but it was not always like this. It was not like this even early in Serena Williams' career. As another season wraps up the safely controversial, or faux rebellious, articles get written about Serena while unmentionables continue due to political correctness.

The mystery of why Serena Williams does not make as much in endorsement as Maria Sharapova despite on court dominance. Before stepping into this, please read the fear of a dominant black woman article, as it is a riot. The Left loves to use the word or idea of fear as to why people may not like something. Just like many others who watch sports, I enjoy skilled competition. Ratings drop if Serena gets bounced out of a tournament early. People will watch her play. They can also think she is an asshole.

She also has never lost a match because the opponent outplayed her. Listen to her press conferences. She always beats herself. Even when the Belgians Henin and Clijsters were beating her handily, she would not admit they outplayed her. It's goddamn annoying. Her sister is or was the same way, which means maybe its just who they are. The steroids thing is also going to repel humans who notice. The follow up to that is the "OMG she iz soooo beautiful" pundit class repeating that line despite natural repulsion to women in he uncanny muscle valley. Female tennis players admit to balancing body image and success on the court, and wouldn't you know it, Serena Williams does not even touch weights. I can just see this line also being used for Lena Dunham in five years, "Williams, 33, who has appeared on the cover of Vogue, is regarded as symbol of beauty by many women". That statement is factually correct (grammar is off), but hollow in meaning.

Why might Sharapova earn more in endorsement money than Serena and why does Sharapova not rock the roids for an advantage on the court vs. Serena? There is a "gap" of about $5 million between them, and oh darn, the media doesn't like it. First, Sharapova did fail a drug test due to an endurance drug with some back and forth between her and the WTA. Still, roiding up for Sharapova and some of the others in the NY Times article, may not give the payoff they want. Does an additional Grand Slam title make it worth it for Sharapova to play with her health and looks? Will she earn more money? Not really. This is an incentives game, and the incentives are not there.

Second, who are the advertisers using tennis marketing too? Look at the crowds, consider the players, consider who plays at the lower level. High disposable income folks and a predominantly white crowd. Sharapova looks like the leggy, hot Russian girl that showed up at the country club. Serena Williams resembles a linebacker. You are not going to pitch aspirational ads to white women using Serena Williams, but of course you can with the beautiful blonde. You are not going to pitch ads using Serena Williams muscular frame to men as "buy this product and you too can get this woman". Tennis market men are not fantasizing about sex with an NFL cornerback that has breasts.

Who the advertisement is targeting matters more, and that slight gap can be found there. Maybe thirteen years ago when Serena Williams was more womanly in shape you could pitch her in that manner, but not now. The women that the NY Times says consider her a symbol of beauty are not buying the products that advertise to the tennis viewer market. This will just remain another mystery for the mainstream media because they cannot utter the simple truth.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Social Matter - Hidden History: The Soviets CIA Head

New essay at Social Matter. This one is on the curious case of a decorated and fierce Cold Warrior who had some curious gaps in his record. This one also reflects the hiding of not just history by the professional Left but the goons at Wikipedia. Not a word of it on his Wiki entry.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

WW1: Red Cross Doge

The modern urban dandy would definitely enlist in the forces of the Great War if he knew he could maintain his luxurious facial hair and be tended to by his faithful doge. This is a Red Cross working dog that would bring first aid supplies to me in the trenches and in camps. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Note on Synthetic Heroin

In July, the authorities in central Ohio warned the public about an extremely dangerous type of heroin moving around the community. They arrested a dealer (black male, not an immigrant) on charges who was a focus of this new stuff. It was not heroin but was a synthetic opioid. Fentanyl and carfentanyl laced powder sold as heroin was going to hit the streets. A little over a month later, and suddenly the overdoses are piling up and the NY Times is on it. There is a great unspoken in these synthetic heroin overdose tales. The stuff is made here. No smuggling needed. The heroin story has entered a new phase.

The media mentions smuggling in from China and Mexico. It's Mexico mostly as the Sinaloas control a huge percentage of America's heroin inflow. What this addition of synthetic heroin more and more into the heroin market means is that there is now enough infrastructure and consistent demand for the heroin distribution network to not need to import. Heroin may not need to ride waves of usage as it did before and rely on the problem of foreign imports anymore.

When heroin first began to skyrocket fifteen years ago (don't forget the early '90s heroin wave), the flood of Afghanistan production increased the global supply enough that all distributors had enough product to move. This did drop the price to where one could get high off heroin cheaper than buying a bag of M&Ms. This also had the tailwind of American pill manufacturers of oxys changing the way pills were so they were harder to crush and raised awareness nationwide of youths and others abusing people's pills. Supply and demand came together for an increase in consumption and a switch in good consumed by users.

Heroin still had a distribution network problem. There was little infrastructure. This is why immigration is so important. The Mexicans could move whether Sinaloa, Zeta or Gulf cartel aligned among the millions that came into the US over the border. They could sell directly or move the product through current street gangs. Going wholesale gave them a buffer. Plus, being a new "other" in our society made infiltrating and penetrating those gangs more difficult.

Even with the product moving quickly, and Mexico ramped up heroin inflows to the US after marijuana was made in legal in some states, there was the reputation for Mexican brown, dirty heroin. Users wanted the white fine china. Here's where fentanyl and carfentanyl come in. They are synthetic. They are manufactured and made to look white. The local gangs, which have been selling dirty Mexican heroin, now have a way to sell white heroin looking substances but via their Mexican suppliers now that the cartels have a network here. Some may even become independents.

No way are cartels risking smuggling heroin looking powders over the border when they can just manufacture them in America, in safe locations. Hispanics are 17% of the American population now. Tell me they can't hide? This is not meth. This is not Breaking Bad. Fentanyl is manufactured at room temperature. It can be mixed into a powder in your home and only at room temperature. I stress room temperature for two reasons. First, there is no need for special equipment. Second, any heat scans are not going to pick up anything. No toxic gases, and the Meth House smell is not present. No need for trailers in the woods or desert as it can be whipped up in any home.

The other very difficult thing about synthetics like fentanyl and carfentanyl are the potency. At just 10-20 times as powerful, they can manufacture one kilo of the fentanyl and have the equivalent of twenty kilos of heroin. They cut it with white powders, and now they have what looks like 20 kilos of heroin and will give users the same high despite far less product. No smuggling risk. If held pre-cut, that is a tiny amount of powder to flush down the toilet if a bust happens. Some can even just cook up one kilo of fentanyl and add a bit to each heroin baggie for that extra kick. The marketing might be that yes the Mexican brown stuff is dirty, but this stuff has kick the white powder does not have. The incentives are there for them to try this and change their product if not in spikes in outright substitutions.

The dangerous sign is that they are moving to this more and using more exotic opioids. Users need to chase the greater high, so the synthetic stuff will meet that need. The cartels and dealers now feel heroin is a secure enough market that they can abandon their former smugglers and produce onsite. The ease of production is a factor in their favor. They will continue to use it because they know the demand will be there now and do not care if you overdose and die.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Note On Clinton

#WhereWereYou #NeverForget #TakeAKnee

I'm not hastagging for 9/11. I am hashtagging for where were you when a random New Yorker Rodney Kinged this election with video of the #ClintonCollapse. You probably started off laughing about the initial report she collapsed leaving the memorial. The video made the hardest of hearts laugh but it also had to make you pause and get worried.

This is who the system is all behind. This is who the Democrat elite cleared out the field for. This is who the media has been carefully covering for every single step of the way. This is who the Saudis are funneling millions to. This is AIPAC's preferred executive. This is the neocon's choice to make hard foreign policy decisions. This is the candidate of the bankers. This is the nexus of all of their pay for play and corruption scandals. This is a sick and dying old woman.

Stop with the FDR or JFK comparisons. Neither were suffering nervous system and brain affecting problems. FDR was wheelchair bound but of sound mind. JFK had major back issues and was using drugs to keep up, but was of as sound of mind as a Kennedy could have. If anything, the Left is proving how they have done this in the past for their boys. I am hard pressed to see the government dependents shifting their vote due to this, but there is one crowd that may. Right now college educated whites are breaking for Clinton when in '12 they broke for Romney. This may, may, peel some of them away. This might provide cover for them to say, "I'm not a racist, but I just can't vote for someone who may die in office".

Those of us on the fringe have known she is sick. It doesn't take a genius to piece it all together. This is not a sick and dying queen at the end of her reign. This is a woman they are selecting to be the figurehead for their system. The puppet strings have been obvious on the last couple of presidents, but this is Weekend at Bernie's level puppetry. Yesterday, I was looking around for fictional analogues. On MPC, Bixxy Noodles cited the book "Interface" that has a stroked out presidential candidate take cues from a biochip implanted by a shadowy group called "the network". Best I could reason was "The Dark Knight Strikes Back" where a hologram president is controlled by Lex Luthor (Soros) as the Brainiac (Silicon Valley progs) run the show.

It would be far healthier for the elite to explain how they handle everything and formalize their control. Lay it out there for all to see, and see if the fireworks start or if by stating how they control it, they can stop wasting time propagandizing everyone on everything. Alternative arrangements can be made. We could all stop pretending the president has this immense power, and start to learn who really calls the shots. If Soros, Buffet, Steyer or the Koch brothers had to explain themselves, me thinks policies would be untenable.

Isn't this beautiful though? Isn't this appropriate in this "the current year" for the progressive experiment? It's all unraveling. The media is having a harder time spinning things. Yesterday's events felt like Napolean's march to Paris except over the course of one day. It was nothing -> overheated -> stumbled -> you're sexist -> stop speculating -> it's pneumonia. All of that in less than twelve hours. The policy mandarins cannot control the forces and third world heathens they have allied with, and still double and triple down on the zombie slogan and ideas. A zombie executive for a zombie belief system of a zombie empire. Strategist Michael Vlahos has noted they are still sleepwalking into the new global order as if America can call every shot the way it wants to. The game is changing but they are not adapting.

Lost in this is a nice juxtaposition. Clinton spent August barely campaigning, hiding out in her gurney most likely. The fringe right spent the month talking about her health issues, pressing on in the aftermath of the ridiculous Khan controversy. She walks out, wastes a speech to give the little blogs and twitter accounts the label of fringe jerks to smear Trump. Since then, the fringe is proven right. She is a stumbling, collapsing image of the establishment. It is fair to be frightened that people would still vote for a woman this ill and corrupt. That is the marker of our degraded voter pool. I'm more troubled by the elite's paving of her road to power for their use.

They are delegitimizing their own system far more effectively than we can.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Social Matter - Hidden History's The Black Mutinies of WW2

New essay up at Social Matter. This one is on a very well hidden subject from WW2, the many black mutinies, riots and shootings of WW2. The riots are not just the story but the cover up. I linked to newspaper clips, books and everything I could find.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Burning Man Out + SM Review-Preview 58

The rich got a little pushback for their slumming or tourism at Burning Man this year. This is not much, and nothing like kidnappings of the rich in South America, but it is a step. The quotes and pictures are worth it there. A bunch of rich guys, some DJs and the hot women they bring along all had to deal with water issues and oh gosh, the wires were cut for their turntables. Oh the humanity.

Note the comment by a Burning Man regular who liked that it was a taking it back moment. That also is a false search for authenticity. "I'm a downtrodden rebel who paid $400 to come here!" Burning Man, like all festivals, went through the organic growth stage, then the addition of the "it's cool, right" crowd and then the commercialization of it with the rich and celebrity crowd wanting to be a part of it. Instagram is full of has been actresses in their faux hippie uniform to get ready for Burning Man. It would be interesting to see Burning Man decrease in size and the tourist crowd. Only force will make it happen.

For a garbage, candy type news bit, there is a nice reveal here. These rich or well to do types, don't feel like they are the bad rich. "The 1% are elsewhere, not us. We're good, liberal rich. We vote like you. Black Lives Matter! Refugees? Hello, anyone?" That is not going to matter to people when they see what you have and how you act besides the 2 minute love/hate political sloganeering. If in America, everyone feels a victim, another social truth is that none of the rich feel like exploiters. The pitchforks and torches may return, and possibly sooner rather than later.


Last week I wrote on the bipartisan war party, and how it predates America's empire. It's our system and the universalism. Weimerica Weekly was on the disgusting email interview the NY Mag did with a celibate pedophile.

This week I write on the time when the Soviets had a man at the top of the CIA. The evidence is circumstantial, but points to the CIA once having a leader that was an agent for the main opponent. Weimerica Weekly might take a week or two break due to outside duties.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

WW1: Uboat View

The Uboat was deadly and efficient. It was the perfect weapon for the dark waters of the Atlantic. Above is a point of view shot from a Uboat as it sank a british merchant ship in 1915. The Germans did not learn the lesson of their importance in WW1, and Hitler did not devote as many resources to building his Uboat fleet until after the war had begun and initial success in the Atlantic showed their value. The Great War showed their value.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Pedophiles, Just Like Us!

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one is on the recent sympathetic portrayal of pedophiles in big media. Yes, the pedo push has begun. It might sound early, but these things start gently. This man spotlighted is a whitewashed pedo, and even then, he comes off as a sick human.

This one is just under 30 minutes in length, and I adjusted the recording levels to a higher volume after someone complained about my speaking volume being too low.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

One Week + The Full Press Is On The AltRight

It took the system literally one week to get to the crux of their bargain. This is the forerunner to Jim's note that the trap for the AltRight is the gravy train for becoming the right. The essays are already out that the AltRight must purge the fringe Nazi wing immediately. This is the old razzle dazzle routine that the system has given the GOPe for years of "purge the right wing and we'll accept you and be nice, we promise". In Lucy pulling the football fashion, the regime then gets back to calling the GOP racist Nazis. This is one week of exposure, and the system already has the deal laid out.

This is not all, and one funnier bit was the roll out of AltRight Jews. Unsurprisingly, it is the blood and soil Jews who lean right wing and are connected to Israel. Ethnonationalism knows a fellow cause. Whites would love a pro-white leadership and a nation dedicated to them like Israel is to Jews, but American prog Jews just cannot let us have it. This is part of the game as well since it is the deployment of a shield from attacks for being the worst thing that one can be in the eyes of the media: "anti-Semitic". Oy vey!

This is a sideshow to the deal though, and the deal of purging those icky racists in exchange for legitimacy is the old way of doing business. The Left is desperate for a villain. Right now they have neocons as formerly evil as Wolfowitz out endorsing Clinton. They have the very men they labeled icy racist warmongers from the Bush family on down to Rick Wilson on their side. They need to scrounge up a villain to allow their voters to pretend they are righteous underdogs despite having Wall St, billionaires, the war machine, CIA, GOPe, DOJ, State Department, FBI director, universities and the entire media complex on their side. It's all a lie too because we know the Left will then turn around and call them racist Nazis the first moment they feel like doing so.

This shows a lack of understanding what the AltRight is which is the decentralized dissidents remaining in America. There is no locking it down because every institution has been 100% progged so the only real dissent is on small blogs, institutions without money and twitter accounts. Why should the AltRight purge anyone when its supposed fringe is a logical answer to the institutionalized anti-white and white genocidal professors, advocates and well funded activists on the Left? If the Left were not dead set on eliminating whitey, there would be no AltRight, so why should they lay down their arms and purge first? Purging them does not make those individuals or their concerns go away.

This is one week. They are already bargaining. "C'mon kid, purge the frog men and icky racists and we'll give you a moment on our Fox show, maybe even CNN, maybe some money. Help us sell some gold coins and sit down showers to old folks." This is a problem with seeking voice. The ones holding the megaphone will seduce. Not just seduce with the gravy train as Jim notes but with the idea that power comes through the ballot. One week. It's only summer of 2016. Legitimacy concerns and bargaining. No one should let up.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Nixon Calls Two Months Out

Nixon Twitter DM: Can u talk?

SOBL1 DM: Yes, what's up?

Nixon Twitter DM: What's your goddamn cell phone number? I just tried your home phone and it wasn't you. Some refugee has it now. Wonder who is paying for that landline?

SOBL1 DM: Me. Here's my number...

>phone rings<

"Jesus Christ, have you seen the media, boy?"

"Yes, they've lost it. It is bizarre land, but they still have people eating it up."

"They have people desperately hoping that everything is going to be A-Okay, and that the biggest threat out there to kumbaya-ville is a bunch of memesters and Internet Nazis. We wait to see which European country gets to hear Imagine or which American city gets burned down over a crook, but they need to tackle trolls?"

"Yes, the normie crowd loves to tut tut the media, and pretend to be hip to the game, but then they end up parroting the system's lines. My dad says 'the reality is' before he uses some phrase he read in the USA Today. Last time he was in touch with reality was 1986."

"In '86 Reagan was still calling me for help with the Soviets."

"Fuck that, in '86 Reagan was signing away California with his amnesty."

"Always thought the man was a bit daft."


"Kid have you seen Trump's numbers?"

"Yes, it does not look too good."

"Are you serious? Dig into them. Blacks are openly saying they will support Trump yet polls come back with 0% black support. Polls are coming out 60% female voters. Even the NY Times itself said polling is a bit odd now. Trump is saying the election is rigged if he loses, but he has proof that the DNC rigged the primaries. Clinton's side is spreading rumors of Russians manipulating voting machines for Trump. If sh eis such a lock, why even spread that worry. If she is so certain, why give the Libertarians even 1/10th the coverage the are getting now. If she is such a lock, why did Rick Wilson purposefully run a Mormon in Utah-"

"Yes, my Jeb parody strategy but without Jeb."

"Kid that shows you there that Trump has a chance and that no GOPer wanted to risk crossing him and losing. Romney or Jeb, Jesus, even Cruz could have run in that slot and made a go of it more than the ridiculous Egg McMuffin guy."

"Did we ever get an answer for him working for CIA and for a refugee resettlement program at the same time?"

"Have you heard anything on Omar Mateen's missing wife?"


"No one is even mentioning her. That shooting is two months old and not a peep on anything, not even a play about gun control. If fifty fags are killed in an election year, does anybody notice?"

"No one notices their AIDS deaths anymore. He isn't going to win because the Silent Majority is gone, if you-"

"Shut the hell up for one goddamn moment. My silent majority carried 49 states and 60% of the vote. He only needs 270 electoral votes. He gets that in the only path possible for the GOP going forward: flipping some of the Rust Belt and securing Ohio and Florida. Florida will flip since Obama only won due to outrageous black turnout. If he flips those two and Virginia he sits at 266. You think he can't do it in Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota or Pennsylvania. You think the same black turnout will happen and that Trump won't pick up the long time-no vote crowd of blue collar and middle class?"

"I fear he loses because of the whites who are so fucking stupid that they will look at Europe and still vote for America's Merkel just so they aren't called racist. Those states you listed are full of those types of whites."

"Any white voter looking at Europe and still voting for open borders is like a teen given the exam answers months in advance and still failing the test."

"It looks pretty rough for him still even taking those factors into account in the polls."

"There is a shy Tory effect going on because you get beat if you show any support for Trump in polite society. At least a 3% effect, and that percent alone is a difference maker in the swing Rust Belt."

"It's not going to be easy."

"Nothing worth having is ever easy. You think this all ends in November? The fight goes on. Look around and pay attention to Clinton's platform. Amnesty, so 20-30 million more third worlders suddenly are your fellow Americans, she wants to ramp up involvement in Syria, she'll replace Scalia with a liberal and sayonara America."

"Adios is the proper term since we'll be closer to North Mexico by then, but how does the GOP reform itself?"

"A couple paths. They can Cuck Out as you kids put it and go even more hispandering for 2020. They can reinvent the Trump message but bigger, more polished and with one of their own in the driver seat, so Trump without Trump, but that is all depending on how fast the Supreme Court modifys gerrymandering, the other alternative is seeking different political arrangements. Even if Trump wins, unless there is a wall and massive deportations, hard to see how he can keep Texas and Florida red."

"The future is wide open. I still don't see how the USG empire holds together internationally, which means the power source to apply pressure domestically falls."

"America has to find a way to co-opt the Russians but on the Russians' terms."

"Détente 2.0?"

"Sort of, see, the Russians cannot go it alone but it's either be the USG's vassal or be China's buddy. China plays friendly with Russia and Putin because if they feed the Russians to America, then it's just China left alone vs. the International Community. Didn't work for South Africa, won't work for them. USG wants to co-opt Russia but in the '90s style with a progressive regime. We could co-opt them right now if we offered an alliance, let the Russians be Russian, and tell China to fuck off by bringing back just a touch of manufacturing."

"We'd be screwed as they would use their reserves against us."

"Bullshit. The Chinese have been engaged in a scheme like vendor financing. They gave us loans to keep us buying their shit. They have built a tremendous manufacturing center, but they are still dependent on our debt consumption. It's mutually assured destruction, but in the end we have thousands of nukes with multiple delivery systems. They don't."

"It's linked. Domestic and foreign. USG pushed too hard by poking at Ukaine and Syria, Russia's allies closer to home, and in America, the Left boiled the frog too fast calling for white annihilation and also spiked on top of it trans and now pedos-"

"They're pushing pedos now?"

"Yes, just about every outlet has said they need to be able to come out from the shadows, and NY Mag hinted at rights."

"My God."

"You're fucking telling me. I have kids now! I've seen things Nixon you wouldn't believe."

"You haven't seen dark until you've watched Hitler slow dance with J. Edgar Hoover in a dress."

"Jesus Christ."

"That's every Friday night down here in hades. Safire made a point. A good point on the whole gay marriage thing. He said marriage was like the traffic lights. Once they go out, the roads get gunked up and accidents happen because no one knows the flow of driving or when to stop and go anymore. Allowing gay marriage made people not know what was remotely close to normal anymore. They managed to kill the basic building block upon all civilization with reconfiguring it to be two men or two women which is a biological impossibility. Now you get men in wigs pissing next to little girls. Pedophiles coming out of the shadows... Jesus Christ! Is it the Jews?"

"Ehhh... Yeah... pretty much. Jews taking advantage of whites not wanting to lose status and be seen as a bad white and unholy. Whites love traveling to Africa for charity rather than 10 blocks away. Soooooo many prog whites who are falling into this do hormone treatment even though the science is shaky and is from the same people who lied about ADD and ADHD."

"What the hell is that?"

"Hyperactive kids who can't pay attention per teachers and psychiatrists."

"Shrinks are goddamn Jew quacks. Just spank them, tell them to clam it."

"That's child abuse now."

"What's raising kids as the other gender and injecting them with the opposite hormones like Dr. Frankenstein?"

"Progressive approved child abuse."

"Jesus Christ, how did transsexuals go from punch lines to saints? A man in a wig is meant for Laugh In."

"It's moved to the point where after a few sessions with a shrink, kids can get hormone treatment."

"Kids, really kids get this, not just adults?"

"Yes, children who haven't even been through puberty. It sounds like a way to neuter upper middle and upper class future leaders."

"How many of these kids will end up filing a class action lawsuit against the entire medical and education field for this?"

"I don't know. All I know is John Hopkins' stopped doing the transsexual gender reassignment surgery after pioneering it because they did not think it worked. Now your neighborhood shrink is pushing testosterone on your daughter because she is good at baseball."

"Tomboys exist right? Tell me a little tomboy is okay?"

"Better to go underground with that. Wrap her up in pink, save her from a shrink. I've seen more Pepto Bismol colored rooms than you can count."

"Why can't they just be gay?"

"It's a malleability thing. The progs want to prove that humans are just grey globs that can be molded into anything because its all social constructs."

"But doesn't needing to take hormones and change equipment disprove that?"

"True, all true, but see these people want to say they are trans-whatever and have that identity and mindset without the physical changes, therefore proving that it is all mental. This is still a tiny portion of the population, but they're getting a lot of attention because they are useful and completely bizarre. It's also gotta be partly due to gay men being guys who like men but lesbians having to make a political statement with a healthy dose of penis envy. The Lavendar Mafia destroys gender relations."

"After 8 years of Obama gleefully playing with race relations I can't imagine 18 months of Hillary and the genders."

"You mean 4 years."

"Kid she ain't making it 4 years. She can't make it up a flight of six steps. She is at the point of puppetry that strings might be tugging on those gigantic jackets she is hiding her Depends with. How did they end up with her?"

"Easy. They got cleaned up in mid-terms and the 2012 election for state wide offices. They went too anti-white which excluded the white men they have who are competent and the system is distributed and set up not for an actual executive to have power."

"I wouldn't believe that entirely. If the big chair did not matter so much, then they wouldn't be so anti-Trump. There is power to it, as simply in using the Department of Justice. Look at this no more private prisons thing. It starts with DOJ, but that's not the real goal. The goal is to trickle down through the rest of the government and then the state governments everyone else doing it. It matters for the big immigration detention centers because a private firm has to follow the law to win the contract. A federal detention center can play catch and release all they want."

"There is also the Supreme Court and a host of things Trump could do economically."

"Ahhhhh, now you got it. The big one is simple looting and plundering by the elite. You see all this Soros garbage?"

"Yes, he is a Bond villain come to life. These leaks are confirming every single conspiracy theory people had. His leaks are confirming the suspicions and dot connecting that we fringe folks were writing about for years."

"In an honest media environment, people would be able to discuss his type of manipulations."

"We've never had an honest media."

"But we used to have a dishonest media that wasn't all one way."

"Once they got their system in place, they ended all conversation about how it gets made. The book propaganda wouldn't be published today not for being scandalous but for openly discussing the power to brainwash and mold opinion."

"Soros doesn't just want to loot. He wants never-ending control."

"The elite are pretty much the same-"

"Knock it off kid. Soros made his money with Jim Rogers. I don't see Jim Rogers trying to overthrow regimes, destroy nations and change prison systems to be more pro-criminal. Soros is despicable."

"It's why Trump won't win. The can't even let him have a term flailing around."

"They are giving him the Watergate treatment before he even is on the ballot. This is their system. They will not give it up lightly."

"Can we fight our way out?"

"You're going to need to convince some elites to back you and if you start the fighting, you'll need an outside power to supply and aid you on the global scene."

"All it takes is 3%."

"And all they need to do is Gulag 1% to get the other 2% to stay quiet."

"We went dark this time. You got any jokes for me?"

"Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin celebrated their 6th anniversary this July."


"That's the joke."

"Good night Nixon."

"Keep your head up. Western Civilization survived the Saracens, survived the plague and it survived the Carter administration."

"Talk to you later this fall."

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Social Matter - Bipartisan War Party Predates The American Empire

New essay up at Social Matter. This one is on the socially liberal faction of foreign intervention and how they can be talked into supporting a war and then melt away to later protest it. It's not just Boomers or Prog SWPLs.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Gene Wilder + SM Review-Preview 57

Gene Wilder passed away this week after a long life and a late battle with Alzheimer's. I enjoyed Wilder's work. Physical comedy, completely absurd deliveries, sarcasm, straight faced deliveries of absurd lines and his "complete and total meltdown" mode. Compared to 21st century comic figures, he was actually a funny Jewish comedian. He is dead and had not done anything relevant in decades but his Willy Wonka turned into a meme of sarcasm that makes him immortal.

Wilder makes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a children's movie, an acceptable movie for adults to stop and watch. That film is a terrible musical about a sweet kid until Wilder shows up as Wonka. He displays a wide range, and when serious or comedic actors take a role in a children's movie now, they are inevitably compared to his gold standard performance. He is fun, sweet, edgy (the row boat sequence), angry, charming and tender in 90 minutes.

How can you not laugh at his faux distressed lines as the children make poor choices of "Don't. Stop.", "Help... police.", etc. He mocks Mike Teevee and pushes back on Violet and Veruca when their parents would never ever think of it. He grabs Veruca by the face and politely gives her the STFU child routine during the snozzberry wallpaper sequence. Note that each child makes a horrible choice driven by their key flaw, but the entire time their parent indulges the behavior. That film is smack in the middle of a stretch from The Producers to Silver Streak where Wilder was money.

My personal favorite role of his was in Woody Allen's "Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex...". Wilder plays Dr. Ross who listens to a patient explain his love for a sheep. Dr. Ross sits in disbelief, but then immediately falls for the sheep as well. Wilder turns the dial from straight faced, mild doctor in a ridiculous situation (talking to a sheep in bed in garters), to then losing his cool and yelling at the top of his lungs that he is a "trained doctor" when breaking down as a waiter. It's the Will Ferrell "I drive a Dodge Stratus" sketch decades in advance. Wilder sells you on it. He is just normal enough looking yet off to hook you on the "he was such a nice guy" murderer next door.

In my home, one will hear "franc-en-STEEN", "what knockers!", "little bastard shot me in the ass", "I am a doctor of medicine!", "You get NOTHING!" and other lines. When the kids are old enough, Willy Wonka will play, and we'll share the magic of a candy man come to life.


Last week I wrote on how multiculturalism erodes security for a political unit/state. Not feeling of security, but the actual nuts and bolts of maintaining security and therefore civilization. Weimerica Weekly was about weddings in 21st century America.

This week I write on the bipartisan war party and how it is not so unique to America and a symptom of democracy. Weimerica Weekly will be on the toe dipping by the media on the next sexual deviancy to sell. Not just that but how they use the deviant and taboo to smear the normal.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

28Sherman 2 Part Interview

Recently the men at Ascending the Tower asked me to join them for a session on the Jewish Question. It was split into two parts. We discussed Jews, why are they mental, the differences in Jews, and a variety of items related to Jewry. I manage to impersonate annoying Jews at multiple times. One bit we tackle in part one is that curious evangelical adoration of Jews in Israel. Another big piece we discuss is Jews, Satanism and the Frankfurt School in part two.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

WW1 - Beautiful Fighting

Even when the Italians portray war, they can do it in a pleasing, soothing manner. This is by Achille Beltrame.