Monday, August 29, 2016

Women's Lib + Black Lib = Shitlib GoFundMe

The Internet has immense potential for power. We all know this. Not just top down or centralized in nature but allowing a decentralized network to come together for an event or idea. Crowdfunding is one of those nice ideas. This brings an idea to a platform allowing people to fund it for as little as $5. The Army of Davids can fund a project; maybe digital Maoism can have a positive effect. It also has opened the door to grifters, loons and the scam artists of the world.

The world has seen Kickstarter and GoFundMe pop up. Kickstarter is more a business crowdfunding platform, and our focus today is on GoFundMe. Readers may know this as a way for teens to fundraise for a trip, as families seek funds for a tragedy, or in many cases, paying for the medical bills of an illness. GoFundMe now has the rather dirty association with any "crooks shot by cops" black lives matter moment where the family decides to set up one, two or maybe seven GoFundMes for their dead dindu. Due to media attention and white guilt, the accounts get oversubscribed. Who knew funerals cost $50,000?

GoFundMe now is so well known that the grafter and loser class has crept onto it, and is looking not for funds to fix a tragedy, but more charity to fix their terrible lives filled with terrible decisions. GoFundMe reflects Weimerica. One such GoFundMe crossed my path, and that was Emily and Roy. I am going to copy and paste their ad.

We need your help to escape homelessness and poverty.

My name is Emily. I'm a 24 year old mentally ill sex worker. My mental illness coupled with my physical disability means that it's very difficult for me to get and keep a job outside of sex work. I was born with an extremely severe clubbed foot, that, while having been operated on as a child, causes me an enormous amount of pain and has been getting more severe with age. There are a few treatments available, but they don't completely fix it, and I can't afford them anyways. It's also not helping that I don't have any work appropriate clothes, I don't even have a bra (I'm at least a DD, so you can imagine how bad I need a bra). I don't have any shoes, either.

Roy, my husband, is a 23 year old black man from New York who has been struggling to find a job for nearly a year now. While he applies to every job opening he can find, he either never hears back from them, or simply receives a rejection letter. Our poverty and Roy's extended lack of employment is making him more and more unemployable. It's only going to get worse if we become homeless again.

We have been either homeless or on the brink of homelessness for two years. We recently moved to a town with cheap rent and (apparently) a lot of jobs available. In the 6 months that we've lived here, however, neither of us have been able to get a job. We've been donating plasma and I have been doing cam shows whenever I can. We're behind on rent and are about to be evicted, this time with no vehicle to sleep in and nowhere to keep what little possessions we have.

What we're asking for is help with a downpayment to buy our own house. Plenty of homes get foreclosed on in our area and are sold at a very low price. With our own house we will be paying significantly less in mortgage payments on something we can sell or rent out later, rather than spending more on rent every month, which we will never see again. We obviously have no credit, but we have parents that do and can sign for us.

With our own house we can also both start our businesses. We live in Colorado and can safely and legally grow and sell marijuana. Roy has been researching and talking to growers for several months and plans to use a portion of the money from this campaign to buy equipment and supplies to begin growing immediately.

I have been sewing and designing clothes and jewelry since I was 6. I earned 4 credits in highschool in a sewing class, while my classmates each earned 1 (2 of them earned their credit from work that I did for them). I'm very skilled and creative and have been wanting to open an online store for quite some time. I have several sketches and a detailed list of the supplies that I need, their cost, what I will be making with those supplies, and how much those items will be sold for. If given the chance, I'm confident that I can turn $20 into $200. Right now any $20 I get is for food and bills.

We're both inovative and business minded people desperately trying to just survive right now. We're asking you to help us to not only escape homelessness and poverty, but to also acheive our dreams of owning our own successful business. Your contribution will make the lives of two people significantly better, while also helping local Colorado businesses to grow. Even the smallest contributions will be very appreciated.

A lot to unpack there. We have a homeless married couple both in the prime of their lives that are unable to find employment. Pueblo, Colorado has a 5% unemployment rate, and even if fudged, maybe 9-10%, so 90% of people are working. This woman is a self described "mentally ill sex worker". She has a clubbed foot, no shoes and no bras. She does "cam work". Her man cannot find work in Pueblo, which is funny since you can find a lot of job listings for construction and warehouse work. They are at the end of their rope. They need your charity to fix their life.

This is women's liberation and black liberation combined into a tornado of "you are miserable because you are free". Their plan is buy a house so they can grow weed, which Colorado law only allows a handful of plants. An Etsy online creative is their other plan, which seriously, this is 21st century revision of the 18th century. Their dream is a retread of a home seamstress (of sorts) with her subsistence farmer husband (of sorts).

This plan is shallow and does not see that weird echo of history. This plan is just the quick, lazy idea of a woman who for being broke somehow has Internet service and wifi to make posts such as these about the idea of doing a GoFundMe. She is a good prog, wonderfully enlightened and liking or sharing all of the right things. There are fixes to these problems, but these people are enjoying the privilege of being overgrown children in modern society. There are simple choices they could make that would involve some harder work or sacrifice, but that is beyond them. They know nothing of sacrifice nor or the long term. They are children looking for the quick fix and a 21st century Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Their campaign is tagged wishes, which if you know GoFundMe, is full of incredibly sad yet hopeful campaigns. Sick children, destitute organizations and others who the old timers would call the worthy poor post their campaigns for their hopes, dreams and wishes. This couple though is the perfect duo for the progressive system because of their desperate need for help and love of their false freedom. This GoFundMe is simply a man who doesn't have to worry about vagrancy laws anymore, and as a black man can now peacefully marry a doughy white woman with a clubbed foot. His partner in grift is a liberated woman who while free and able to do what she wants, sells herself on the Internet. This is a Weimerican charity.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

I see it has been taken down. If there is a benefit to these, it's that the more ridiculous entries get shared, ridiculed, and often taken down.

Unknown said...

You should watch Sam Hyde's Kickstarter TV. He rips these parasites to shreds:

Season 1 is free on YouTube:

Season 2 you can get here:

Fenton Skeegs said...

The big question is if these kinds of people were always there in the background. The internet has given them a megaphone to spread their insanity to normally sane people, but are they more visible than they used to be or is this a true sign of cultural decline?

A generation ago, these folks may have been living on skid row, begging for change and reading from hand typed manifestos by a highway.

sykes.1 said...

Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

Cererean said...

So her parents are in a sound enough financial position where they can secure a mortgage for her, but they are okay with their mentally ill and physically disabled daughter whoring herself out to scrape by?