Friday, August 12, 2016

Where to for Conservative Media + SM Review-Preview 54

Where does conservative media go? That is a question on some people's minds. Whatever the GOP was before, it is not going to be in 2017. That was destroyed, but the media that speaks to that audience is around and intact. It is split. The split is pretty evident between the cuckservative crowd and non-cucks. Does anyone read NRO anymore for information or for mocking? The AltRight sites are seeing more traffic. Even this humble blog has seen a spike in traffic the last few months. It might all come down to a Trump win or loss, but there is definitely a thirst for non-cuck material. Tuning out of the regime press creates a search for a new alternative as well.

If Trump loses, the GOPe will act like nothing happened and double down on their shit sandwich as they fight a rearguard action for the rest of their sad existence. Some con media types may repackage Trumpism but with cleaner candidates. One cautious thing the GOPe needs to be aware of is a push for secession. Not just Texas. The problem with all of this post-Trump loss speculation is just how much Clinton accelerates the Left's crazier and more confrontational policies. Does she slam the gas peddle down or slow things down and boil the frog slower? I think she accelerates it all, and legal challenges pop up to SCOTUS now that the Left will have a "Warren Court 2.0". All that is left is what the Left wants to tolerate.

Shhh, but what if Trump did start a Trump News Network after losing? Pure speculation on the media's part, but it would not shock me. That relies on him losing. If Trump wins, the con media either goes Left or it starts kissing up to the Trump crowd. I can easily see some going Left. At this point with as big of a slice of the electorate as he has following along with his ideas, they should all adjust to this new reality win or lose.

Where does that money go? There are donors and there are advertisers. CIA Donors keep NRO afloat. Advertisers for gold, adult diapers, reverse mortgages and other items for older whites will need to spread their money somewhere. Could donors become patrons for different thinking? Hard to see them making the step towards identitarian or non-democratic promoters. Amazing thing is donors should consider it since a bunch of anonymous accounts just forced Hillary's health to become a quick topic to discuss. Advertisers might want to consider it as well as the GOP becomes a very white party, and last I checked whites do have considerable disposable income and GOP whites do have children.


Last week I wrote on social media being a tool of the state. I weaved together that moment of the Social network film trailer dropping and it all feeling like a permanent change in our culture with Facebook's evolution into a private secret police and a review of Metternich's secret police. We should have expected it. Social Media was too powerful to not use for the regime. Weimerica Weekly discussed ageplay and some odd changes in utopian desires.

This week I discuss what immigration will bring, and why it's full realization politically will cause friction beyond current social problems. There are a couple of topics I have been looking at for next week's WW. One big one that seems to be popping up more (and that I wrote about this week) is the student loan bubble.


Kerwin said...

I hope Clinton wins and I hope this country takes a step towards policing "free speech". That way much of the conflict we experience will go away.

Anonymous said...

In regards to seccession, how do you see commercial interests like the oil and gas business figuring into things? They're one of the biggest drivers in the Texas area, and they generally seem to have a hardon for stability. Wouldn't surprise me if the majors in Houston are against Trump, let alone political separation which would create all manner of complexities for them. They're a powerful asset in many respects, but in the end, only seem to give a shit about keeping the drill turing to the right.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Imagine the last 40 years of regulations from USG removed on oil. That should be enough

Anonymous said...

I could see them jumping at the chance to operate with a barebones TX Railroad Commission and no EPA. But they deal in a globally traded commodity and they do like having ZOG on speed-dial.