Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Wedding Pageants

New Weimerica Weekly up at Social Matter. This one is on what weddings have become. I say pageants because they have blown completely out of proportion to what weddings were and in an era when marriage is declining.

The most ridiculous wedding pageant story I ever heard was a wedding where the couple tried to get everything from those 100K price-tag wedding but on a 15K budget. They had a chocolate fountain that someone made themselves. They had 10 attendants and took pictures the day before at the rehearsal in full gear so they would only have to take photos for an hour on the actual wedding day. They used a college student for the photography. They had an ice sculpture by a friend who did it as a hobby but he dropped it off early and it was partially melted by the time they got to the reception with photos. They ran out of champagne by the meal time. It was a mess, but it was HER SPECIAL DAY.


Scott's Bluff said...

Good show. GLPiggy wrote a blog post or two that compared weddings of the day with weddings of the past. One particular trait I recall he pointed out, pictorially, was the attitude of folks today with the folks of yesteryear. At some weddings, the participants engage in silly antics for the photographer, wear crazy props (over-sized sunglasses, fluffy hats, etc.), and make silly faces and gestures; compare this to people in old photographs wherein the bride, groom, and attendees act dignified when their picture is taken.

Recall that one photo had the bride slamming a Tall Boy or Mad Dog in the center of a small crowd of her friends, cheered on by each person.

RE Bridezilla shows; I think the men in these situations may be partially at fault for this type of behavior if they don’t Harambe the fuck up and start spanking their wives. I’ve been reading more about domestic discipline and it appears spanking is an excellent way to set your girl straight. Women report feeling calmer, more at ease and experiencing greater attraction to their husbands after he disciplines her rear end. I will do this when married.

Jokah Macpherson said...

I've never been very good at putting myself in the mind of a woman, so it amazes me that the diamonds-as-a-marketing ploy thing has been fairly widely known for decades yet essentially 100% of women still want a diamond engagement ring. Are they all really that stupid and/or beholden to social pressure? There's the argument that a groom's willingness to piss away money on a worthless symbol is evidence of commitment but this is not a difficult thing to test empirically and I'm not aware of any evidence that diamond engagement ring cost correlates strongly with actual commitment.

My mom, born in the 40's, is one of the few married women I know who never got one. According to her, my dad said he didn't want to buy one because he was afraid of getting tricked into a bad deal by the salesman, but although he's very stoic and would never say, I suspect that wasn't the real reason. Either way, they're still married after 42 years - as happily as is possible when you have to put up with the same person for 42 years as they age before your eyes yet refuse to change the quirky habits you hate.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

These marriages never last. I got to attend many weddings in my early and mid 20s and the most lavish weddings had marriages that only lasted a couple years. The type of women who really buy into the "it's my day!" think it's their day every day of their lives. They are unable and unwilling to accommodate others, it's all about how others can accommodate her. Her life is a movie and the husband is just a season arc.

On the other end of the spectrum is my uncle who got married for the sixth time two years ago. The bride to be had a few marriages under her belt as well. They did it in a park somewhere and the budget was mostly for a couple meat and cheese platters. Little shock that the marriage just lasted a few months.