Sunday, August 14, 2016

Social Matter - One Man, One Vote, One Time

New essay is up at Social Matter. This is on the goal of immigration, which is to lock down an explicit one party state. The Left can continue to govern however they see fit if they have used racial lockstep clinetele voting to make opposition impossible.

On top of this I do describe one way immigration is a positive for the empire that also helps out citizens. Of course, the SWPL class can not figure this one out or would want to or else they'd have to admit they run an empire.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

I don’t have much faith that a one party state will hold. The factions that you describe in the one party state are too different to last beyond maybe two or three election cycles before it crashes and burns. White liberal issues are different than black issues and are different than Latino issues. They’re all together now only because whites are still 65% or even just a plurality in the country. No guarantees that will hold true if whites lose a majority or plurality.

White liberals are okay with a growing Hispanic population so long as they continue to wield power behind the scenes. What happens when the La Raza set is powerful enough to try to wrestle control from the white liberals? Any power sharing agreement mentioned in your write up will be temporary and not worth the paper it would be signed on.

So if there is an interparty war, who wins? If the white liberals win, what is to stop La Raza from becoming an actual political party that focuses entirely on Latino issues (Latinos don’t care much about things like environmentalism, feminism, tolerance towards Islam, etc.)? Where will blacks and Asians go? My guess is they will team up with white liberals as they won’t find much if any of a voice in a Hispanic-run Democratic party or a La Raza party. If Hispanics do win the interparty war, will ambitious white liberals be okay playing second fiddle? I suspect not, even with generations of anti-white propaganda being instilled in people.

This all assumes of course that America is still America as it stands today. If the political parties come down to white conservatives vs. white liberals/blacks/asians vs. hispanics, each having their own political party, it is 99% likely that the country will break up in a matter of a couple decades. At this point it may be a more preferable solution, that way white conservatives and moderates can live in a white majority country again. Maybe we’ll actually build a wall this time!

The Social Pathologist said...

Random Dude,

I think its important to keep in mind that should any future wall be built, the white liberals are going to be placed OUTSIDE of it.

Cletus Kerr said...

you idiots blame others, when it's Trumplings that elected Hillary. Bc ANYBODY ELSE would've beaten Hillary.

Eklc said...

Cletus Kerr,

Eklc said...

Cletus Kerr,