Friday, August 05, 2016

Rumbles Towards Civil War + SM Preview-Review 53

There is a tension all along the West. The political battles keep ratcheting up. The lines are drawn: natives vs. globalist natives allied with imported 3rd worlders. If not for PC taboos, it would be easy to say publicly, "Hey apparatchiks in power! You're using slightly dimmer and poor underclass votes to secure your power and remain in control!" This is not allowed, and the trouble continues.

This is amplified by the police state and anti-terror provisions that we put into place to fight Islamic terrorism... which oddly is politically aligned with the pro-regime Left. The Left lives on the chaos. The tension, and it is definitely on display in public, is the "mass shooter/bomber waiting game". We wait to see the crook. Then it is political. This goes back to the Boston Bombing. While people in the middle and right wanted to get the perp and bring them to justice, the lefties online gleefully hoped for it to be a "fuckin' white male". Consequences being, "GULAGS FOR POLITICAL ENEMIES!"

This is the problem. The European problem is much more advanced because the attacks are now weekly, and suppression by the regime of all citizens is growing. Cracks are forming but the political process makes reform impossible. Voxday is right that it's either nationalists now or ultranationalists later whether politically or thru civil war. The Left's organization from formal to NGO/nonprofit must be destroyed. The Left will always escalate until the Leftist Singularity madness spirals out of control or is ended by a Stalin/Cromwell. The Left does not stop. They want their enemies humiliated, sent to camps and dead. This Social Matter essay discussed what open conflict might look like. It is a possibility.

I agree the territory is not as defined as the Civil War, but I reject the rest. We cannot have an American version of the Italian "Years of Lead". Jailing politically related people would be too easy. The US Mil has war gamed internal problems. Any flare up from the right will allow the Left regime to pop the anti-terror police state into action.

Breakdown is more likely to happen along racial lines. Here is a racial dot map for each person in the US. Even then, racial strife or race based strife is going to be a completely different animal when its Mexicans in the Southwest with control of the California machinery and Cartel muscle. Maybe it won't happen because protecting fighters would be tough since people have too much to lose.

Let the economic decline continue and eventually an incredibly large mass of people of all groups are going to have nothing to lose. Oft repeated here and on my Twitter account: In the 2020s, there will be blood.


Last week I went over for all of the talk about Trump being in cahoots with Putin, there is a deeper potential Manchurian Candidate thing going on this year. This involves looking at our government as an empire with two pieces: red and blue. As the USG empire declines overall, then Russia, China or other growing powers may look at the decline as an opportunity to ally with one of the halves and secure their power and sovereignty. Weimerica Weekly was a discussion of female sexuality, Boogie Nights and the Fifteen Minutes worth of people fame idea.

This week I will tackle social media as in when it peaked and then how its use by the state was easy to predict. Weimerica Weekly, if I can get beyond the images I have seen, will tackle a weird sexual thing that has moved from random Maury Povich episode to a big enough market to need products.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I'm ready. Read, lift, eat Paleo, identify local targets, train at the shooting range. It's coming.

I don't think the globalist elites are as invincible as some suggest. Recent events have exposed their confusion, incompetence, and impotence.

Exciting times!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

It's interesting to see the topic of civil war (or race war) mentioned more frequently, not only in the Alt-Right and NRx, but also in the general media. I've been thinking about, and predicting, civil war for about 20 years. Chittum's book was a large factor, as were some South African and Rhodesian veterans I knew at the time. You'd have to be a fool not to see where all of this is leading.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Immigration policy over the last few decades can be seen as one side building up its troop numbers. Muslims, who are being imported in greater numbers now, will be used as 'shock troops' against indigenous European population centers.

Anonymous said...

LBF: Muslim "shock troops"-? I don't agree. I see our own militarized fedgov alphabet agencies (even the Dept of Education has SWAT teams now) in conjunction with militarized LEOs - even our military! in the event of a "national emergency", the prez now has the authority to begin the roundup of troublemakers, etc. Muslims are going to be collateral damage in any battles between white-black-brown. The ones here all seem to be of the suicide bomber types. ISIS style troops would be difficult to hide- the "moral high ground" for those using them (i.e. establishment) would be lost, giving 4GW resistance more room to hide out with the demoralized majority and engage. You probably already know Lind's book on 4GW.

Connie lentz said...

A civil war would go very badly for white nationalists and white people in general. Too few in numbers, low birthdate, not very masculine men.