Friday, August 19, 2016

Of Course Hillary Is Ill + SM Review-Preview 55

While I have written about Hillary being a stroke victim in the past, the concern over her health is finally getting some mainstream attention. This focus was willed into news coverage by the meme warriors. Amazing to witness. America's decision for figurehead leader boils down to two individuals that will be in their 70s for a majority of the term if not all of it. This is not a positive any way we view it as we know the mind does lose sharpness as it ages.

The real scandal and horror is that the system is selecting for a woman clearly off (stroke or no stroke). We know she naps. We know she is often confused. The #HillaryStools hashtag has drawn attention to her need for stools and short backed chairs at all appearances. Colostomy bag? I can believe it all because this is a near 70 year old woman that I strongly believe had a stroke. Think of your mom or aunt at 70. Now if they didn't have a stroke, would you want them in charge at the most intense situations? No. Now add in a stroke in their mid-60s. This is a broken system to get to this spot. This is the system rubbing it in everyone's noses.

Hillary is a nexus for corruption where pay to play has a huge node. The Clinton power island pulls the donors, the bureaucrats and the business interests onto its shores. The Left does not have another node, except Soros, but Soros is linked to the Clintons. The Clintons have no competitors due to the Left's pols being wiped out now for years in statewide elections. That Clinton is now Weekend at Bernie's in real life but being selected for the supposed leader of the system is pathetic.

People saw the puppet strings with W. They could see them with Obama clearly as a minority puppet to cover for the economic looting and more war. The sadness there was how our chattering classes were taken in by such an empty suit who can't be bothered to even feign an effort. Selecting a zombie like Clinton out of their suite of potentials shows how the system wants a reliable vessel for getting its way, for symbolism of a "first" and can't even pick a healthy individual. It's spitting in the face of anyone with an IQ over room temperature. That's okay though, they're importing almost exclusively from those with IQs below that.


Last week I wrote on the immigration goal of "one man, one vote, one time". This is baked into the cake due to immigration and birth rates, and would require Herculean efforts to prevent from eventually happening. This is classic imperial tactics of an empire from its seat flooding a zone of unruly natives with foreigners of all types that will be beholden to the imperial rules. This is about regime power, nothing more. Weimerica Weekly discussed the direct and indirect ways that Hollywood scrubs the gay experience to mold opinion.

This week I will write on how the bipartisan war party in DC right now is not too different from a prior bipartisan war intervention effort. The issue is democracy and needing the faux legitimacy of the vote to support an action. It also explains why the Left peels away support quicker than economic or strategic interested parties. Weimerica Weekly may be on student loans as I gather more information or it might be on something else. Listeners have been sending me quirky things that are worth a look and maybe a podcast.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

"People say the puppet strings with W. They could see them with Obama clearly as a minority puppet to cover for the economic looting and more war."

I think Bush II tried to reign on the Neocons in his second term, the Neocons wanted a invasion of Syria, Iran and further conflict with Russia all wisely avoided by Dubya, who even got along with Putin.

With the Iran deal exception, Obama has been better for the Neocon agenda but his just a puppet like you said.

Lolita brother said...

I think there is every good chance she will die in Office. Who will command the evil foundation after that, I don't know. I assume you mean that the ruler of the Empire is within the Military complex. still I would like to find out more about the Vice President nominees she has. The graphic you have here of Hilary is superior, like most of your graphics.
Keep it up. An invigorating project you have undertaken.