Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Israel Is The Top Cuck Point

In the year of the concept of the cuckservative entering the political discourse, it has taken some beatings but still stands tall. Liberals and conservatives tried to make it a black-white thing missing the point entirely as it was an immigration thing combined with the enthusiastic support that the GOPe provides to its constituents dispossession. The fools at some GOPe organ even tried to take the term and make it their own, when it showed how inept they are at the meme game. There is one piece to all of this that needs to be addressed, and that is the Israel cucking.

This is deeper than a simple rah rah Israel versus the Muslim Arabs jokery. It is the suppression of looking out for the white American middle and working class voters in America into an orgasmic approach to Israel. Senator Ted Cruz being booed for telling Arab Christians to their faces that you are getting the stick because you didn't stand with Israel is an example. The Israeli flag lapel pins are ridiculous but everywhere. There is a pride in being pro-Israel. This pride must also only apply to Israel's policies, which are applauded, and cannot be transferred to America (icky walls and closed borders).

From the side of the neocon, what better way to make your puppets show their allegiance and obedience? Neocon Jewish thinkers can get an entire pool of voters to not simply support the Jewish ethnostate. Aid is not loaned but simply funneled to them. An aggressive foreign policy that really does not help America in the long run but does help Israel is orchestrated and promoted by these voters. Any attacks on said foreign policy and its goals, and these voters spring to its defense. Thousands of lives lost and trillions of tax dollars are wasted on these wars. If anyone even doubts the foreign policy approach or even states neutrality to be an honest broker in the Israel-Palestinian issue, they are immediately labeled an anti-Semite... and not by Jews but by these voters and their chosen representatives. It is an enthusiastic and aggressive advocacy for another. Power is having others to do for you what you feel needs to be done.

The war element is so amazing because it is the ultimate male expression as well as expression of state power. Conflict and war is where prime energies are spent. In the last twenty of so years, America has watched its southern neighbor become a narcostate. Cartels are so vicious and so incredibly intertwined in power in Mexico that our border is better described as a refugee zone for Mexicans. America cannot be bothered to spend money, time and energy on the border or in attacking these cartels. This is the fight at home. This is the fight on our doorstep. War is waged on the other side of the globe though because prominent journalists demand aggressive action, which  >cough cough< appears the same as decades old Israeli strategic plans. Note that the road to Damascus went through Baghdad, and that the Clean Break paper was merely an echo of Oded Yinon.

This trickles down to simple everyday Christians who ape what their leaders do. Recently, I saw that Erick "Extra Cheese Please" Erickson officiated a wedding and in the opening recited Genesis in Hebrew. In his tweets, he noted the people were crying. At a Christian wedding, what connection to Hebrew do these people have? Assuming a wedding of whites (worse if blacks), these people hail from European stock that never spoke Hebrew. Jesus Christ himself spoke Aramaic. Greek was the language of much of the early church's expansion. Now if doughy American Christians at some wedding officiated by a fat redhead from Georgia are weeping at hearing Hebrew, what level of cuckery is this? These are a people who have lost all sense of their history.

Now I like Israel's administration of its nation for its citizens. Israeli farmers also made the desert bloom. I wish my people could have what Israel has and aligned interests between the state and the citizens. The Right outbred the Left and shucks, looks like the Israeli Left was not allowed to import millions of third worlders to win. Odd how that works.

Israel is one nation of roughly 200. They should be treated as such. The absolute disgusting glorification of Israel by the christcucks or evangelicucks is a symptom of the way the neocons aligned with them decades ago for electoral wins. The GOP Israeli First crowd abandons defending its territory, cares not for cultivating its historical population and avoids approaching domestic and close violent concerns over fighting half way around the world. This is the worst of the misdirected emotions and energy. This is the top cuck.


Toddy Cat said...

In the Israeli-Arab conflict, I tend to be in favor of Israel, in a general way, due to the Anne Coulter Principle; when you're watching the Discovery Channel, and there's a mammal fighting a reptile, you sort of automatically find yourself rooting for the mammal. But the modern cuckservative worship of Israel is really bizarre, and it has deeply warped our policies, both foreign and domestic. I mean, it's a foreign country, not the 51st state. This would seem to be obvious, but I guess it isn't, if you're Erik Erickson, et al...

Angry Midwesterner said...

Yea, watching Israel beat up on the Arabs has some visceral satisfaction for the "Islamophobic" ilk and me. Hell, it has a lot of satisfaction for the Egyptian Copts and the old Arab Christian families that find themselves in the Midwest. Good God though, the Cuckservative worshippers of Israel: from what I see, these are the same clowns who think University of Michigan's "prestige" is from it's football team (and not it's high position promoting Cathedral-think), John Kasich is a "great guy" who "acts on morals" (somehow not orders from the CoC, like when he flipped into an amnesty shill). Thank God Bob Knight and Lou Holtz are on Trump's side. Imagine if Urban Meyer and John Harbaugh did the same thing - we would have a clean sweep of the Midwest in November. The cucks who donate to those athletic departments would gladly follow those orders.
What was it that Chiang Kai Shek said about commies in his country? Something like disease of the soul. Cuckservatives...

The bright side is, the cucks and I seem to like the same kinds of girls. Great for them, since they still seem to recognize instinctively what's right. Great for me, since they aren't much competition.

High Arka said...

Great up until this:

"Now I like Israel's administration of its nation for its citizens. Israeli farmers also made the desert bloom."

The disgust you feel at the Hebrew wedding recitation is the disgust I feel in seeing you say that. Israel doesn't make things bloom or even provide a nation for its citizens. America does that. All of the labor, the energy, the raw materials, are provided by us. Israel is a bloated, disgusting tick, unable to survive without something to leech off of, and all it does for its citizens is to teach them to be weak dependents who can master the exploitative methods of dying centuries. Admiring Israel is like admiring #BLM for "doing things for its constituents."

We built that shithole, we defend that shithole, we pay welfare to that shithole, and if we stop, a billion Arabs eat them alive and plow their tumorous hides back into the date fields. Even with our welfare and our defense, they still can't hold themselves together without killing our people and stealing from us in ways they won't even admit to their most cucked supporters.

One of the greatest current Jewish projects is to infatuate white nationalists with Israel, since after all Israel has a wall and is explicitly nationalist. That's just a modernized version of the "Jesus was a Jew, therefore give us all your money" lie/argument they've been using for a thousand years. "We're nationalists and we hate Muslims, therefore don't try to stop us."

I want to predict the failure of this idea, but it's probably already too late. The goyim have been taken in by it, and their new nationalism, like all of their new religions since invasion, will probably be built around an Israeli model, and have some special relationship with Jews that permits the relationship to continue as before.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

American politics operate under a Zionist Neoliberal/Neocon consensus.

Awakened said...

It's funny if not tragic to see what happened to American Christianity, a Christian from the 19th century wouldn't recognise today's "Christianity".

Some historians say that Martin Luther regretted the Protestant reformation and wanted to remain in the Catholic Church even with all its problems, Luther thought that Jews words convert to Christianity thanks to him, later him life he understood that the Tribe took him for a useful idiot, translating the Bible in every language and in every house and putting the Old Testament in prime position as what the Jews wanted with the Reformation.

Toddy Cat said...

"We're nationalists and we hate Muslims, therefore don't try to stop us."

Well, I'm a nationalist, and I hate Muslims (over here, at least - what they get up to in their own f*cked-up "countries" is their own business), so there's that. But personally, I have no interest in stopping Israel, or helping them, or anything of the kind. I wish Israel well, as I wish all non-hostile countries well, but their conflict with the Arabs is of no more concern to me than what the Russians are doing in Ukraine, or the Armenians and Azeris squabbling over Nagorno-Karabekh. It's a foreign country, people, and none of our damned business.

Glengarry said...

Israel has a ridiculously strong political lobbying organization in the USA too. But ... who cares, right? Greatest ally! (Sorry, Britain.)

High Arka said...

Good stepping stone, Toddy. Now imagine how your perspective would change if you found out that Israel were, say, sending operatives into the U.S. military to steal weapons technologies, and then selling those secrets to China? Or if Israel, say, attacked U.S. soldiers and killed some? Or if Israel attacked and killed U.S. civilians?

Would your hands-off perspective change if any of those things happened?

Anonymous said...

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